Where walks the Lord of Flame, all is cinder and ash
— Ifrit

Flare Smoulder
Age 17
Color Fiery Red, Blue when enraged
Gender Female
Race Human
Height 1.75m
Weight 53kg
Professional Status
Affiliation The highest bidder
Occupation Mercenary
Additional Info
Emblem FlareIcon
Likes Warm temperatures, Violence, Winning (anything)
Dislikes Cold temperatures, Losing (anything)


Flare has a pale complexion, dull red hair which neither highlights nor darkens in the sun, and deep brown eyes. She wears a red shirt with a black short skirt and a light black coat, normally worn with the hood up. During combat, her clothes catch on fire, although they do not burn away. When angered her hair turns light blue, as does her clothes. Her eyes also turn blue and appear to glow.


Being a typical tired of this world teenager Flare is on the constant look out for anything that might relieve her boredom. In most cases, this means a long vicious battle or exploring unknown or otherwise dangerous locations. In her everyday life she is rather clumsy, losing many of her possessions quickly after procuring them or forgetting where she had last put her belongings. Although physically clumsy, she has the type of charismatic charm that make people listen to her, although that may partially due to the unsheathed threats to cut out testicles, set them on fire and throw them back at their owners. She is blunt, either always getting to the point or keeping her mouth shut, and she is slightly narcissistic. Although she may act childish occasionally, she does show maturity the majority of the time and is responsible for her own wellbeing. She is extremely obsessed with treasure and money and her allegiance belongs to any person who has enough money to pay her. In battle, she is focused and determined, but at the same time tries to enjoy the fight as much as she can before killing the poor unfortunate sod.

Royals of Flame

Flare carries 2 weapons known as the Royals of Flame. When enraged, the color of the Royals of Flame turn blue and their flames intensify greatly.
Lunastra(The Queen): A longsword which lights on fire when swung. Normally, heat rises to around 1200°C but in its enraged form can go as high as 1800°C
Teostra(The King): A portable cannon which rapidly fires balls of flame. Normally, heat rises to around 1200°C but in its enraged form can go as high as 1800°C

Abilities and Powers

Flare has the ability to raise her body temperature to an high level, increasing her heart rate and overall increasing her speed. She is capable to breathing fire and igniting object by touching them. During serious combat, her clothes catch on fire, both providing protection of light attacks and providing an extra offensive. In her enraged form, her flames intensify, turn blue and have much more force, pressure and heat. During this form, the wind pressure changes and seems to swirl around her. She can produce torrents of flame and is able to change the temperature of the atmosphere, disabling weaker enemies and making strenuous activity very taxing.


Flare had a rather disappointing childhood. She felt that her parents did not care for her and she did not particularly like them either. She was always different from the other children, as she was especially talented in all aspects, be it academics or physical activity. However, she did not put any effort into either of them as she said it was a waste of time. Eventually, she got bored of the world entirely. As she got older and entered her pre-teen years, that dislike of her parents started to spawn into hate. When she was 13, her parents punished her for something she did not do and she could no longer live in the house. She was kicked out and told to leave, which she did. But not before burning down the whole town and everybody in their homes.

She is now a wanted fugitive and is on the move from the Royal Military. She associates herself in illegal trades and has joined many terrorist activities. She has been sited as a bandit, a terrorist, an illegal sell sword and even a pirate. She uses for abilities for whatever will give her the most pleasure (killing) and money, which she just drowns herself in expensive light alcoholic beverages.

Author's Notes

  • Flare's weapons are named after The Royals of Flame, aka Teostra and Lunastra, from the Monster Hunter series. The images are also from Monster Hunter.
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