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— Finn Silver

Finn Silver
Age 16
Status Alive
Color Silver
Gender Male
Born June 23
Handedness Right-Handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Silver-Gray
Eyes Green
Height 5'10"
Weight 155 Pounds
Professional Status
Team Team BAMF
Partner Michael Korry
Additional Info
Emblem Finn's emblem
Likes Jokes, people, laughing, puns, ice cream
Dislikes Healthy stuff, grimm, yoga pants
Special Skills Weapon Manipulation
Character Theme

American Idiot - Green Day
Battle Theme

Lightning Aura - Kid2Will


Finn is a slender boy of 16. He's not tall or bulky looking, but has a certain careless appeal about him. His average length silver-


Finn, drawn by Dustpeltx, thanks!

gray hair going which ever way it can. He has striking green eyes which always seem to be laughing. His face is plastered into a permanent smile and he wears a white t-shirt and jeans normally, but will also put on a suit for occasions, or to make a statement. He wears a black wristwatch and a headband as accessories. His t-shirt has his emblem on the back.

Alternately, Finn has also been known to wear different kinds of white shirts just to keep the brand fresh and alive.


Finn is a very easygoing person who can't take any situation seriously. He's always joking around and somehow manages to make a very serious situation, into a lighthearted one at time by the way he describes it. However, sometimes being too lighthearted had gotten 

him into troubles when fighting Grimm, as he wasn't utilizing his full power, thinking he'd be fine.

Finn has a passion for sweets and sugary stuff, especially ice cream which he adores. No matter what the flavour is, Finn will eat the ice cream. Even tofu flavoured ice cream has been called delicious. When someone offers Finn an ice cream, may it be friend or foe, he'll gladly take it and eat it. It is unknown whether poisoned ice cream will have an effect on Finn, as not many people would like to poison him. It'd take most of the fun out of their lives.

In regards to friends, Finn has a large group of friends with whom he came to Beacon. He is most likely the leader of the group, and the others circulate around him. However, even though it may be like this, Finn has no ambition to become a leader whatsoever and says he is not the leader of his friends, but rather the comedian who brings them together for a party.  

Finn often gets sentimental and breaks down in tears whenever he remembers his family. this most likely shows that he cannot forget them no matter how hard he tries. Some deep rooted psychological scars may have been brought upon him by the deaths of all his family members at such a young age. 

When Finn does get serious, however, his skills in handling his weapon, dexterity, and latent skill come into play from being trained since he could walk. It is a rare occasions that Finn does become serious, but when he does, he becomes a force to be reckoned with, pulling moves out of his headband that he normally never uses. 

Weapons and Abilities

Finn uses a jutte with which he can both use dust and his aura. His preferred element of dust is Lightning, and can 

Finn's Jutte

Finn's Jutte

cause 12000 volts of electricity to go through someone's body when tapped with the metallic end. 

The guard can be twisted backwards in order to bend down the tip of the jutte as well as to reveal a trigger, making the jutte into rifle. The handle, where dust canisters go, is where the ammunition is loaded, and can hold up to a maximum of 6 shots per clip.

The final transformation of the jutte is an uncommon one. The guard and handle, plus the entire jutte can split in half and sharpen, making it into dual swords. Finn rarely uses this form as he prefers a two handed grip on his jutte, however, his sword fighting skills have been honed.

In terms of physical condition, Finn is is top form, able to do a variety of martial arts while fighting. His semblance is called Lightning Strike, it allows him to increase his speed up to ten times it's normal amount, a side effect of this semblance is the electricity that comes out from his legs, allowing him to release shocking kicks. The semblance itself enhances his entire body, allowing him to move as breakneck speeds with any part of it. Finn can also use his jutte as a pole vault, as the length of the rod end can extend to up to three feet, however, rending the effects of the dust inside it useless, thus making it useful only for pole vaulting, or smacking someone who is a bit away. 

Finn's second jutte is a complete unknown as he has never used it, however, his dad did state that it was a great deal more powerful than his own, which Finn uses to this day.


Finn was born in a middle class family somewhere near the outskirts of Vale, he cannot remeber where exactly. At the age of 4, Finn started learning the way of fighting using a jutte from his father, who was a huntsman. At the end of each training session, father and son, hand in hand would go to the local ice cream shop and buy a few ice creams to cool down with, which later caused his love of ice creams, but always claims that "there is none better than the ones dad used to buy." 

Finn's dad was a kindly character, Huntsman by day, comedian by night. Making the household full of laughter with his jokes and puns. Finn also developed this from his dad, the ability to make jokes even in a tight situation, after all, like father like son, or so they say. 

When Finn turned 8, he received his most prized possession from his father. A jutte made of steel with a leather handle and inlaid with diamonds, hand crafted, but before he could test it out, disaster struck. Grimm, a whole pack of Beowolves, attacked his village and as one of the few Hunters or Huntresses in the area, Finn's father was called out to help fight back. By the end of the day, his father lay dead in the street, killed by a pack of Beowolves, but managing to take out hundreds of them before that. Here he was, recently turned 8, but now horror struck at what had happened. His mother, unable to take the shock, died of a heart attack 2 days later. 

Finn made up his mind to go to signal soon after, realizing that even though his father had died, he had not died in vain, and that many innocent lives had been saved that night, in return for a few losses. Finn keeps the jutte that his father gave him in a case wrapped in cloth, vowing not to use it until he has proven himself worthy, and instead uses the jutte that his father died with that night, the handle still encrusted with blood, human and Grimm alike. 

To keep the memory of his father alive, Finn makes jokes non-stop, and always pays a visit to any ice cream shop he can after training, he has accepted that his father is dead, but he decided not to let him die in his heart. The boy who smiles at everything, will carry tat burden until the end of his days, but wont show it. The single shadow in his life, but is often overlooked as he manages to show it in the best possible light. 

Finn did well in the physical exams at Signal, but in the academic ones, barely passed showing little interest in them, as he states: "what's the point of learning math if it's a life or death situation. The opponent isn't gonna be nice, he wont let you measure up the angles, you've got to move on your feet or else you're dead." 

Regardless, his application got accepted by Beacon and he smiled that he could follow in his father's footsteps, and prove himself a hunter to the world. 


Bartholomew Varega: Finn respects Barth, and looks up to him as a leader, unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the latter. After hitting on Aria Jager in the first 5 minutes that they met, barth is not as fond of Finn as he could've been. Only time will tell how the two will be working together.

Aria Jager: Finn likes Aria the same way he does Barth, however, he has blatantly displayed how he likes her and, if she wasn't going out with Barth, what he would like to spend time with her doing. He hit on her the first time they met, which, all in all, could've ended worse for him. Aria seems to hold him in some contempt for kissing her on the cheek without warning.

Michael Korry: Finn's partner, he treats Michael more as a friend, rather then a partner, which probably doesn't make him seem all that professional. He sometimes affectionately calls Michael "Mikey" which seems to annoy him. Michael tazed Finn once after kissing Aria, and seemed to enjoy doing so, and also seems to like shoving Finn around, although it has not been shown too much.


"Dad, can we go get ice-cream now?"

-Finn after his training sessions.

"Of course I like pistachio!"

-Finn after his dad spat out the ice cream he bought and asked why he had bought pistachio.


-Finn after realizing the music he had heard was not his mom's music player.

"Dad... Wake up dad... Dad? DAD!"

-Finn after seeing his dad's dead body.

"If I stop laughing because he's dead, then what's the point in remembering him?"

-Finn 2 days after his dad's funeral.

"Well hello there beautiful, how about you and I go for a coffee after we get outta this forest? I'll show you a drinking trick you won't BELIEVE!"

-Finn hitting on Aria Jager.


  • Finn's jutte have different names. The one that he currently uses is called Lightning Strike. The one that he got on his birthday which he hasn't used yet is called Lightning Storm.
  • Finn's favourite flavour ice cream is Cookie Dough.
  • Finn can eat any flavour ice cream, even loving chunky tofu when he ate it.
  • Finn once threw up after finding a broccoli in his ice cream.
  • Finn's hair turned grey from blonde when he was 3. Cause unknown. 
  • Finn's first name is derived from the name Fionn, which means white.