• Hetzer: A Weapon and an armor all in one. It has two revolver type rocket launchers mounted at the shoulders of the wearer that contains 5 shots each, An exoskeleton to cope with the weight and uses lead acid battery, At the back contains a metallic backpack that can dispense rockets (That can be used as grenades) and holds 64 total. And to to top it off syringes as claws that can inject toxic substances to a person's body.


  • Ebony Claws: Black Gauntlets with 4 (black) metal claws on each wrist, and each gauntlet has an SMG built into the top.
  • Wolf Blade: Twin high-caliber pistols with blades on the bottom, when the pistols are combined, the blades extend into a long sword with twin snarling wolf heads for a cross guard.
  • Viridian Star: Long rifle for sniping, the stock flips open and a shaft extends to form a long handle and the front of the rifle springs out to both sides and blades pop out to form a battleaxe.
  • Hidden Rose: Revolver that has two cylinders, one for bullets, and the other stores different kinds of dust, similar to Weiss's weapon. The Revolver contains a metal whip that slides out from the top of the gun. On the casing of the revolver is a rose with thorns extending towards the top of the barrel.

Winter Edition:


  • Mechanic Fairy Wings: Powered by Dust, capable of flying, shoot energy beam. Used by Crystal Nelde
  • Revolving Chamber Dust Bracelet: Capable of casting Dust. Used by Crystal Nelde
  • High Voltage High Heels: Capable of producing lightning. Used by Idina Caliber
  • "Built In" Crossbow Sword: Sword with Crossbow built in the hilt. Used by Sirce Marion
  • Mechanic Trident/Claw: Trident with the middle can be ejected/dejected, with a chain shooting and spinning function. Used by Tianee Musk


  • Double Axe Hand Cannon: Double Axe that look like a giant anchor with hand cannon built inside. Used by Kyrrah Esther
  • Sound Enhanced Wireless Microphone. Used by Pina
  • Scales Gauntlets: Gauntlets with spike scales and built in flamethrower. Used by Tatsu Blaine
  • Dust Energy Molding Gloves: Used by Ambroise Neverland
  • Dust Scepter: Used by Serene Nevee



  • Javelin/Rocket Launcher


  • Lucky Sevens: Seven chambered Dual Revolver/Katana's can be used with various dust types to fire

bullets with elemental effects in addition to adding elemental effects to the blade when the trigger is pulled in Katana "Mode", when fired next chamber is randomly chosen through a roulette. The power of the last round fired is amplified



July 18th, 2011

  • Melee Buster : A cross/4 ended spear that can transform into swallow/2 ended spear. Technically, it consist of two swallows that stack up in a circular cover with a singular handle in the middle. One swallow is perpendicular with the handle, while the other swallow is rotatable for the transformation. The transformation is almost similar to helicopter rotor. The rotatable swallow can only rotate 90 degree in both clockwise and counterclockwise. It is called Melee Buster because the transformation can give a critical surprise attack against those who relies on close range. It could snatch the enemy's weapon, off or even break them, worse it could cut an arm off.

August 12th, 2012

  • Violent Infiltrator. Crossbow turned into Chainsword and Railgun. With a collection of different plugable ammunition magazines that access different effects and function. The magazine themselves can be used as a kunai and quick plasm projectile. The Crossbow shoots plasma bolt instead of ordinary bolt. The Railgun mode is like a "medium" that conjure "magic" depend on the plugged magazine.

October 31th, 2012

  • Unnamed weapon. First of, the weapon base is a two ended javelin and this weapon is in a set of three. Each javelin tip has some sort of hook to make the three pair able to connect each other like a train. If all three javelin are connected, it will become some sort of a long trichaku and its often to be used like a whip. The tip of the javelin is also equiped with some sort of transmitter. If the javelins are placed on different spot, the transmitter can cast out a lightning to another transmitter, creating a lightning fence.

September 12th, 2012

  • Just an ordinary generic weapon. I once had this ridiculous idea for my originalverse character to utilize multiple weapons. Therefore, he has multiple styles. One of the styles was a double Iaido. But that was utilized in rather magical way instead of technological. But recently, I had an idea how to utilize that in technological way.

January 15th, 2014

  • Planned that Gauth's weapon will be a suspender that trails wind into all over his outfit as well as a scarf that conceal two segmented blades with a barrel tip that shoots wind blast.
  • Planned that Brizio's weapon will be a dual hammer that combines into a cart that carrying mortar.
  • Planned to adapt Violent Infiltrator into RWBYverse as Wild Joker.
  • Planned that  Philbert's weapon will be a pinwheel-boomerang that attached on both wrist and shinguards.

March 10th, 2014

  • Adapted Violent Infiltrator into RWBYverse, it becomes a weapon called Wild Joker. Chainsword + Crossbow. With a collection of "Programmed" dust(powder) that wrapped in a weird shaped portable magazine that looked like a stretched padlock. They are plugable and used as a plasma crossbow bolt. They also can retract a kunai and shoot weaker bolt for quick combat. As well as that is another collection of "Programmed" dust(powder) that looked like an USB called Wizard Terminal. they are used to enchant the Chainsword mode. What unique about the Wizard Terminal is that they are plugable to most of other Team GSBP weapon, giving them more various of enhancement. This weapon is used by Symin .
  • Cyclone Trail, a suspender that looks like a trail that all over the user's entire outfit. It is used to flow the winds gained by the user's specific Semblance. The winds are used to enhance the user's fist and kicks. There are two scarf-like cloth on the back of the neck that conceals segmented blades with a tip that shoots the winds like a close ranged blast. The winds on the trail can also be mixed with the effect of dust. It has two dust chamber. They are put on each side of the belt. They usually empty and needs an external device. The external device are a "Programmed" dust(powder) that wrapped in a vessel that looked like an USB namely, Wizard Terminal. Once a Wizard Terminal inserted, the entire trail in the outfit will glow. The glow will be unique. They will be always overlayered with orange color. Example Green dust was inserted. Instead of green glow, it will be golden glow since the green was overlayered by orange color. Aside of the overlayering, the glow won't always be in one color. Example, suppose red dust is inserted on the left chamber while cyan dust is inserted on the right chamber. Then the outfit trail glow on the left side will be red+orange while it will glow cyan+orange on the right side. This weapon is used by Gauth .
  • Paragon Smithery, a dual wield hammer that looks like a blacksmith hammer. If combine, it will become a cart that carries a four-barelled mortar. Each barrel has their own dust chamber. They are usually empty and must be inserted with a Wizard Terminal. Dust used to determine mortar ammunition. There are mini computer to set up mortar hit position. In cart mode, there are no wheels instaled on it. It floats and the user can use it as a semi vehicle as they are a place for the user to sit at. This weapon will be given to my planned OC named Brizio.
  • Honneur De'Beau, a bladded pinwheel attached on both wrist and shinguards. Each pinwheel is consist of five bladded boomerang that looks like a feather wrapped in a round shield with a swan emblem. The boomerang can detach to shoot. This weapon will be given to my planned OC named Philbert.
  • Wizard Terminals, they aren't exactly a weapon but an external dust chamber that can be inserted into most of Team GSBP weapons. Gauth, Symin, and Brizio carries their own unique set of Wizard Terminal chamber that specially compatible to their own weapon. But it also possible for them to trade Wizard Terminal chamber each other to give a whole new enhancement to their weapon different than their usual.

April 9th, 2014

  • Sagitarius Overlord, Symin's original weapon Wild Joker and her dancing skills are purposely to be a dissonance. So that later she will gain a weapon that chooses her/compatible to her. Sagitarius takes part of features of all team GSBP weapon. mainly the weapon blends  to the outfit like Cyclone Trail, with a modified back scarf that multiplied into 4 tassels(instead of two) and has Wild Joker's chainsword (instead of segmented blade with kris+wind blaster tip). Two chainsword were also attached on Symon's side capes under her waist. The weapon also applies Paragon Smithery's 4 dust chamber system that used to flow dust element around the outfit and enchanting the Honneur De'Beau-inspired gauntlets and shin guards with a crystal that can materialize energy blades and crossbows  (instead of having the phinwheel attached) made out of dust. With this weapon, fighting are like dancing to Symin. She can launch elemental fist, kick, slash, shot, or lashing out the bladed capes/scarfes without pausing. The 4 dust chambers are also adjustable in term of determining where the 4 elements should flow (right fist, left fist, left leg, or right leg). for example, adjusting 2 dust enchantment to left fist and the other 2 to the right fist. It also possible to flow 3-4 into a singular flow destination. The more dust flow into a destionation, the stronger that said destination power is.

June 19th, 2014

  • Stained Melodies, in normal form, they appear as a violin and its bow with stained glass motif. But each of them can transform into shield and sword respectively. A small shield and a short sword to be exact. The sword doesn't attached with dust chamber but the shield does. The shield also can work as a scabbard to put the sword in. But any weapon that can fit and inserted into the scabbard, especially the short sword will be imbued with the dust chamber the shield set once they are pulled out. The weapon will also able to hurl elemental projectile depend on the dust elemental the weapon previously soaked into. For the analogy, its like a bubble wand and foam. The bubble wand couldn't make bubbles without getting soaked into the foam beforehand. Other than those, the shield also can be used to shoot beam if the short sword is kept on the scabbard. This weapon will be given to my incoming OC named Summanus.

July 12th, 2014

  • Plan to upgrade my Melee Buster idea to fit into RWBYverse By giving a shotgun attachment on each 4 blades and an upgrade that allow the rotatable swallow to rotate all the way to loop counterclockwise or clockwise. This means the rotatable swallow can spin like a helicopter rotor. This weapon will be given to my incoming OC named Timour.

June 28th, 2015

  • Related to the idea I had at 12th September 2012. Ok, so screw double Iaido! Lets man it up to HEXA IAIDO! Unlike ordinary Iaido, the user don't hold the sheated "Katana" with their hand. Instead of that, they will have a mechanical backpack with 6 sort of limbs that holds the sheathed "Katanas". The limbs are controllable through some neural thingy. Each "Katana" sheaths can be used as shotgun. As for how the character will utilize the weapon, I will take inspiration from Yuri Lowell's sword juggling, Basara Masamune Date's six swords utilization, Ren Idagawa's kendo style, and at last but not least, WA5 Greg's shotgun, the ever popular Vergil from Devil May Cry.

September 12th, 2015

  • -New- Wild Joker So I redesigned my certain OC and while I'm at it I fixed her weapon. I've always had this feeling that her weapon system is out of RWBY lore due to the Engine Quiver being counted as 1 weapon which makes her having 3 weapons. So imma keep it simple   Shield-Hilted Chainsword Dust Launcher, Shield converts enemy's dust attack into particles, Zeitrer Chansword Enhance, Engine Quiver based Dust Launcher, Customizeable dust launching style : Heavy, Normal, Scatter.


Weapons Blog (which I'm lazy for nowadays)


Too lazy to explain all my weapons, so go here to find all the weapons

RWBY Ruby Rose:

((For more Information: Click the Names of the Weapons))

June 17th, 2013

  • High Tech Dust Swords - Indigo StormCrest: Twin dust swords that turns into twin guns. Have the ability to create dust waves and increse the power of the blade and to also use dust crystal to cast dust by hand.: Used by Inari Tsukiakari.

February 7th, 2014

  • Ballistic Dust Sword Tonfas ((Formally known as Dust Powered Sword Tonfas)) - Lunar Illusion: Dual pistols that turn into a pair of dust sword tonfas that combine into a sword staff: Used by Leonardo Tsukiakari.

April 1st, 2014

April 27th, 2014

  • Transforming Dust Ice Skates and Dust Control Casting Sleeves - Winter Tempest - Blizzard's Touch (respectfully): Winter Tempest are a pair of winter boots that transform into a set of ice skates with dust infused blades and Blizzard's Touch is a pair of arm sleeves with a indent to place uncut dust. Credit to Thanuhufia for idea. Used by: Miyuki Winfield

May 21st, 2014

  • Dust Card Distance Rifle: Kings Victory is a collapsible rifle that combines with a dust card handgun called Queen's Demise to create a Dust Card Sniper Rifle known as Checkmate. Depending on the card suit, it has a different kind of dust.  Used by: Tai Lucian Lefebrve

September 19th, 2014

  • Metal Feather Gauntlet Launchers- Soaring Wings: A pair of gauntlets that have the ability to fire sharp, metal feathers or use the feathers as knives to improve cutting damage. They also has a grappling hook function and can be like a hidden daggers. Used by: Rosalina Mara

January 9th, 2015

  • Allpurpose Collapsible Dust Whip- Fire Awakener: A handle that can extend into a whip and the whip line straightens out to become a blade which can get coated with dust. It also has the capability to fire dust blasts from it in its handle form. It can uses dust but she prefers fire dust. (WIP) Used by: Turquoise Namir
  • Crystal Dust Engraved Bow- Knight's Star: A standard bow that has different crystal buttons on the bow that can fuse the drawstring and the arrows with dust. (WIP) Used by: Zabrina Mayonaka

July 7th, 2015

  • Multi Dust Modified Rings- Crystal Casters: They are basically six rings (three on each hand) that each have a small compartment that carries one kind of dust crystal. They can hold different kinds of dust for different kind of effects but only one kind at a time. Used by: Quaralia Rosalinda

August 3rd, 2015

  • Claymore/Hoverboard/ShockBlaster (WIP) Used by: Forest Drake
  • Dust Dual Bladed Lance/ Scythe/ Chakram (WIP) Used by: Azora Glacia

August 18th, 2015

  • Knuckle Dusters with Dust Energy Blade - Ice Gauntlets Used by: Arctic Winfield (Miyuki's Father)

September 4th, 2015

  • Dual Dust Fan Chakrams and Extendable Steel Bo Staff (WIP) Used by Ginata Aiyana

September 18th, 2015

January 15th, 2016

  • Wind Dust Blade Machette (WDBM)- Aero Cutter and Lightning Dust Infused Knives (LDIK) - Lightnin' Slicers. Used by: Aran Alcyone

Maki KuronamiOne winged eagle

Sometime in 2006

Greatsword that holds a Red Dust cannon inside the blade.


Highly advanced Gunblade. Uses an unstable Blue Dust Crystal for a core, that allows its shots to be charged. Equipped with a simple voice command that allows it to enter a powerful state.

August 15, 2013

Heavy Naginata-like spear that holds an anti-tank gun. It's blade can be enhanced with Dust properties.

August 17, 2013

Throwing daggers with different properties depending on the color of Dust applies. Currently uses Red, Yellow and Purple Dust.

  • Unnamed All-Range Aerial Blades (ARABs)
    • Owner: Ivory's Grandfather

Flying swords similar in use with Penny's weapons, minus the laser cannon and operated via magnetism instead of strings.

September 5, 2013

  • White Death - Field-Range Sniper Sickle (FRSS)

Similar to the HVSS in concept, but focuses on it's long range capabilities. The blade is lined with White Dust. Straight-out inspired by Margaret Moonlight's weapon from No More Heroes 2.

  • Asteria Vivace - Terminal Velocity Booster Blade (TVBB)
    • Owner: none (Formerly Xanadu)

Katana with rocket boosters on it's back. Very sharp, that it can be heard cutting the air. Inspired by Nagisa's weapon from Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.

  • Azure Trauma - Electrical Ignition Railgun Axe (EIRA)
    • Owner: none (Formerly Xanadu)

Axe empowered by Yellow Dust that can turn into a railgun. Very heavy.

  • Azabache Cross - Multi-Directional Revolver Whip (MDRW)
    • Owner: none (Formerly Xanadu)

Thorned whip with a revolver at the end. Similar to Gambol Shroud's Kama mode in usage.

September 14,2013

  • Golden Truth - Aura-Amplifier Winged Destroyer (AAWD)

Wing-like weapons that shoots powerful aura empowered Dust shots.

October 7, 2013

Pistol/Bow weapon that shoots of Dust Spells. Specializes in Yellow Dust.

October 9, 2013

  • RWBY version of Jeweled Flamberge - Dust Empowered Sword

Sword with Dust Crystals in the hollowed center. Enhances the power of the blade that it can cut through Grimm exoskeleton.

  • RWBY version of Obsidian Nightmare - Aura Regulator Blade Whip (ARBW)

Dust conductor-like blade that can turn into a whip. Full potential is unleashed as a Dust spell weapon.

October 10, 2013

  • Vermilion Reaper - High-Velocity Hook Scythe (HVHS)

Scythe weapon that's, in concept, a combination of the Crescent Rose and Gambol Shroud.

October 13, 2013

  • Phantom Enigma - Grim Reaper Cutlass Scythe (GRCS)

Small scythe weapon that can morph into a cutlass. Best used for defensive strategies.

October 26, 2013

  • Athánati Vasiliá - Bladed Gauntlet and Dust Gauntlet

Bladed and Dust gauntlets used to fight the Grimm in hand-to-hand combat. The blade is useful for hitting vital spots, while the Dust gauntlet can be used to utilize Ice Dust.

October 29, 2013

Mace weapon combined with a sniper rifle. Best used in long distances. Comes with explosive rounds for combat against Grimm.

October 30, 2013

Simple weapon best used in conjunction with Dust spells, to amplify their powers.

November 7, 2013

Colorful weapon similar to the Myrtenaster in concept, but utilized as a paintbrush. It leaves a trail of colors when swung.

January 2, 2014

  • Fireworks - Short-Range Impact Rods (SRIRs) (Formerly Explosive-Maracas Instrumental Arsenal (EMIA))

Formerly a maracas the shoots iron balls with Dust inside. It's current design is a pair of rods with a gun mechanism at the bottom.

January 3, 2014

  • Star Gladiator - Detachable Broadsword

Detachable sword that separates into a longsword and a hook blade.

January 6, 2014

  • Gale Blade - Switch Blade Chain-Cutter (SBCC)
    • Owner: none (Downgraded version of Tempest Triad)

Gauntlets with knives attached by chain.

  • Tempest Triad - Switch Blade Chain-Trirang (SBCT)

Advanced version of Gale Blade wherein the knife can turn into three blades, acting as bladed yo-yos in usage.

January 9, 2014

  • Seiben Schuss - Wide-Revolver Axe Blade (WRAB)

Revolver-like weapon with a hatched attached at the end. Wielded similarly to a sword.

January 18, 2014

  • Wirkung Abstand - Adaptive Tonfa Pilebunker Guns (ATPGs)

A pair of tonfas that are also pilebunkers as well as guns.

Great sword divided into two blades. The blade can open up and close, like a pincer. A double-barreled rifle is seen in the center of the weapon. A mechanism in the hilt allows both sides of the blade to separate into two swords.

February 19, 2014

  • Rise of Babylon - Dust-Concentrated Wide Sword (DCWS)

Advanced form of Lost Wing. The blade is purposely messy in design. A portion of the handle allows the blade to shoot off Dust shots.

February 27, 2014

  • Scarlet Gungnir - Multi-Allowance Precision Spear (MAPS)

Spear with three forms, one that allows it to be used in melee, another in javelin, and another that turns it into a gunspear that shoots of mid-level Dust spells.

March 7, 2014

  • Lunar Blaze - Dust-Charged Extend Naginata (DCEN)
    • Owner: Azalea Rappaccini (Sophomore)

Extendable Naginata based on the design of Heliotropium, minus the anti-tank rifle. Incredibly light.

April 4, 2014

  • Judgment Fangs - Quad-Propelled Cross Spear (QPCS)

A cross spear equipped with four boosters on the blade, each pointed at the three blades and the handle.

May 25, 2014

  • Holy Transcendence - Reflective Fencing Valkyrie Sword (RFVS)

A two-handed sword with a very complicated mechanism that allows it to split into a two-sided sword. It's blade is incredibly polished, making it gleam brightly when it reflects light. Better suited for duels than combat against the Grimm.

A black version of Holy Transcendence empowered by White Dust. It is better suited as a Dust conductor, allowing it to channel powerful Dust spells. Though powerful, it is deemed too dangerous to be wielded against nothing else but the Grimm.

June 1, 2014

A pair of batons designed differently from each other. Purge, held in the right hand is metallic and has the edges tipped with obsidian, making it similar to the macuahuilt, but tinier. Punishment, held in the left hand is made from strong wood, designed for incapacitation.

July 16, 2014

Combat heels made from Clarissa's favorite shoes. The tip of the heel can be empowered by Dust to allow the usage of spells and projectiles. Further power can be added if Dust crystals are used instead.

July 31, 2014

  • Wing Armageddon - Twin Attachment Dust Swords (TADS)

A pair of gunblades similar in design to Celestial Reaper. They can be attached together to form a bow-like double-sided sword that allows both gun aspects of the gunblades to fire rapidly. It's a fairly difficult to master weapon.

September 13, 2014

A custom rifle designed to fire Wind Dust. It can turn into a Dust-empowered partisan that generates shockwaves per swing.


Somewhere in-between Feb. and Mar. 2013:

Eros' Salvation: A DUST sniper rifle that retracts and transforms into a close combat pistol. Used by Damara Polzin

Rosette's Reprieve: A javelin that retracts and transforms into an automatic shotgun. Used by Silvia Stone

Hades' Vengeance: Two twin blades that combine and transform into a double ended shock stick. Used by Kristopher Sanchez

Thorn's Destruction: A ball and chain that has metal spikes on the handle also that spike out when the weapon is thrown. Used by Umbria Stiletto


Warrior's Bolt: Counterfeit Lien Infused with DUST

Crossfire Infinity: Backpack that transforms into a turret and has a second transformation as a missile launcher

Dreamshadow: Two Sterling Silver rings laced with DUST (However, the user has to wear one on their left Middle Finger and one on their right ring finger in order to use them)

July 5, 2016:

Hand-held Lute that transforms into two boomerangs


September 18, 2013

  • Siena Picaresca: A simple-looking sword that turns into a rifle, and into a polearm (similar to a swordstaff) that can shoot and make the blade spin as well, and can be used for pole vaulting. Used by Bruno Erraunt.

September 21, 2013

  • Paristhorn: A canalizing revolver with a collapsible épée blade. It can canalize Dust via bullets or through the épée's blade; Aura can also be canalized in this last mode. IT DOESN'T USE GLYPHS. Used by Ryan Chartreuse.

October 6, 2013

  • Strolling Jokalope: An automatic crossbow that shoots 5 types of Dust bombs, that vary in power. It can be hooked to something or even be shoot when in mid-air. It also has an axe form. Used by Della Azure.

October 11, 2013

November 1, 2013

  • Jazz Hands: Two Dust-casting gloves that have a chamber where a Dust crystal can be placed. Used by Colby London.
  • Dapper Bumbershoot: A weapon that looks like an elegant umbrella, but when opened reveals a Dust rifle/revolver. It shoots very powerful rays of Dust. 

March, 2014

  • Renegade Herders: Two gauntlets; each of them have a scythe attached to a long chain. These scythes also have a tonfa form for melee combat, and have a chamber for placing a Dust crystal. Used by Lacey Tanbark.
  • Caster Bachetta: A cigarette holder that can hold cigarette-shaped Dust crystals. It casts Dust. Used by Ivoire D'Enfer.

December 4, 2014

  • Cristo de Mayo: A Dust Ignition Zweihänder-Cross (DIZC). It's a cross-shaped weapon that can turn into a torch/trident and into a Zweihänder. It has several fire Dust crystals incrustated which turn the weapon on fire. Used by Candela Quitral.
  • Bakunawa Ningyo: A Dust Rifle-Anchor Hybrid (DRAH). It's a rifle that resembles a water gun and that works with Dust, and that also can transform into a big anchor. Used by Paz Himeyuri.
  • Witte Wieven: A Dual Aerodynamic Dust System (DADS). They're a pair of gauntlets, and each one of them have a foldeable plane-like "wing" which canalizes Dust and that can be used for slashing and also allow the user to glide/fly. The gauntlets can also shoot flechettes made of Dust. Used by Victor van Rijn.


July 20th, 2013

- Barth with the Gale Assault Zweihander, a two handed sword that can charge up increasingly powerful wind projectiles.

August 8th, 2013

- Serra with Ci Qipian, a gauntlet that pushes and pulls Serra's five throwing knives with magnetism, and Baozha Sheng, her other gauntlet that connects electricity arcs between the throwing knives using electric dust.

September 22nd, 2013

-Stjarnstill's Stjarn Hnefa and Dust Complex, a series of dust tattoos across his body, which he uses for a unique dust infused martial art that focuses on kicks and mobility.

October 1st, 2013

-The Excaviscerator is Terralyn's hydraulic excavation pick, capable of using a dial to determine how strong the hit is, from a mere tap to a huge attack.

October 13th, 2013

-The JUDGE is a longsword, rigged out in crazy features, with twenty buttons on the hilt. The buttons are unmarked, relying on someone to read the instruction booklet that came with the sword to remember which button to push. Of course, Battlus used this intructiuon booklet as very good, 145 page kindling.

October 26th, 2013

-Alyysa's Inside Scoop, a quarterstaff that remains compressable with a camera and a pistol on either end. Can be used to flash brightly and blind enemies.

November 5th, 2013

-Gringolet is Breaker's motorcycle, focussing on speed and stability. It can transform into a golden suit of armor witht he major components in a backpack.

December 24th, 2013

-THE WALL's weapon: THE WALL. It's a deathstalker faceplate on a hydraulic system, with the eyes replaced with sensors to that when anything gets close, the shield bumps out a few inches. It is a two handed greatshield too heavy for most to weild.

Kasumi's triple threat is a weapon that transforms between hidden blades, a conjoined katana, and dual dust pistols. Each form has reliance on dust enhancement.

January 18th, 2014

-Mac's weapon, horton's havok is a double sided spear shotgun lacrosse stick. Projectiles caught in the net section and be thrown back with a pull of the trigger, firing the shotgun to increase the power of the return.

Alex Wingace

March 27th, 2014

  • Dust Rocket Chainsaw Jaws ("Winterfall") : A weapon heavily based on the M202A1 FLASH, it sports eight barrels that fire solid state Light Blue Dust rounds that explode on contact with a target and therefore have a freezing effect on the target. It's secondary mode for CQC splits the weapon in half and the user wears one half on each arm. The end opens up to reveal a large set of jaws, like that of a bear trap, that have a set of chainsaws for each 'jaw'. It is used by Serena Ciano.

May 2nd, 2014

  • Compact Rifle Solid State Dust Blade ("Inversion Fang"): A bullpup rifle that was heavily influenced by the G11 and the F2000, it folds out into a longsword that projects a small, dust fueled blade that surrounds the length of the weapon. It is used by Vespertilia Lavande.

November 18th, 2014

  • -No Technical Name-("Current Splitter"): A railgun rifle based on the Rorsch Mk1 from the Battlefield 4 DLC, Final Stand. It fires a Sabot/Slug (Dust or Regular) round that is magnetically accelerated to about 3500 m/s. It is breech loading and holds a single round at a time, having a lengthy reload speed, as it needs to not only have a new round loaded, but also needs to have a circuit breaker built into it reset. The weapon splits into two three-foot long electrified batons, which can be used to electrocute opponents, both with intent to cause pain, stun, and/or kill. It is used by Neibi Rai.

January 15th, 2015

  • Tactical Laser Autocannon Lance ("Serenity"): A shoulder fired weapon with only two forms. The first, while it is closed, makes use of its sharp "nose" as a lance, usually assisted by her flight pack for an added punch. This mode also features an autocannon that fires 20mm shells at a rate of 750 rounds per minute. The second mode has the entire top portion of the weapon open up to expose the TLS (Tactical Laser System), which fires a high-powered, pencil thin red laser and fires continuously for 4 seconds before needing to recharge and cool down. The weapon contains enough charge to fire 4 shots before needing to be reloaded, which requires dismantling of part of it, something that can't be done on the field. It is used by Aureole Falken and is based off the armaments of the ADF-01 FALKEN.

January 20th, 2015

  • Revolving Barrel Autocannon Rocketpod Tetsubo ("Weaponized Peace"): A large, one form weapon that has a 30mm revolving barrel autocannon housed inside a pod that fires unguided anti-tank rockets. The whole cylinder is covered in spikes and attached to a long handle and is used to bludgeon opponents. Unfortunately, the autocannon generates so much recoil, it cannot be used effectively from the ground and requires the use of a specialized Flight Pack to not get blown around while using it (unless that happens to be the intention). It is used by Sabah Fairchild and is based off the armaments of the A-10 Warthog.

Azure Dozer

Jan 3, 2014

-Judex Viate: Set of 10 knives, each pair using a different type of dust, or other enhancement. An SMG can be assembled if 8 of the knives are combined. Used by Talen Multis

Status: Partially Destroyed, Used Sparingly

March 30, 2014

-Name N/A: Metal Cat O' Ninetails with thorned whips and bladed ends. Powered by wind dust to move individual whips.

Status: Yet to be used

-​Virga Acherontis & Sionis Phlegethon: A shock baton with a blade at the base that transforms into a small caliber handgun, and a fire-dust machete that transforms into an ice-dust climbing axe.

Status: Yet to be used


April 3, 2014



Eibon is a lab coat with Dust infused in it in the designs on the hem, wrists, and sleeves.  The sleeves and Gloves connect with wires which there are two supplies of wire sewn into the inside of the sleeves. The wire then goes into each finger of the gloves and out the tips and connect to a chakram per finger, meaning ten chakrams.

The Chakrams are simply circular, without jagged edges. They can be neatly stacked onto each other, and become a thicker chakram with 5 blades going around the edges. The chakrams can be thrown one at a time, or slashed through the air by aura. 

Different kinds of Dust are infused into the designs depending on how he is feeling that particular day. The Dust's power can be used on its on in the Coat, and then it can travel along the designs and to the wires Chakrams, giving them the aspect of the Dust that was infused into the clothes.

Their reach is roughly 70 meters around him, allowing him to be more of a controller type of person, able to attack multiple enemies at once.

Status: In use by Volkanis Latium


A weapon built and used by Xenon Yog-Zoth called the "Seven in One, One in Seven", a seven-piece gun-sword assembly serving as his preferred weapon as a hunter. As a set of seven weapons, the gun-swords come in various shapes and sizes for versatility for variety of situations, and can combine into a single weapon. This variety of gun-swords give the weapon an array of uses by combining and separating different pieces for suiting his needs. The weapon consists of one main gun-sword, the First One, one hollowed gun-sword formed by two weapons serving as the front edge, two mirroring gun-swords that form the back, and two identical smaller gun-swords that attach to the sides.

Paradise Paradox

July 25th 2013

Dual Iron Fists - Like brass knuckles but made out of iron and are placed on the hands of the user. It's capabilities is to enchance the punches of the user and protect their hands from damage. Moreover, it is very slow at movement. Used by Onyx Rocker

Nodachi Hybrid Ranged Bow - An average size double edge nodachi with a very leathery hand guard. Made out very rare materiels such as iron alloyed with tungsten for the blade. When switching, the blade retracts into the hand guard and then it extends and bends, forming an arc with a string falling out. Used by Jorey Diamond

Explosive Bolt Grenade Launcher - A weapon made using a special adhesive bolts that stick on to objects and can be detonated to cause an explosion. The blast radius can be increased up to 10m(under the radius of a frag grenade) and the higher the radius is the weapon becomes unstable. There is also a knife at grip of the weapon. Used by Eli Leictreach

September 9th

Dual Bladed Axe Staff - An axe on each side and the same is copied on the bottom. The staff is made out black iron. Moreover, the staff can be split apart to create a dual wieled axe. Used by Bridgette West.

September 26th

Metal Handle Spike Ball - The weapon has is a ball with spikes all around the the sphere and has a metal handle. The spikeball is quite durable but is likely to slow the wielder down because of the sheer size of the weapon. Used by Emma Austri

Dual Blade Grendade Launcher - Resembling a sawed of shotgun, the grenade launcher has black stock. The fired grenades have enough recoil to propel the user and must be controlled properly or else it might kill the user. While switching, the barrel retracts and then a blade appears and the stock also retracts and a blade appears.

October 14th

Manual Spinning Blade Shield - The shield contains spikes on the rims and has a handle on the back. However, the blades are inside the shield when grounded, but when in the air and if it detects any aerodynamics, the blades appear. Used by Sigvard Norðri.

October 17th

Slug Shot Grip Spear - A large shotgun with bulky ammunition and slug bullets to increase damage and range. While switching, the trigger retracts and the weapon peels off and turns into the spear. Used by Trond Suðri

Augut 7th 2014

Golf Club Sniper - A Golf Club that is used for melee attacks and can has a sniper on the end. Used by the next OC

Pool Stick Musket - A Pool Stick that can be used for melee attacks and works as a musket. Used by next OC

Weapons with no Exact Date


April 3th 2014

Automate - (Previously named as the "Alpheus") Is a combinable mechanical weapon resembles vaguely as well as inspired after a Pistol Shrimp. The weapon triples as a Yo-yo, Two Handguns and a Cannon. It is wielded by Marryl Sheffield. On March 7th, the Automate has been rejected to be Marryl's weapon.

April 4th 2014

Mageste - A long pole-staff inspired after the royal scepters. The weapon triples as a Scepter, a Shotgun with three barrels and a Halberd. It is wielded by Annest Miguell. On March 8th, the Mageste has been rejected to be Annest's weapon.

April 5th 2014

Crossaint - A bow that resembles more like two combined swords(cutlass). It triples as a Dual Blade, a Bow and also a Shuriken. Technically, it has four blades. It is wielded by Hazeal Galvionez. Name has been confirmed on the same day.

Praenuntius -(Latin for "harbinger") Is a weapon that looks like a large, mechanical boomerang. It doubles as a over-capacity Assault Rifle and obviously, a Boomerang. It is wielded by Zeph Galvionez. Name hasn't yet confirmed.

April 7th 2014

Filou Facade - (French of "deceptive trickster") A pair of gloves infuses with Dust. The gloves amplify one's aura, turning them into semi-solid energy as a weapon. Manipulating aura directly through the gloves, the aura conjured out can be used both offensively of defensively. Despite it using aura, it doesn't consume them. Note that this weapon becomes drastically weaker when the wielder's aura is low. It is wielded by Marryl Sheffield. Name has been confirmed on the same day.

April 9th 2014

Osna Angeal - (Irish for "angel sigh" without the "i" letter) A weapon that appears to be a a large greatsword. It triples as a Greatsword, Two Gunblades(Pistol Swords) and a Greatshield. It is wielded by Annest Miguell. Name was confirmed on April 15th 2014.

April 9th 2014

Sinking Mare - (literally "sinking sea/ocean") A weapon that resembles a scythe with to blades on on side. It triples as a Double Scythe and Crossbow. It is wielded by the Joke OC Violet Sappheiros. Name hasn't yet confirmed.

April 14th 2014

Mangeur Dieu - (French for "god eater") A weapon that appears like a large Shortsword with a cut-in-half shield at its sides. It triples as a Shortsword, Shield and an Assault Rifle. It is wielded by Meko Barrign. Name was confirmed on the same day.




Energy Multitools (Electic Pistol Rods): Used by Ampere Zulleo. Date: April 6, 2014. Modified: May 24, 2014.

Wolfedge (Sword Saw Lorg-Range Shotgun): Used by Nafesn Greywolf. Date: April 6, 2014. Edited: November 13, 2015

Cyan Lybra (Sword Chain Whip): Can utilize Dust crystals; Used by Florr Zulleo Greywolf. Date: April 8, 2014.

Xander (Dust-Powered Guitar Ax): Used by Masandiana 'Malice' Starsaph. Date: April 12, 2014.

Ex-Blades (Expaning Bladed Pistols): Used by Garnet Tsavorite. Date: April 13, 2014.

Staff of Dust (Dust-Powered Staff Baton Grappling Hook Launcher): Can split into two batons, one to fire Dust, the other to fire a grappling hook; Used by Zoe RaIsis. Date: April 17, 2014.

Fury and Strife (Iron Chain with pop-up blades and Heat-Powered Hand Cannon): Used by Barbra Blazer. Date: April 18, 2014.

Raven's Claws (Silencer Pistol Elongating Daggers): Can combind to form a swordstaff; Used by Rachel Spectrum. Date: April 19, 2014.

Typhon (Assembly Extending Swordstaff): Both blades can be used separately; Used by Freddy Darkfield Lector. Date: April 25, 2014.

Ram's Wrath (Dual-Bladed Dust-Powered Sword and Shield combo): Used by Luke Mars Warm. Date: April 26, 2014.

Demon Blade (Dust-Powered Scimitar Used by Ameillia Ne Yuon. Date: May 31, 2014.

Alexandra (Winchester Rifle Sword): Used by Allan Greywolf. Date: July 19, 2014.

Frankie's Ax: A old wood ax with a hole at bottom for a rope and a dust slot at the back; Used by Francisca 'Frankie' Verdant. Date: July 20 2014.

Dire DNA

Fire and Zeal (Wire Whip Blade Revolver(s)) - A revolver with a blade attached to the underside that can snap into a sword with a flick of the wrist. The blade can detach and swang like whips by pushing the hammer. (April 8, 2014)

Courage (Towering Inferno Assault Shield) - A tower shield that holsters the users weapon and can fold into a flamethrower. (April 8, 2014)


Only two:

"Halberd/Explosive Crossbow" - Akusatsugai-sha(Cross-Ranged Dust Halberd). Owner: Kuro Kusanagi (August 20, 2013)

"Dual Chamber/Spiked Greatshields" - Laus Maximus(Dual Dust Barrier Shields). Owner: Argent Acherbus (January 5, 2014)


Ideas posted.

Ideas planned but not implemented/posted as of yet

  • Dual Flame Impact Hammer (DFIH) - {Name Unknown} is the weapon used by Lira Sharp. It is a flamethrower combined with a war hammer. Model is similar to Nora's weapon in regards to the hilt of the hammer. (Originally planned on March 5, 2014. Noted down on this page April 17, 2014.)
  • Dual Action Pistol Sais (DAPS) - {Name Unknown} is a weapon used by Robyn Abell. It is a set of two rapid fire pistols that have the ability to turn into sais. (Originally planned March 27, 2014. Noted down on this page April 17, 2014.)
  • Twin Dust Chain Sickles (TDCS) - Sanguine Reavers. Used by Zarin Shi. A weapon that consists of dual sickles that are connected by a single long chain. Has the ability to channel and fire Dust as both a close range and mid range attack. Noted down June 3, 2014.
  • Multi-Bladed Sheathe Rifle (MBSR) - {Name Unknown}. A weapon that is composed of two pieces. One is a transforming double edged sword that also acts as a sheath for the second one which turns into a fencing blade. When combined they act as a standard rifle; though the fencing blade retains the ability to fire at the hilt due to the way the weapon is constructed. Noted down on June 4, 2014.
  • {Acronym Unknown} - {Name unknown}. A Three-Section Staff combined with a Shotgun and tipped with Hook Blades.
  • Shield-Modded Dust Sniper (SMDS) - {Name unknown}. A modified sniper rifle that is able to split apart to become two shields. The ammo used has concentrated dust in them allowing for various effects.
  • {Acronym Unknown} - {Name unknown}. A camera and a tripod. The tripod is capable of turning into a melee weapon and when combined with the camera it turns into a mini-gun. The camera acts as the ammo drum but doesn't do much aside from being a standard camera.



Wisteria and Callerya: Created July 18th 2013- A pair of Revolver Knuckle Blades (RKB). The revolver form of Wisteria and Callerya has a specially modified eights barrel chamber instead of the typical six of normal revolvers. Viola Lindynn can switch between using normal ammo to special DUST enhanced bullets when her weapon is in this form. The second form of Wisteria and Callerya is a collapsible and retractable blade. Increadibly sharp, thanks to the use of DUST when forging the metal, the blades are virtually unbreakable and capable of slicing through almost anything.

Cinder Breaker: Created July 30th 2013- Cleaver Form. Oran Cambridge carries Cinder Breaker in this form most of the time outside combat. It's edge is increadibly sharp, and that combined with the weight of the blade, means it can cause substantial damage. When in rifle form, a trigger drops down from below Cinder Breaker's grip, and the specialised ammo cartridges clip onto the lower section of the blade. It fires at the same speed and has the same clip size as an assault rifle.

Ravusperun: Created December 13th 2013- Ravusperun is a Dual Edged Shotgun Staff (DESS) belonging to Ornella Ashland and was hand made by her. It is a triple form weapon, having an axe form (which is it's default), a shotgun form and a staff form. Her emblem has been engraved on the axe blades. When in it's default form, Ravusperun is a pair of wickedly sharp axes. However, with the press of a concealed button, Ornella can change them into shotguns. This reveals the triggers and barrels of the weapon. Also, both axeguns can be joined together to become a staff. Both the axe and shotgun forms can be used when the weapon is in this form.

Mirandus: Created February 1st 2014- Mirandus is a Flintlock Pistol Cutlass (FPC) belonging to Zaffre Glass. Mirandus is a deadly sharp cutlass that has a pistol barrel on either side of the blade with a flintlock mechanism near the hand guard.

Reperio: Created March 28th 2014- Reperio is a Divisible Recurve Bow (DRB) belonging to Hazel Lettel. Reperio is a recursive bow that can be de-strung and used as two separate blades. Hazel uses several different types of Dust arrows in conjunction with Reperio.

Velvitrum: Created April 28th 2014- Velvitrum is a collapsable Dust staff katana (CDSK) used in battle by Aurora LeMarchelle.  There are several components to this weapon:

- A button at the top of the staff that, when pressed, changes its form from staff to katana.

- A chamber at the bottom of the staff where different types of Dust can be inserted

- A crystal at the stop of the staff used to channel the Dust.  The crystal changes colour from it's default clear colour to match the colour of the Dust being used.

Regenbrand: Created May 9th 2014- A sledgehammer minigun that fires red dust (fire) bullets.  Used by Flynn Scarlett.

Unamed Weapon: Created May 27th 2014. Page has yet to be created. Dorian's weapon is a TRCC (Transforming Rifle Chakram Case). In it's default form, the weapon appears to be nothing more than a silver briefcase. This is so Dorian can carry it discreetly. Nothing is kept inside and, with the press of either of the small buttons near the base of the handle, Dorian can transform the case into one of two modes and proceed to use it in combat.

Despair: 30th January 2015. A large sword capable of splitting into two light machine guns.

Ignis: 30th January 2015. A pair of arm mounted flamethrowers with hook shot blades.

Echo: January 30th 2015. A bow that transforms into a pair of energy pistols.

Unamed Weapon: January 30th 2015. A pair of prosthetic hands which can cast Dust attacks and are also capable of firing miniature missiles.



March 17, 2014

[Ruine und Zweitracht]: A Dual Stage Katana-Musket [DSKM] weapon wielded by Ein Schwarz. A katana with a muzzle hidden behind the blade. The whole weapon can alternate between two forms and is composed of very flexible metals. It is powered by a core of white Dust.

March 18, 2014

[Iron Maiden]: A pair of High Density Metal Boot-guns [HDMBs] used by Safira Lionhart. Both boots are covered by strong, but light-weight, metal plates and has both shotgun muzzles at the front and back (heels) part of the footwear. When in non-combat situations, they revert to normal, ordinary boots. Powered by a solid core of Dust.

March 20, 2014

[Gottes Speer]: A Long Range Naginata Rifle [LRNR] wielded by Nora Schwarz. A 7 feet long naginata that has a hidden muzzle beneath the large blade and a rifle body fused into the handle. It can transform between it's two forms and is regularly maintained.

May 9, 2014

[Ragnarok]: A Highly-Destructive Ballistic Tomahawk [HDBT] that is yet to be used by anyone. It is a large cruise missile with an explosive force equivalent to 1.5 megaton. The huge launcher is so heavy that it needs to be mounted on a spider droid for one to use the missile itself, but even then, the missile takes days to manufacture and the payload is too expensive for anyone to obtain, thus it is considered a powerful but ultimately impractical weapon.


October 1st 2013:

[Wolf Fang]:  The gauntlets hold an ensemble of Dust in them allowing him to use his dust augmented attacks

User: Wolfe Black

October 20th 2013:

[Crime and Punishment]: Each the weapon forms have a unique name; Sword; Ricther- (Judge in German) Axe; Jurado - (Jury in Spanish) Spear: Boia - (Executioner in Italian) Bow: Equite - (Equity in French)

User: Arthur Kincaid

October 8th 2013

[Bloody Valentine]: A Dust Powered Revolver Crossbow (DPRC) known as Bloody Valentine. The crossbow is a mix between a revolver and a crossbow. The design of the weapon is a one handed crossbow with a revolver mechanisn that allows her to fire Dust Bolts of various elements.

User: Vix Valentine

October 24th 2013

[Dust Book]

Her weapon is a book.  How the book works is simple. Drawn inside the book are hexagonal shapes with lines drawn in a certain pattern that when used with Elisa's dust gloves allows her to use different elements.

User: Elisa Windstorm

February 26th 2014

[Full Moon]: A Cross Scythe. A long metal pole with three prongs on the end that can extend to form the blade of a scythe.  It also incorparates rudimentry gauntlet on her left arm made from basic components. On the hand of the gauntlet she has three tubes that are interconnected with wires that pump dust powder into the gauntlet.

User: Luna Black

April 7th 2014

[Cloak and Dagger]: A pair of wrist mounted cross blades for close range combat.The blades are are built for durabilty, they are basic swords that are used like tonfa. His style uses the three handles of each cross blade to control the flow of his movements.

User: Raton Champagne

April 8th 2014

[Dusk and Dawn]: a set of dual hand cannon pistols, known as Dawn and Dusk. Dawn is a classical semiautomatic handgun, based on  the real life pre WWII handgun designs by Colt, most notably Colt's popular handguns, the M1911 and the M1903. It weighs approximately 6 kg unloaded and has a magazine capacity of six (plus one in the chamber) rounds of custom made 13mm rounds. The overall design of the Dawn is simple, using the Browning short recoil mechanism. Its most recognizable feature is its long slide, counteracting the weapon's heavy recoil with its weight. The barrel is 10 inches long (specified on the slide) and finished with a  tint that gives Dawn a slight dawn like hue. Dusk  is a massive pistol made especially for her brother as a birthday gift (a sentimental piece) With a length of 39cm (16 in), a weight of 16kg (35lbs), and a black gunmetal construction tinted to look like the dusk sky, it is the opposite to her Dawn. Its unique design makes it seem as if it doesn't have a pistol slide; however, the entire upper assembly is the slide, and moves only a minimal distance compared to other guns', making it appear as if there is no pistol slide.

User: Leona Murcielago

March 6th 2014

[Staff of Elements]: A staff that houses a set of crystals that channel the element through the staff and release bolts or streams of the element used.

User: Slive Gorm

March 17th 2014

[Infinite Sword]: A set of swords with various sizes.

User: Bryony Ragnarok

March 19th 2014

[Stacked Deck]: A set of playing cards. Each card is sharpened to a point so they cut like knives. He carries four decks on him, one set is a normal set of cards, one deck, a golden set that is infused with lightning dust, a red deck set infused with fire dust and a blue deck that was coated in ice dust.

User: Tyrian Lancaster-York

April 10th 2014

[Robot Puppet]: A robot puppet that is manipulated by a set of gloves similar to a marionette

User: Lizbeth Stein


November 2nd, 2013:

Panabas Gunblade: A sword that can alter its shape to be used for firing purposes. The model is a cross of a panabas sword, or a twice-curved blade, a power drill, and a 1928A1 Thompson submachine gun. Used by Saige Cristallo.

March 30th, 2014:

Dual-Action Glaive and Sniper Rifle: A long polearm-like device with a strong resemblance to a glaive, or a pole with a distinguishable blade at its end. The blade can dislocate from the pole and be used as an individual sword, whereas the pole also doubles as a large sniper rifle. The rifle is incapable of shooting Dust, either cut, uncut, or powdered. Used by Tara Rhys.

April 1st, 2014:

Crossbow Ring Blade: A compound-type bow that extends from the form of two small green rods, and can swing around to form a ring blade, or a sword with a circular handle. Used by Raine Shiba.

April 12th, 2014:

Scythe Cannon: A scythe-based device that is capable of shooting powerful ammunition, aside from cut and powdered Dust crystals. It can retract into a back-mounted and easily maneuverable, handheld cannon blaster. Used by Ringo Alexander.

April 19th, 2014:

Multi-Revolver Whip: A conglomerate of six revolvers, each able to fire Dust, but no inorganic ammunition. Each revolver has retractable blades on the top and bottom of the gun barrel, and a mechanism that allows them to each extend into nun chuck-like forms. They have strong magnets at their ends that allow them to link together and create a whip or a large bladed wheel, approximately 160 centimeters in total length. Used by Macy Anumati.

May 7th, 2014:

Dual Cleaver Guns: Large guns molded into the shape of cleaver knives, capable of joining at the hilts to turn into a dual-bladed polearm type weapon. Used by Professor Guadalupe Wolfgang.

May 16th, 2014:

Swiss Army Knife Triple-Threat: An enlarged Swiss Army Knife that triples as a scythe, a Buster sword, and a shoulder-mounted machine gun. Used by Leilani Kristen.

May 17th, 2014:

Dust-Powered Ballet Blade Slippers: A pair of ballerina slippers with built-in blades and rockets in the soles. There are small rockets powered by powdered Dust that can propel the wearer moderate distances. Used by Evelyn Scarborough.

July 19th, 2014:

Shoulder-Mounted Hoverboard Cannons: A pair of cannons which can be mounted on each shoulder and fire heavy rounds of ammo. These cannons can also join to create a working hoverboard. Used by Cora l'Estaine.

August 8th, 2014:

Fire-Breathing Jousting Lance: Exactly what it looks like. It's a jousting lance that, when activated, can ignite the fire Dust inside and spin at high speeds, creating a vortex of flames. Used by Akio.

September 18th, 2014:

Chainsaw Assault Rifle: Modeled after a Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle, this weapon can fire twelve rounds before needing to reload. The rotating saw blade is detachable and can be used as a melee weapon. Used by Yumi Dokugakki.

August 26th, 2015:

Forearm Gunblades: A pair of blades that is attached to each of the user's forearms. They can unfold into longer blades, or wrist-mounted guns, if need be. Used by Shark Zabka.


Ballista - Blast Core Blunderbuss Claymore (BCBC): A fat, expanded claymore that functions as a giant cannon shotgun. Notable for having overheats capable of making the weapon ridged and sharp.

Owner: Edwin Jay Chemest, Roughly October 2013.

Mjolnir Explorer - Heavy Impact Rifle Hammer (HIRH): A Guitar capable of transforming into a powerful hammer as well as a mid-long range rifle. Built with conductive properties, it is capable of channeling both Air pressure and Electric Dust for devastating momentum-based attacks. With its owner, Carol its actually capable of releasing sound.

O'Leander - Air Pressurized Grapple Gauntlets (APGG): Skinny gauntlets that are powered by Wind Dust. Charged up by motion, the Wind Dust is stored within containers in the gaunlets, and then throttle to achieve bursty speed. Known to heat up during long uses.

Owner: Aster Druantia, Roughly December 2013.

Sharktooth - Lightweight Splitting Dust Daggers (LSDD): A short sword capable of dividing itself into two, equally long but curved and thinner blades. Has another mode that is capable of firing Dust bullets, although compact to fit into the skinny dagger's lengths. Ends up breaking at one point and is repaired under a new name, Wyverntooth.

Owner: Touha Lagorio, Roughly December 2013.

(Old) Meteor Harvester - Giant Chakram Dust Boomerang (GCDB): A Keyboard capable of expanding into a giant mechanical chakram. It has capabilities to be at any range, as it acts much like a boomerang. Keep in mind that if the weapon is hit in mid flight, it may or may not return back home, leaving the user alone. However, the weapon is very capable of cleaving into hard surfaces, such as rock, like butter.

Meteor Crusader - Giant Shield Force Bow w/ Dust Gauntlets (GSFB): The newer brand of Linden's weaponry for his revamp. A rather large shield is carried and capable to split into 4 pieces on a railing system. As it splits, wires conform and create a rather large bow. This allows the tank to have an offensive presence granted he/she has the aim for it. Gauntlets help coat whatever the Archer Tank uses to fire with Dust, as well as give the person close combat potential with the shield.

Rattlegrips - Claw Grappling Dust Batons (CGDB): A pair of batons that unveil powerful clamping claws. The wire in this weapon allow the user to transmit their aura over a long distance, as well as Dust. One has to be aware of the tension in the wire, although even strong, it cannot take too much pressure. The user of this weapon uses his semblance of Freeze to condense the air around his weapon, creating Crystals of Ice around his weapon.

Owner: Corona Quintana, Roughly Feb 2014.

Irritable Agni - Igniton Sabre Cradle Scythe (ISCS): A special cutlass with tons of mechanical bits. A potent close quarters weapon, it is capable of transforming into a sickle-like weapon, capable of clawing with slashes. The weapon works best in tandem with Dust, as the user can both use independant and this weapon simultaneously to create one very irritable battle.

Owner: Tyde Carnelian, Roughly August/September 2014

Heist, Hold, and the Pleather Twins - Rollerblade Saw Spur Boots : A pair of twin Dust revolvers along with boots with a retractable blade underneath. Controlled from the pressure in the shoe along with buttons inside, the boots are capable of speeding on most surfaces with some sort of friction. The Dust revolvers are quite strong for revolvers, but tend to be slower in speed and more about raw power.

Owner: Cordovan Flintrock, Roughly September 2014

Jolly Davey - Flag Staff Conjuncting Anchor (FSCA): Coming Soon!

Solais Trinity - Giant Two-Handed Shielding Broadsword w/ Dust Gloves (GTSB): Coming Soon!


  • Tei Phylax - Metallum Cancer: a Aspis shield and a scissor that turns into a double-barrel shotgun.
  • Guan Yu - Red Hare: A Flamethrower Guandao Dust Grenade Launch (FGDGL).
  • Herleifr Snorri - Straff: Dust-Powered Chain and Hook Gauntlet (DPCaHG). Beordra: A Dust Bayonet Revolver (DBR).
  • Origenes Cretan - Limb Saw: Dust Saw Blade Pole-arm (DSBP).
  • Abbandon Tomb - Plague: Multi-Dust Action Nodaichi (MDAN)
  • Zilar Ander - S.W.B.C (Shield.Wing.Blade.Claw.) System fueled by dust.
  • Sebastian Ira - Arenight: Multi-Dust Action Claymore (MDAC)
  • Sara Cruz - Magdalenas: Multi-Dust Grenades (MDGs). Argi: Rocket-Propelled Grenade-Launcher Axe (RPGLA)
  • Judge Falk - Warped Guillotine: Pistol chained to a Cleaver
  • Bryan Bane - Azure Chopper: Dust Flamethrower Axe (DFA)
  • Blauw Ahab - Foyn Trident: Harpoon with Explosive Quills (HwEQ)
  • Slate Oso - Amp Gloves: Dust-Powered Sound Admitting Gloves (DPSAG)
  • Dao Tu - Xana Wu: Modified Hook Swords
  • Jack Barrett - White Enforcer: Dust-Axe Assault Rifle (DAAR)
  • Akane Date - Tosaku Surugi: SMG Odaichi (SMGO) 
  • Edward Grant - Dragoon's Breath: Multi-Dust Action Sabre (MDAS)
  • Ryan Reaper - Rapine Impaler: Bayonet & Revolver (BaR)
  • Samson Ethan - ???: Dust Rings
  • Giovanni Alva - Uncanny Archfiend: Lunar Blade Rifle (LBR)
  • Santos Pantera - Cazador: A Dust Macuahuitl Blowgun (DMB)


April 2, 2015 (Approx. Date)

  • Zahn Fa : Grey Seeker: (WIP)
  • Esther Stellano : Arid Razor: Metallic Gauntlets with 3 retractable blades hidden inside. The fist part is capable of being launched up to 10 feet and is kept connected by thin but strong wires built inside the gauntlets. Cover most of the forearm and contain a grenade launcher mechanism on the sides.


March 16 2014

  • Dust powered sword : A sword with a dust gem attatched to its hilt and part of the blade as well. Once fully charged with aura , a powerful blow of energy can be released (Rough Idea) (Taken for my OC)
  • Ribbon Knives : 4 Knives attatched to 4 ribbons that are attatched to a bow which is attatched to a belt. Can be controlled through the matching gloves or can be used as flails. (Taken for OC)

May 17 2014

  • Rifle Pick : A Pick attatched to the and of a rifle which can also fold into a hatchet. (Taken for OC)

May 20 2014

  • Raven Wings : A pair of mechanic raven wings that can be used to glide around attatched to the arms. It can shorten and become a hidden blade. (Taken For OC)


May 24th, 2014

  • Multi Segmented Shotgun Whip - MSSR - Firework Tatsumaki - multisegmented whip with different dust nodes on each whip that can transform into Bernelli M40 Super Shotgun


May 26th 2014

  • Rifle/pike combo, Blooming Violetta : A rifle that can change into a pike, which also has a dust compartment in the barrel. It can shoot either dust blasts or bullets, depending on the need. Used by Viola Mauve.
  • Clawed knuckle braces, Cinder Claws : Knuckle braces that have a gun located in the center of each brace. Used by Rowan Asher.\

Shingeki no Kyojin

July 15, 2013: 

  • Name: Hope Primordial
  • User: Grayson Terra
  • Description: Grayson's weapon of choice, Hope Primordial, is a Multi-functional High Velocity Battleaxe (MHVB). The axe is bladed on both ends of the shaft and is stylized differently from conventional axes. The blades extend out in a 180 degree angle and tapers off at each end. The shaft of the MHVB is covered with scale-like plates for extra reinforcement and protection. Extensions on the heads of the axe eject close-ranged shotgun shells in combat at astonishing rates of fire, which the recoil can also double as propellant for more agility. The recoil of the shotgun mode is incredibly strong, enabling Grayson to change direction in almost an instant. To keep from getting blasted off, Grayson wears reinforced boots with cleats to secure his position. For longer-ranged combat, the MHVB can turn into a sniper rifle that shoots about 2 rounds per second. The shotgun ammunition condenses into sniper rifle bullets for this transformation. One of the blades also turns into a bayonet in case of sudden close-combat situations. Grayson is an exceptional crack shot at it. Hope Primordial collapses into a cylindrical object for portability and is unusually light, given its velocity needs. The cartridges of Hope Primordial contain special rounds consisting of powdered Dust, the more potent of the two forms, encased in special metal alloy bullets. This results in both the shotgun and the sniper rounds to pack quite a punch when they hit, creating explosions on impact. However, the bullets are designed for piercing, so the explosions won't trigger unless the bullet hits a hard object, like armor, solid barriers, or shields. In each bullet casing, the Dust is split equally into two separate compartments. When in the sniper mode, one of the compartments serves to launch the shell at the enemy, and the other remaining compartment is reserved to either explode when it hits a hard target, or just simply pierce the enemy if the target is soft. Each cartridge contains 20 rounds for the sniper mode, and extends to 40 rounds for the shotgun mode to adapt for the high rate of fire, before having to reload. Special triggering mechanisms in the blades of the axe use half the Dust in a single sniper bullet to release the shotgun-like blasts. The reload time itself is usually around 1 second or more. Grayson will retreat to a safe distance depending on the enemy when he reloads. 

August 3, 2013:

  • Name: Soul Singe
  • User: Roger Pyreheart
  • Description: Roger's weapon of choice, Soul Singe, are Serrated Dust Combustion Chains (SDCC). A dangerously designed weapon, it takes great skill not to slice yourself with the chain. Utilizing Dust, the chains are also able to combust on will, the metal being able to withstand the heat of the flames. The weapon also uses the flames to propel itself faster in battle. The chains are 7 m long, allowing for a bit of reach when hooking targets in. Soul Singe can contract into a ball for portability. Every so often, Roger plays with the SDCC in its alternate form to amuse himself.

​August 4, 2013:

  • Name: Nebula Halo
  • User: Annie Celeste
  • Description: Annie's weapon of choice, Nebula Halo, is a Ranged Impact Combat Bow (RICB). Optimized for an accelerated rate of fire as well as range, it is one of the most well-balanced long-range weapons in existence. Resembling a longbow, the weapon is collapsible for portability. Nebula Halo, 6 ft in length, can also transition into a 4.5' curved katana for close-quarter combat, with a red, cyan, and yellow Dust crystal built into the handle for Dust casting. Different from conventional longbows, the drawstring of Nebula Halo is reinforced with Dust and Annie's own aura, and the frame itself is made of a strange alloy that mimics the properties of yew wood. The RICB can also fold into a small cylinder for portability. Annie's quiver usually carries around 200 arrows in case of extended combat.Annie's quiver is specialized in the fact that it can equip the arrows with three different types of heads, with different types of Dust inside them. The quiver can also attach a sturdy but elastic rope to the end of the arrows for tactical use. The three types of Dust she usually equips are lightning, fire, and ice, all in powdered form. However, in special cases, she can equip them with other types of Dust. She also has the ability to throw the arrows manually, at the price of range.
  • Name: Whisper Stream
  • User: Yara Aeriver
  • Description: Yara's weapon of choice, Whisper Stream, are Dual Wielding Carbine Cutlasses (DWCC). Whisper Stream can turn into basic Dust blades, short carbines, or twin rapid-fire CQC shotguns for close-quarters or long-range combat, respectively. About 4' in length each, the DWCC is optimized for quick slashing with efficacy. When in carbine mode, Whisper Stream can shoot at a surprising distance, ranging to about a maximum of 1.1 miles, despite the carbine length of about 3'. In the shotgun form, the blasts it gives off are larger and more powerful compared to the carbines, but has shorter range, forcing her to fight at close range. However, the shotguns provide a high recoil, allowing Yara to move quickly. She stores her weapons in sheaths crossed on her back. The cartridges of Whisper Stream contain 20 rounds each for the carbines. The rounds themselves consist of cyan Dust encased in metal alloy bullets to create ice upon impact. The ice is a bit difficult to break, but only a bit appears with one round, requiring Yara to fire multiple rounds to slow down the enemy. It takes around 75 rounds t
    o completely cover a human-sized target. The rounds still do significant damage, though. The rate of fire for the carbines is about 1 second per round. When in the shotgun form, the rounds decrease to 10 rounds to accommodate for the power of the shotguns, giving more power per round and assaulting the opponent with large blasts of ice.

September 8, 2013:

  • Name: Void Arc
  • User: Hans Raum
  • Description: Hans' weapon of choice, Void Arc, are Single Axis Impact Drills (SAID). They can rotate at a maximum speed of 250 mph, allowing for easy piercing. The rotation also allows Hans to propel himself forward at speeds of 150 mph. Thin barrels at the tips of each of the drills can open up to form miniature cannons that can shoot an enormous amount of Dust at the adversary. However, the rate of fire is significantly slow enough so that Hans doesn't rely on it as much; about .5 rounds per second. In addition, the drills need a thrust to activate the Dust that launches the Dust rounds, which requires punches from Hans.

September 9, 2013:

  • Name: Kazeyama
  • User: Lydia Sorahana
  • Description: Lydia's weapon of choice, Kazeyama, is an Adaptability Tapered War Fan (ATWF). The fan easily dwarfs Lydia, being 8 feet in width and styled like a traditional Japanese folding war fan. Capable of creating gusts of 180 mph, she can easily blow someone off their feet. In addition, the edge of the fan is bladed for combat up close. If needed, she can split the ATWF into two smaller fans for easier, more agile combat. For long-range purposes, Kazeyama can convert into two handguns with a high rate of fire, about 1.5 rounds per second.

September 10, 2013:

  • Name: Midgardia
  • User: Armel Montagne
  • Description: Armel's weapon of choice, Midgardia, is a Special Applications Concussion Hammer (SACH). The SACH is headed at both ends. With Dust stored in both heads of the weapons, Midgardia can make shockwaves that crack even the hardest of diamond, utilizing small tunnels in the hammerheads. Armel uses this feature to propel himself in battle and to conserve momentum, adding more and more velocity to the hammer with each explosion. In addition, the SACH can convert to a bazooka for longe-range use and a rectangular object for portability. The bazooka can hold 5 shells of Dust-filled rockets. After the shells are exhausted, Armel needs to manually insert the shells into the launcher, taking about 4 seconds to do so. However, the rockets have an incredible blast radius of 5 meters. In the hammer form, the shells have enough Dust in them to provide about 40 shockwaves. The rockets are slow-moving to provide as much Dust as possible to create the huge explosions.

​September 11, 2013:

  • Name: Nero Iremia
  • User: Odessa Stagnum
  • Description: Odessa's weapon of choice, Nero Iremia, is a Dynamic Vector Piercing Harpoon (DVPH). The harpoon is actually styled to look like a spear, with a hook on the blade for maximizing the damage on the opponent. She can also split the polearm in two and convert it to create two bladed tonfa SMGs for middle and close-ranged combat. The DVPH has an aerodynamic design optimized for extreme ranges of 1.2 miles, using the recoil from the SMG rounds. The SMG cartridges contain very small caliber rounds, enabling it to hold 35 rounds in each catridge. However, to make up for this, the SMGs have a very high rate of fire, about 18 rounds per second.

May 20, 2014:

  • Name: Raiken
  • User: Reina Kaminari
  • Description: Reina’s weapon of choice, Raiken, is a Rapid Assault Automatic Chainstaff (RAAC). The staff, as is implied, is able to split into many sections with chains between them. The staff when in its regular mode is about 6 feet in length, and about 12 feet when fully expanded. In addition, the staff is also able to convert into a specialized crossbow for ranged combat. Raiken in crossbow form can shoot about 5 bolts per second at an enemy at a maximum of 1 mile away. The RAAC has automatic capabilities when in crossbow form, but is also incredibly accurate with the aerodynamic traits of the bolts. The cartridges of Raiken can hold 20 bolts at a time before Reina needs to reload. Each bolthead contains a squick of yellow Dust to give a shock when it impacts an adversary. When in chainstaff form, the Dust is evenly distributed among the sections of the staff and electrifies it, making Raiken tricky to counter in battle. The cartridges of Raiken can either be loaded in normal staff form or in the crossbow form, but not in the chainstaff form.  The reason for this is that the crossbow form cannot switch directly to the chainstaff form, and vice versa. In the chainstaff form, the whole cartridge is integrated into the staff in order to evenly distribute the Dust, therefore making it unable to reload while fighting in chainstaff form.

​May 22, 2014:

  • Name: Evening Star
  • User: Thymeria Lilac
  • Description: Thymeria's weapon of choice, Evening Star, is a Rotational Jet Propulsive Broadsword (RJPB). Evening Star is built differently from other typical broadswords in that the RJPB has only one blade to slice with. The other side is outfitted with Dust powered jets to propel the blade forward for more force and momentum. To make up for its single blade disadvantage, the blade of Evening Star can rotate on the axis of the handle so that Thymeria can slice in any direction she wants. Evening Star can also turn into a flamethower for mid-range combat, up to about 4 meters, and also propellant for incredible speed. The flamethrower is capable of creating temperatures of 1,300 degrees Celsius at its highest.

June 1, 2014

  • Name: Sanguis Lacrima
  • User: Azura Noire
  • Description: Azura's weapon of choice, Sanguis Lacrima, are Ranged Optimized Needle Gauntlets (RONG). Worn on the forearms, the gauntlets each have five needles designed for slicing, stabbing, and flight. Inside the gauntlets are purple powdered Dust that repel the needles with launching force, providing the far ranged capabilities of the gauntlets, about .7 miles of accuracy. There are two functions that can launch the needles, though. If Azura pulls his index finger trigger, he can launch all the needles at once. If he pulls the middle finger trigger, he can launch only one needle at a time, for silent, easy kills. The cartridges of Sanguis Lacrima contain 10 needles each, and can hold only one extra load for the RONG. However, the reload is easy for the twin gauntlets: Azura need only release the empty clip and swipe down to his waist to reload his weapons. Due to the low capacity, though, Azura prefers to engage in close combat.
  • Name: Castillo Acero
  • User: Eli Ferrus
  • Description: Eli's weapon of choice, Castillo Acero, is a Heavy Projectile Railgun Halberd (HPRH). The weapon can take two forms: a halberd with a railgun cannon integrated into the pole weapon, or a railgun sniper. The blade of the halberd itself takes the form of one a bearded axe might take. The tip of the weapon while in halberd form is a tapered spear point, which can also contract back to reveal the barrel of the firearm. On the back of the weapon is a sharpened hook, which Eli utilizes to disarm his enemies easily. In the sniper form, Eli can take more accurate shots with the railgun to far-away targets with incredible destruction, up to about 1.3 miles.The cartridges of Castillo Acero contain 8 shells that each contain a high-capacity powdered Dust payload. This results in massive explosions and shrapnel flying everywhere in a 3 meter blast radius. The fire rate of the weapon, however, is quite slow, requiring 5 seconds between each round to charge up and pull off the massive distance. 

June 9, 2014

  • Name: Sakura Haze
  • User: Sabrina Fersken
  • Description: Sabrina's weapon of choice, Sakura Haze, is a Blitz Alloy Efficiency Rapier (BAER). The rapier can store Dust in its blade, which Sabrina usually fills with white impact Dust to strengthen her attacks. The BAER can also change into other forms: a durable see-through umbrella shield and an automatic assault rifle with the umbrella attachment, which enables Sabrina to fire at a foe without much fear of being hit back at long ranges. The spokes of the umbrella shield extend out from the rapier's blade and, in turn, deploys a special clear material that hardens into the shape of an umbrella. The shield has about a 2 foot radius, covering most of Sabrina's body easily. The automatic rifle mode has a fire rate of 13 rounds per second and can shoot up to about 1 mile away. The shield of Sakura Haze is surprisingly blastproof, withstanding small explosions with small recoil. Sabrina still needs to dodge larger explosions to prevent damage to her fragile body. The cartridges of Sakura Haze are loaded with powdered white Dust shells of small caliber to hold 30 rounds. The Dust cartridges can also supplement the Dust already loaded inside the blade to enhance the melee attacks of the BAER for a short time. However, when out, Sabrina needs to reload her weapon in its rifle form for design reasons. 

June 12, 2014

  • Name: Asaki Okros
  • User: Noel Jin
  • Description: Noel's weapon of choice, Asaki Okros, is a Voltage Field Dynamo Electrostaff (VFDE). Resembling a bo staff, the VFDE is 6 feet in length. It also features nodes on both ends of the staff for conducting electrical fields. Asaki Okros is unique in that it utilizes electricity instead of regular steel and bullets to harm opponents. On the nodes, Asaki Okros produces incredibly strong electrical fields, clocking up to 700 volts of electric pressure and 1.2 amperes of current. The VFDE utilizes direct current to deal more damage to the enemy. If applied for long enough, the weapon can also overload electrical systems and robotics, rendering them less effective. Noel's weapon can also turn into an arc cannon, or so he calls it. Utilizing yellow Dust, Asaki Okros can shoot bolts of lightning in two different functions: quick, weak short-range shots or a more powerful, longer-ranged bolt that takes longer to charge up. The bolts can also strike multiple targets by branching off like lightning if other targets are within 3 meters of the intended victim. The maximum range of the bolts are .8 miles. The maximum mode is also able to split its bolts in a extremely wide area to maximize damage for crowd control.

June 15, 2014

  • Name: Destiny Bound
  • User: Ryuki Hiyama
  • Description: Ryuki's weapon of choice, Destiny Bound, is classified as a Tactical Versatility Melee Firearm (TVMF). It's said to be one of the most balanced weapons in Remnant's military history. The weapon itself can turn into three different forms for different situations. The first form is the mid-ranged, basic melee weapon: a pair of twin swords, one filled with yellow lightning Dust, and the other red fire Dust. The two swords are both about 4 feet in length and can cast Dust to about 20 meters. Ryuki usually fights with a balance when engaging with this weapon mode. The second mode is designed for long-range, heavily armored targets: a singular hammer that doubles as a anti-material sniper. The stock of the sniper rifle, also doubling as the head of the hammer, is where all the Dust is stored, both red and yellow: it serves to launch the bullets at immense speeds (red Dust), produce explosions upon impact (yellow Dust), and provide even more force in the hammer's swings (a mixture of both on each end). In this transformation, the cartridges hold 8 high caliber rounds that have a range of up to 1.4 miles. The rate of fire is about 1.5 seconds between each shot. The third mode is for fast, close-combat, and lightly armored targets that are hard to catch: a pair of twin semi-automatic pistols with daggers on the ends of the handgrips. For this, Ryuki can perform incredibly quick and agile maneuvers without being burdened by the size of the other two forms, in exchange for damage. As with the sword form, each pistol contains a different type of Dust: one red, one yellow. The cartridges for this contain 12 shells of small caliber, designed for fast shooting of about .5 seconds between each shot. The Dust is used purely for launching the bullets and providing some lethality in the daggers. The range for this mode is about .6 miles. Now, the cartridges for Destiny Bound are actually two cartridges stuck together, one for each of the two modes. In the sword form, the cartridges are held on the pommels of the swords, and the two other modes make room for the extra cartridge. The weapon itself being smart, it picks out which cartridge to use and loads the Dust for Ryuki.

June 29th, 2014

  • Name: Oracion
  • User: Opal Dasos
  • Description: Oracion, classified as an Aerofoiled Dust Engine Shield (ADES), is a rounded shield, with a slight indent on the inside along with arm handles (not held by the hands) to slip the arms through, and has a 2 foot radius. There are a few traits that make Oracion special, though. The ADES is designed to be thrown and return to the user at high speeds while hitting a target. Also, the ADES has an internal engine that runs a chainsaw-like contraption along the edge of the weapon, producing a deadly weapon that is both offensive and defensive in nature. 
  • Name: Volunt
  • User: Opal Dasos
  • Description: Volunt, classified as an Increased Spread Defense Khopesh (ISDK), takes the shape of a khopesh (an Egyptian sickle sword) in its melee form, with the enhancement of red Dust in the blade itself. This form is mainly used for regular swordplay, as well as disarming the oppenent (the hook of the khopesh is ideal for this). It also can cast Dust easily from the metal. The weapon can also turn into an automatic personal defense weapon (a firearm similar to a submachine gun but fires larger caliber rounds) that fires at a rate of 15 rounds per second. If one fires the weapon in short bursts, then the maximum range of accuracy is .6 miles. The magazines of Volunt each contain 25 rounds of light armor piercing shells, each infused with red Dust to counter metal shielding.

July 27th, 2014

  • Name: Desert Tempest
  • User: Wesker Arancite
  • Description: Wesker's weapon of choice, Desert Tempest, is a Reconnaisance Specialized Sonar Rifle (RSSR). The weapon in its main mode takes the form of a high-caliber, high powered semi-automatic rifle that fires penetrative rounds. The built-in scope, using a bit of yellow Dust, sends out sound waves in 3 second intervals, too high in pitch for the human ear to detect, allowing Wesker to detect targets even past obtstacles. The range of the weapon in this mode is about 1.3 miles. The weapon can also transform into twin pistols that also fire the same high caliber rounds at the same rate of fire: at about 1 round per second. However, the amount of recoil for this mode is desgined to be high for a reason. The third mode converts the weapon into a pair of shotgun knuckledusters supported by blasts of large amounts of Impact Dust, allowing for close combat when needed. The drums of Desert Tempest use an incredibly large amount of powdered Impact Dust to propel the rounds over large distances. The rifle form of the RSSR reduces the kick for accuracy purposes. Each drum contains 20 rounds, and splits into mini-drums of 10 rounds each for the pistol modes. 


as of 4/9/14 (technical) Posted here on 6/7/14. Will post weapon links as pages are completed

Ghiaráil (Leverage)- Dagger hilts build to mount pure Dust blades (cut Dust). Each blade must be replaced professionally after use.

Impetor (Momentum's Act)- AN Aztec Macuahuitl, made of metal (awaiting lore metal names) with Dust teeth ,mounted in two rows on each edge. The two rows are different forms of Dust, and each row is retractable.

lypi̱ró ví̱ma (Regretful Step)- A bow and arrow combination. The arrows are custom, made of hyper-dense materials, and any 2 can combine to form a rudimentary short sword. The bow section carries powdered Dust charges in it's shaft, which can be forcefully released through vents to create a instant "there and gone" barrier(See White Trailer around 2:18 for what I mean)

Liberator- An assault rifle with bayonet. Can transform into a shortened Yari spear.


June 24th 2014:

  • Name: Chromaggia
  • User: Rima Sheridan
  • Description: A bow which can be split into two knives when needed.

August 21th 2014:

  • Name: Blind Justice
  • User: Rena Corvus
  • Description: A pair of mechanical wings that can be split up into knives. Semi transparent with a blue tint.

October 6th 2014:

  • Name: None
  • User: None
  • Description: A dark-colored, semi transparent umbrella with lacey streaks on it. The tip can extend into a blade.


17th July 2014:

Name: Strength & Will (Compact Battle Sword Shield-CBSS)

  • Description:
    • Strength: A foldable and modified scutum with vertical grip. It activates when Numquid is unsheathe and deactivates when it is sheathe. With the owner's semblance, it is used as an outlet for the energy absorb by the user. Fortitudo means 'Strength' in latin.
    • Will: A gladius that can transform into a pistol and a spear. It can be used to absorb kinetic energy, with certain conditions fulfilled, from the enemy with the owner's semblance. The energy can be expelled from Fortitudo. Numquid means 'Will' in latin.

Name: Law (Dust Action Riffle Hatchet-DARH)

  • Owner: Aquilina Aurum
  • Description: A hatchet that can transform into a halberd for extra melee range. Double as a staff that enhance the use of the owner's semblance in range and capacity.

Name: Order (Dust Action Rapier Mace-DARM)

  • Owner: Rufus Argentum
  • Description: A non-foldable sword with one side a blade and the other a mace. The mace is made of individual cubes stacked on each other through a rod, able to spin on the rod(axis). It is used to cripple the enemy by breaking their limbs or break their weapon. There is a revolver where the dust is contained (like Weiss's Myrtenaster).

Name: Eros Irae (Duo Blade Pistol Gauntlets-DBSG)

  • Owner: Valentina Amber
  • Description: A pair non-foldable gauntlets with foldable blades attached to it. *WIP*

20th July 2014:

Name: Chirasu Tamashi (Duo Pistol Scissor Blades-DPSB)

  • Owner: Usagi Anba
  • Description: A pair of non-foldable scissor blades with double-barrel pistol attachment. The scissor blade is placed between the barrels. Both scissor blades can be joined to form a large scissor. It has a special magazine that goes along the blade. Chirasu Tamashi means 'Scattered Souls' in Japanese.

Name: Razor Wind (Electromagnet Propel Sniper Lance- EPSL)

  • Owner: Sophia 'Saffron' Witherstorm
  • Description: A lance that is able to transform into a sniper. *WIP*

23rd July 2014:

Name: Jus & Ordo (Twin Propel Gun Sword-TPGS)

  • Owner: Victor 'Numen' Scipio Lorem Neon
  • Description: A pair of swords with gun attachment. The sword can be fired from the gun. *WIP*

24th July 2014:

Name: Infinite Grief (Double Shotgun Sickle Sword-DSSS)

  • Owner: Storm Nix
  • Description: A pair of sickle that have a scythe like blade. Able to join together to form a double sided scythe. *WIP*


July 25 2014 - Bionic arms - Used by Selira

Weapon Name: Erebus

Description: Looks and wears like a backpack, can unfold into 6 1/2 foot mechanical arms. When unfolding, 4 short, black spikes also unfold and wrap around user's abdomen to secure arms to back. Cannons on the palms that shoot dust. "Veins" on the inside of each arm attach to 3 dust vials at the beginning of each arm. "Veins" will glow whichever color dust is being used. Dust cannot be mixed types. Symbol on the back hand of each arm. Controlled by water-proof leather gloves that mimic hand movements.

August 26 2014 - Dust-powered Pocketwatch - Used by (WIP) Ariel 

Weapon Name: Venerius

Description: A simple, gold pocketwatch that looks rather plain on the outside but regal on the inside. What looks like a pale cat's eye is embedded on the cover. The emblem is found on the back of the watch. The winding crown at the top can turn both forwards and backwards for easily setting the time. Inside the pocketwatch, above the gears, is a series of different types of dust vials set in a circle, aligning with the hours. Setting the time to different hours will activate the different types of dust. The cat's eye glows the same color as the dust when attacking(?). Must be used along with semblance.

September 7 2014 - a hammer cannon thingy - Used by Terren Luce

Weapon Name: Quaesitor

Description: 3 forms. Hammer, cannon, and hoverboard.

Dust used: Fire, gravity.

Hammer: Has a pointed end and a cannon on the back. There are short feathers on the sides of the hammer, near the back. The handle is 4.5 feet. The head of the hammer is 1.5x1 feet and shaped like a rectangle. Terren uses gravity dust to make it easier to wield. The primary color is silver and the secondary color is a vibrant, light blue. Terren's symbol is found on the side of the hammer in blue.

Cannon: Cylindrical and the end of the cannon is shaped like an eagle head, with glowing, fiery eyes and a gaping mouth, and feathers around the head. The mouth of the eagle is where the cannon is. The cannon is 3.5 feet (including eagle head). Terren holds and aims it over his shoulder. The cannon uses fire dust to shoot fireballs that create a small explosion on impact. When he's not in combat, Terren carries around (weaponname) on his back with a leather strap going over his shoulder and chest and under his arm.

Hoverboard: Uses gravity dust to fly around. There's a panel near the back of the board that pops open to put the dust crystal in. The board is shaped like a snowboard, except thicker. When transforming into this form, 2 magnetic pads appear for foot placement. Terren has magnetic pads in the bottom of his boots, so it's harder for him to fall off while riding (weaponname). There are 2 small jets on the end where the dust residue exits, creating a short purple trail wherever Terren goes. The maximum speed is 55 mph. Speed is controlled by the amount of pressure Terren puts on his front or back foot. Although it wasn't meant for combat in this form, it does have the cannon on the front of the board. When Terren isn't "free flying", he likes to race people on the ground. The board levitates about a foot above any surface and Terren uses it like a floating skateboard, doing "air ollies" and practicing tricks off anything he can find.


November 6, 2013:

Name: Bow Staff

A pair of nunchucks that combine into a staff, which can also be used as a bow of various sizes.

November 12, 2013:

Name: Steadfast Sapphire (Long-Range Revolving Blade System)

A weapon consisting primarily of 4 identical segments that can rearrange themselves into various forms designed for combat at different ranges. Sniper Rifle for long range combat, Minigun for Mid-Range, and Greatsword for Melee. 

November 13, 2013:

Name: Whiptanas (Dust Launching Whip Katana)

A pair of katans that each have blades that split into many segments connected by a cord that extends up to 15' long. The blades can also be loaded with a small amount of dust which may be released from the blades to create dust clouds if the blade is still, or thin waves of dust if the blade is being swung. The dust is ignited by the tip of the blade to allow for ranged attacks.

July 13, 2014:

Name: IronFang (Monster Hunting Switch Axe)

A weapon that switches primarily between two melee forms, an axe and a sword. The axe allows for more powerful strikes, while the sword's attacks can be augmented with Dust, but as such only has limited supply.

July 18, 2014:

Name: Fool's Gold (Multi-Purpose Gun-Gun)

Entierly a ranged combat focused weapon that switches only between different kinds of guns. An assault rifle for general use, and a sniper rifle for longer ranged or more powerful combat. It can also split into 2 seperate guns, the assault rifle becoming a machine gun and a shotgun, while the sniper rifle splits into the same sniper rifle, and a pistol.


July 28, 2014

Name: Aqueous & Hydrous (Machine Pistol Elbow Blades)

User: Brooklynne Vigile

A pair of Machine Pistols similar to that of dual G18's, which can also transform into a pair of bladed tonfas. The weapons are meant for fast-paced combat from short to medium range. Aqueous is light blue and and loaded with 9mm Water Dust rounds, while Hydrous is dark blue and loaded with 9mm Lightning Dust rounds.

July 29, 2014

Name: Poise Requital (Double Action Revolver Rapier)

User: Erden Rache

A very fast and damaging rapier that can fire even when in melee form. The weapon has a 8-shot revolver cylinder outfitted with .44 explosive rounds, and can transform into a compact revolver form. The hand guard and hilt of Poise Requital are colored ecru.

July 30, 2014

Name: Laconic Boscage (Tactical Shotgun Battle Axe)

User: Wysteria Shinley

Meant for dealing as much damage as possible in CQC, this TSBA is deadly up close. In its shotgun form, it fires up to eight 12 gauge wind dust shotgun shells, giving this gun high knockback. When in melee form, it is a one-sided battle axe. Laconic Boscage's frame is colored light purple.

June 11, 2014

Name: Castigation (Assault Rifle Carbine Katana)

User: Takoizu Hargrove

A short to long range killer hand-crafted by yours truly. In gun form, the blade extends from the point it meets the handle revealing a leather fore barrel and the stock at the bottom of the hilt unfolds. The barrel of the gun is located on the back of the blade. In addition, the weapon also has an adjustable short-long range optic as a part of the weapon's right hand guard. The assault rifle form of the weapon shoots up to 10 rounds a second. In Carbine form, Castigation becomes semi-auto and is accurate enough to be used as a sniper, with the help of the optic, that is. Castigation's magazine can hold up to thirty 5.7x28mm high velocity rounds. The gun's grip and trigger are located on the hand guard opposite to the optics. There's also a button on the hilt that allows Trace to fire while the weapon is in it's melee form. (The weapon's magazine is located in its handle.) The melee form of the weapon is a typical one-two handed katana. Castigation's blade is turquoise and the handle is dark blue with an accent of yellow.

September 13, 2014

Name: Iambic Bruit (Sub-machine Gun Saw)

A weapon that is made to literally tear apart your foes. In its gun form, the weapon is a rapid-fire SMG that can discharge 900 rounds per minute. Loaded onto the left side of the weapon, is a 45-round saw blade magazine loaded with 9mm Voltaic Breeze Dust rounds, which gives this machine high knock-back and shocking results. Wondering why part of the ammunition clip is a saw blade? When this weapon enters its melee form, its does not lose its shredding capabilities. Instead, it transforms into the very tool that is made to do so; a power saw, with a little more... voltage.

November 12, 2014

Name: Anapest & Dactyl (High-Caliber Pistols & Blades)

Twin .50 AE pistols that will hit your opponents hard with their high caliber rounds. However, these high caliber rounds are also custom loaded with Searing Shock Dust rounds that shocks and ignites opponents. Anapest & Dactyl each have an 8-round magazine, which in total, gives these guns a combined magazine size of 16. Underneath the barrel of the gun, lies a retracted blade that when extended, reaches 12 inches in length from base to tip.

Name: N/A (Wrist Cannon Riot Shield)

Name: N/A (Compressed Soundwave Sniper Sledgehammer)

Devil in the Details

August 9, 2014

Name: Rumble

User: Oryon Helyd

A Dust-Powered Baseball Bat that makes up for its lack of ranged ability with devastating elemental effects depending on the Dust crystal used.

Name: N/A (Heavy Machine-Gun Halberd)

User: Unnamed

A large machine-gun that can extend into a dual-headed halberd and still retain its ability to fire.

Name: N/A (A combo wrist-mounted revolver that extends into a shield and a revolver that extends into a Khopesh.)

Gundam Legilis

December 17, 2013

Name: Stinger

User: Scarlett Scorpio (upcoming)

A hybrid combo of ballistic knife, sai, and nunchaku. The nunchaku is mounted in the hilt, with one end containing the primary triggers and the sai/ballistic knife blade. Secondary trigger activates the nunchaku. Primary triggers launch a long knife blade. Ammo stored in racks in skirt, total of 25 short blades. Two retractable longsword blades are mounted on separate sheaths, also used for Stinger's blades. The back also mounts longer chains for grappling sai function modification. Stored in Pincer, and can be combined for use.

Name: Pincer

User: Scarlett Scorpio (upcoming)

A combo of weapon rack for Stinger and Dust machine gun mounted pincer arms. Stinger is stored below the machine gun barrel and above the pincer claws. Feed system is Dust crystals, stored in ammo pouches on the belt. Pincer is worn on the arms

June 15, 2014

Name: Athos

User: Natalie Pierce (upcoming)

A Dust firing assault rifle Schiavona hilted longsword that mounts several barrels. Shoots in both rapid fire bursts and charged single shots. Hilt can be repositioned, making it transformable.

Name: Mordant

A hybrid of Frag grenade and throwing knife. Safety pin and mechanism are mounted in the handle, above the blade. Stored on belts, gauntlets and shoulder pads.

March 16th, 2014

User: Alicia Blue

Weapon: Tweedledum

Tweedledum is a all-in one hybrid between a transformable sword a shield, and a parasol integrating a lengthened gun barrel. The parasol covering is made of cloth integrated with Kevlar, a material used for bulletproof vests. The structure of the sword is that of a zweihander- long, sharpened blades at the side, with a blunt tip, designed for slashing. It is the length of a longsword, however.

Combat strengths: Being an all in one weapon, Alicia can easily switch from offense to defense without carrying additional weapons. The sharp blades do cause damage to the enemy. The shield, being made of Kevlar, can stop small-arms fire.

Combat weaknesses: The sword cannot stab. The sword and shield cannot be used simultaneously. Additionally, the sword cannot hack towards enemy units. And if enemies happen to be using teflon-coated bullets, armor-piercing rounds, full metal jacket rounds, or composite plastic-metal bullets designed to pierce Kevlar (from personal defense weapons such as FN P90 or H&K MP7), then the shield is toast. The same applies from high powered rifle and Dust rounds, or fire and lightning semblances, along with explosives. The transformation mechanism, being that of a parasol, can be rendered useless when heavy winds are present. Limited to close range.

Weapon(Combined form): Wonderland

Wonderland is the combined form of Tweedledee and Tweeedledum, forming a parasol. Tweedledee serves as the Umbrella shaft, and Tweedledum serving as the Umbrella transformation and covering. This combination allows for Tweedledee to be fired, attached to Tweedledum, when Tweedledum is either in sword or shield mode. Versatility is marginally increased. Tweedledee is still non transformable, being only attached to the transforming Tweedledum portion in the Wonderland configuration. It should be noted that Wonderland is not a separate weapon, but the combination of both Tweedledee and Tweedledum, leaving Alicia with only two weapons, one of them transformable, and in a combined configuration.

April 13th, 2014

User: Percival Van Winkle

Weapon: Momma's Boy

Momma's Boy is a reflective rectangular shield with an integrated pivoting mirror. A mechanism in the handle adjusts the angle of the mirror to reflect any Dust energy at any direction.   

July 25th, 2014

User: Vanessa Rivers

Weapon: Voice

Voice is a transformable hybrid between a trident, a Taser, and a Dust firing rifle. The center prong fires the Dust projectiles, while the outer prongs of the Trident extend outwards, revealing taser blades, that can be fired in a short distance. It can accept Dust crystals, but of course, they have to be of a single Dust type.  

October 16th, 2013

User: Ashton "Ace" Spades

Weapon: Arondight

Arondight is a bullet-firing, semiautomatic rifle "rapier" that fires 5.56 x 45 mm rounds at a fire rate of 789 RPM. It is loaded with a thirty round magazine in the basket hilt, and has recoil mitigation technology so that Ashton can wield it with one hand with not much effort. The lightweight blade also has a cutting edge of a conventional broadsword and the thrusting, straight edge of a rapier. It has limited ammunition, and the blade is a typical blade that can be broken. It is also outclassed by many other specialized weapons, and offers little defence. Despite this, it is a versatile weapon overall.

Weapon: Vendetta

Vendetta is a Dust firing, semiautomatic transformable broadsword firing at 630 RPM. It fires up to 30 shots, or 5 fully charged shots. The sword has been made as lightweight as possible, but it is heavy enough that it still needs to be held with two hands, from time to time, despite the fact that Ashton can use it one-handed on several occasions. The transformation time is slow. 

Sept. 3, 2014

User: Rio Eclipse (upcoming)

Weapon: KnockOut

KnockOut is a pair of armored boots that utilize two firing systems. The first is a .500 S&W round fired from the direction of the kneecap, making it useful for knee attacks. The second is a series of armor-piercing 10 mm rounds fired from the direction of the shins. The feed system is a belt-fed, semiautomatic design, that can be loaded from the sides and backs of the legs, and reloaded from the thigh armor area. The third is a dust woven firing system that allows it to fire dust on metalplatesat the soles and at the toes, with a crystal-loaded feed system from the back of the foot. It gives out devastating firepower, in exchange for extremely short range,  a slower rate of fire, limited ammunition, and overspecialized maneuvers.  

Sept 12, 2014

User: Cynthia Antoinette (upcoming)

Weapon: Guillotine

Guillotine is a pair of cleavers with integrated revolvers. They fire .50AE rounds, but clever recoil mitigation systems, not to mention the blade itself, acts as counterweights to reduce the recoil. 

Oct 10th, 2014 

User: Sable Taylor

Weapon: TKO

TKO is a pair of SMGs fed through a 32 round magazine firing Dust bolts the size of 10mm Auto rounds. The magazine is integrated with three barrels, and can be fired once the appropriate safety selector setting is used, making them double as brass knuckles. The SMG barrel is detachable, and rate of fire is selected depending on how long the trigger is pulled.  

1 second and less: Semi-auto 

2-5 seconds: Burst 

5+ seconds: Full-auto.  

Terrible range, can only punch four times at full capacity.  

Nov 16th, 2014

User: Rio Eclipse

Weapon: Brute Force

Brute Force, Rio's backup weapon, is a sawed-off select fire shotgun that shoots standard 12 gauge shells. The handle mounts a hatchet blade, and the back of the receiver is a pivot that links the handle to the receiver, allowing to "transform" between shotgun and hatchet. Has the typical performance of a shotgun, depending on the ammunition used.

May 19th, 2014

User: Robin Daniels-Kreutznauer

Weapon: Friday

Friday takes the form of a pair of sawed-off semi-auto, break-open, over under shotgun cleavers, where the blade takes the form of a bladed ironsight mounted over the barrel, like a revolver. Also has typical shotgun performance.

May 19th, 2014

User: Leon Richards

Weapon: Honor and Chivalry

Honor and Chivalry is a medieval set of weapons taking the form of sword and shield. Honor is a shield with a retractable blade, and a reserve charging mechanism containing Dust, for Chivalry, the sword with integrated Dust barrels at the sides, and a Dust cartridge in the handle.

December 7th, 2014

Weapon: Majd (Honor in Arabic)

Majd is a series of transforming scimitar-machine pistols, where the blades serve as magazines coupled onto a transformation system. The blades are sharp, and the weapon has a high magazine capacity of 50 rounds, with a high fire rate of 936 RPM, firing 5.7x 28mm armor-piercing rounds. However, the weapon has poor range, and is meant for close range combat.

December 2nd, 2014

User: Sunil Raama

Weapon: Krishna

Krishna takes the form of a retractable mace/concussion launcher. The barrel and handle are both retractable, firing 40 mm grenades and rockets. The grenades arc in a parabolic trajectory, while the rockets fire in a straight direction. Magazine capacity is 5 rounds, and it is ill-advised to fire the weapon at close range, instead using the weapon's mace form instead.

March 24th, 2014

User: Pieter Schwartz

Weapon: Innocence

Innocence takes the form of a transforming guandao/AK assault rifle. The 30 round magazine is placed in a bladed housing that covers the barrels when transforms. Has the typical performance of an AK-47 and is intended for close-medium range. Cannot fire while transformed, but blade is sharp.

February 16th, 2014

Weapon: Fortuna and Purpose

Fortuna takes the form of black revolver truncheons firing .500 S&W rounds, while Purpose takes the form of a tokushu keibou (retractable baton) that extends into a Dust blaster. Intended for close to medium range, semi automatic, and meant as a brute force weapon for soft targets and major weakspots.

March 24th, 2014

User: Carmine Ravenholme

Weapon: Howling Wind

Carmine's cybernetic arm. A flesh toned cybernetic arm covering the area containing the humerus bone and the triceps muscles, the arm has a pivoting mechanism at the elbow area. This pivoting ball mechanism is connected to two slender piston-like arms, that allow the arm to momentarily detach and reattach 180 degrees vertically. In this transformed state, a bladed cannon powered by a Dust reactor emerges. This reactor has enough capacity for 20 individual shots and 4 charged shots. This Dust reactor must be replaced once depleted. Also, manual aim and hand-eye coordination is required.

Weapon: Gust Breaker

Carmine's gunblade. It takes the form of a single edged sword, firing 7.62 x 51 mm bullets. On the other side of the sword, there is an edge filled with barbed swordbreaker spikes. Manual aim is also required for this weapon, and can handle medium ranges at most.

However, Carmine is slower in exchange for his strength, and has few options in defense aside from blocking with his weapons (which serves to damage them) and dodging. He also is terrible at long range combat.

December 28th, 2014

User: Marcus Mitternacht

Weapon: Twelve Midnight

Marcus's gunblade. It takes the form of a hand and a half sword, with laser rifle capabilities.

May 17th, 2014

User: Maurice Silverstein

Weapon: Thug Life

Thug Life is a pair of modified MAC-10 SMGs. They are fitted with an integrated silencers, and at the end of the buttstock are sharp spikes. The weapon is transformable, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Mode 1: Sub Machine Guns. The .45 ACP rounds deliver a nasty punch. The integrated silencer reduces muzzle flash, smoke and noise, silencing the weapon, in exchange for decreased bullet velocity (and therefore range). It makes the user harder to detect on stealth missions, and when used in tournaments, the relative absence of muzzle flash, smoke, and noise makes it harder for opponents to determine to tell if the user is actually firing their weapon at them, for they only hear noises, but see no flash and little smoke coming from the weapon, compounding the difficulty with dodging and blocking after detecting bullets, given that bullets already travel at a quick velocity. The weapon is suited for close-to medium range, and shoots at 900 RPM per gun.

Mode 2: Kusarigama. Thug Life's handle pivots in front of the trigger guard, and when attached to one end of LBC, functions as a kusarigama. The buttstock can also pivot 90 degrees, making it useful for attaching to surfaces, or to enemies.

Weapon: LBC

LBC is a set of improvised, integrated nunchaku formed by attaching a chain to a pair 35 round .45 ACP magazines. They can used in a variety of ways:

Mode 1: Nunchakus. With fully loaded ammunition, these nunchakus can deliver a devastating blow.

Mode 2: Bolas. They can also be thrown at a target's legs, trapping them.

Mode 3: Magazines. They can be attached to Thug Life and provide ammunition for the Sub Machine Guns.

Mode 4: Kusarigama. When LBC is attached to one of the Thug Life SMG's, they form a Kusarigama, which can be held from one magazine, preferably with one end attached to one gun.

Date: November 30th, 2014

User: TBA

Weapon: Sleeping Curse

Sleeping Curse is a flamethrower gauntlet mounted on the left arm, resembling a dragon's head. It can be extended, revealing a whiplike "dragon's neck". It is designed for close range and requires manual aim. It is never used as a shield, due to its volatile ammunition - Sleeping Curse's prototype once exploded, leaving a burn scar on the user's arm.

Weapon: Aurora

Aurora is a Dust firing spear equipped with a triple pyramid spearhead. It is used in medium to long range combat. It too requires manual aim. The spearhead rotates to select the ammunition. And the ammo comes in form of a Dust Crystal, three can be stored in the Spearhead.


October 30th, 2014

Einfrieren Sturme: Dust embedded gloves, which can either form constructs through focusing rods, or projecting the elements in their natural state. Used by Brandie Benson.

Burning Talons-Four Shortswords, each blade lined with fire dust. The blades each contain a grappling mechanism that allows for high speed movement on a 3-dimensional plane. Built by Kurumi Nina Fenix.


August 18, 2014

Wintermaan: a rapier with a dust loading mechanism in the handle that has a lock similar to a bolt action lever to insert the dust charge. (used by Jericho Corey, created april 17th 2014)

Dageraad: a dust spell shooting handgun using a revolver cylinder to cycle between several dust scources or use one big single charge. (used by Jericho Corey)

Precipice: Twin Transforming ice dust sword/Dust Cannon. Combines into double-ended sword, has twin dust reservoirs built into the blade along with a Dust Blaster mode requiring it to be stored on the backpack to function. (used by Merel Serac)

Rimeweave: Ice/Wind dust infused gloves that reaches to Merel's shoulder, can be used to create ice armor and various other constructs (used by Merel Serac, created june 24th 2014)

(6-oct 2014) Skybreak: an axe/LMG/DMR hybrid. the bipod forms the axe baldes and a special frame extends from the barrel to form the top part of the shaft. the magazine is ejected and the grips fold inward while the stock folds in and extends to make the handle. the internal dust resevoir heats the blades for extra damage. The DMR mode is a simple change in magnification of the sights while the internal red dust system is switched off to allow specialized ammuniton to be used in semi-automatic mode. used by Aeden Vesting

(31-oct 2014) Whisper & Roar. A four barrelled shotgun using dust infused ammunition ranging from fletchette rounds to grenades to heavy slugs. between the four barrels is a hidden compartment holding Whisper, a Twin Dust Core Sword containing a large amount of red and yellow dust in two compartments running the length of the blade. primarily used as a source of dust for natural casting by Egil, the sword can also be imbued with the effects of either Dust type. (used by Egil Lucian Crucible)

(April 11th 2015) Reach: pair of 3-mode gauntlets, with SMGs, armoured gauntlet and retractable claw that is attached to index and middle fingers for enhanced flexibility.

(April 11th 2015) Blood Lily: set of grapple hook/knives. Can shoot knife-blade on a cable using wind dust charge and fold out into 4 pronged grapple hook at press of the trigger in the handle. used mostly as tool rather than a weapon.

(August 10 2015) Retaliation Gemini: a combination sniper/shotgun with built in Forked Dust Energy Cannon.

(December 21 2015) Marcus & Ellen: twin rocket lances with built in energy rotary cannon and rocket propelled harpoon launcher

Final Horizons: three towershields with built in twin LMGs that can deploy into stationary manned turrets or remote controlled Shield Drones.

Unyielding Skies: armoured powered exoskelleton, built with drone control system and jumpjets.

The stuff of Legend!: Impact/Fire Dust Infused handwraps (similar to boxingtape)

The Knockout!: Impact/Explosive Fire Dust infused headband. (in collaboration with SerialKillerWhale)

Son of Phobos

August 23th, 2014

Gauntlets with blades made to bust the use of dust: the gauntlets cover half of the users arm, it has three dust crystals on each hand. The second form of the gauntlets the parts past the hands retract backwards towards the hands forming blades on both hands. And the third and final mode of the gauntlets both are put to one hand so that the user may charge the dust energy into a beam, that will be powerful but takes a lot of Dust energy to work( used by Odin Vorona)

January 28th, 2015

A pair of swords that each turn into a crossbow, one with ice Dust and the other with lighting/electrical Dust, with Dust powered bolts, the swords are also able to come together and turn into a two ended Bisento, with one end being able to use the ice Dust effects and the other the electrical dust effects.

This pair of swords is stored inside his robotic wings, which can be charged by either Dust, Electrical or Ice, for the effects pf those to affect it, the robotic wings are capable of flying, and are in a way combat ready, the "feathers"( six of which are present, which in turn upon activation connect to each other to enable the flying mode) can fold themselves inwards forming a blade along the main part of each wing that in turn can be used in battle, the wings are also able to be used to fire a dust based energy beam attack but after being used the wings will shut down to be able to cool off for a few minutes, approximately 5 minutes.


August 30th, 2014

Tsuru and Suingu: (Name means Vine and swing in Japanese) Dual Kama connected by a 100 foot long thin super-strong wire of an unknown metal from the hilt to either side of the users belt, usually coiled up. On either side of the other end of the Kama blades are high caliber pistol barrels used by the user mainly for propulsion and the enhancement of swings fired with two distinct triggers at the hilt of the Kama. The user uses the blades both to strike his enemies and get around the area of battle by wedging the blades into buildings, trees, and any other object in the area using the pistols to propel the blades and himself through the air, which is especially effective in a place where the tall objects can be swung between. The user can use the blades as nunchuku as well as Kamas, using the wire to spin them around himself with assistance from his semblance. (Used by Icten Vahsi)

Sir Blargman Honkertonk

September 9th 2014

Pis Aller: A pair of matched discus–chainsaw-knuckles–SMGs used by Sidereus, they use white dust impact rounds (similar to explosive rounds in real life) at the obscene rate of fire of 1200 rounds per minute. They feature an extendable hand guard over which the bullets travel to the chamber while the gun fires, make chainsaw knuckles. Further the barrel can move relative to the trigger and the guard can extend 360 degrees, allowing either a form of punching weapon or thrown similar to a frisbee or discus to fill the area with many bullets and spinny–shooty–chainsaw-gun–of–death. Given that these are used by a Stealthy character, their name is appropriately translated to 'Last Resort' from French.

Status: In use

September 16th 2014

Lejon (sometimes called Flamlans): A telescoping, Ranceur-type pole-arm, the head of which may be ignited by a button on the grip. It may extend to a maximum length of five meters and retract to a minimum of one. It also has two modes which may be switched between instantaneously:

  • The first mode causes the weapon to shoot out a thick, flaming, tar-like substance about 14 meters out where the weapon is pointed. The tar burns several hundred degrees hot, is water insoluble and reignites on contact with air. Effectively, it becomes a flamethrower.
  • The second mode gives the fuel to be burned an injection of red dust, making the fuel burn both much, much hotter and much, much quicker. The spray burns out about 12 cm from the tip of the weapon but now reaches temperatures in excess of 5 000 °C; capable of cutting the vast majority of known materials with ease. Effectively, the weapon is now a thermal lance.

Status: Inactive

March 20th 2015

Omnibus: A double-barreled heavy shotgun built to be highly modular in all areas, it can sport belt-fed, corkscrew, magazine, or (for when you're feeling cocky) breach-loaded shells. Further the barrels can fold back to make a quad-barrel sawn-off or detach from the stock and each-other to make two batons.

Status: In progress

Lux Capacitor

As of October 27 2015

Kannagara (Separable High-Powered Dust Sniper Katana)

This is Akiba's main weapon. A sniper rifle based on his family's lost heirloom of the same name, the Kannagara is a semi-automatic sniper rifle katana that sports a sleek and modern design with an unique detachable rectangular barrel that is sharpened at its bottom. The weapon's barrel is also the blade itself, with the muzzel being at the flat tip of the blade. The design allows him to use the weapon's recoil to his advantage. He can make his attacks faster and stronger, or to dash at a certain direction.

Combined, it has a maximum length of approx. 95 cm and has a range of approx. 1000 yards and has enough recoil to push Akiba back. When split apart, Kannagara becomes two independent weapons. One is the barrel, which becomes a katana with a length of around 70 cm, while the other is the body, which is now considered a pistol. The pistol's range is around 100-200 meters and a has half the firepower of its combined form. The recoil is significantly less but still enough to sprain his wrist if used incorrectly. The pistol has a larger muzzle than with the barrel attached, giving his dust shots a wider area of effect.

The body's main handle can rotate from 0 to 45 degrees down and has a detachable scope that slides in a railing on the top of the body. Its special modification is its ability to load up like a traditional bolt-action. This enables him to load in special dust rounds that are not stored in the magazine, and can be done while the magazine is still attached to the weapon, but to load one the weapon's breech must be empty.

Due to the weapon's rectangular shape it cannot use conventional rounds but instead special rounds filled with dust. The size of the cartridges are comparable to that of a .50 cal, except shaped into a thin rectangle that contains dust, with 5 being stored in a magazine clip at a time. There are also cartridge with a rectangular, blade-like tips on them that he calls an armored round that can function as its version of physical ammunition that can pierce through brick walls and 2 inch steel plates with ease and releases its cargo when it makes contact with a hard surface.

Although the weapon is formidable, so is the amount of maintenance needed to keep the weapon efficient. The most taxing of these is the cleaning of the barrel which is done every now and then to keep the barrel clear of any obstruction (which takes around 30 minutes to an hour), as well as making ammunition due its unique cartridge.

October 27 2015

Emperor's Seals (Dust-Ring Turbine Charger Combat Set)

The Emperor's Seals are a set of greaves and gauntlets and are Nymbus' main weapons.

The gauntlets have a golden oriental design that fits her whole hand and forearm. On both gauntlets are sets of three rings or Seals. A Seal is made of two thick halves of one ring connected with a hinge on one side and snaps shut by a magnetic lock at the other. The Seals are set up in an order, the one closest to her hand is the smallest to the end of her forearm being the largest. These Seals are very strong, able to withstand mostly anything without a scratch.

Inside a Seal is a removable fan-like belt, with the blades being made of dust, with each Seal having its own dust type. Each Seal is also engraved a design pertaining to the type of dust the Seal's fan-belts are made of to easily identify the elements of each. The Seal's colors are set in this order: orange, green, then dark blue, with the dust's order being Explosive, Wind, and Ice respectively.

Activated by her aura, the gauntlets spin railings that in turn spins the fan-belts inside the Seals like a turbine engine. This charges the Seals up until it is released in one big burst of (dust-imbued) pressurized air. Each Seal also has its own effects thanks to the dust fans of each. The fan-belts can be removed and replaced, even during battle. The two-part design allows the belts to be ejected by having the railings spin and shoot out the belts, as well as feed in a belt by the same process.

A total of three Seals can be activated at once, with each Seal having a different type of dust. She can charge them to a set amount causing the engraved designs on the Seals to glow, gradually getting brighter as the Seal's reach their charge cap.

The greaves are designed just like the gauntlets and also share a Seal but unlike the gauntlets its only one, but the size of it is larger and can has the fans exposed unlike the gauntlets, gving it an additional function of being able to shoot out a steady stream of high-speed, dust-infused air continuously. On the left is a red Seal while on the right is a yellow Seal, with dust being Fire and Lightning respectively.

When deactivated, the gauntlets and greaves retract to the Seals, which shrinks to thick, golden bracelets that hang loosely on her arms and lower legs.

Oct 27 2015

Aldebaraan (Heavy Chained Axe-Crescent Banner)

Is Sahar's main weapon.

It is essentially a large axe. Its Axe Head is large and crescent shape, with its blade having 5 teeth-like points. It has a handle at the opposite side of the blade for independent use. A chain attaches the Axe Head to a attached to a rectangular golden box where the Axe Head connects to the pole.

On the back of the Axe Head are four small pistons powered by wind dust that enables the Axe Head to be launched from the box where it is attached initially.

The box is filled with mechanisms including a chain belt that enables Sahar to return the Axe Head to the body, as well as a hidden flag woven with dust.

Early 2014

Hook, Line, Sinker [Thread-Weaving Claw Gloves].

A unique pair of gloves that have a uses mechanism that spins out specialized thread as its weapon. The thread can be shot out of the gloves fingers and is super strong yet lightweight and flexible. On the tip of each finger are scale like metal claws that are similar to fountain pen nibs. The nibs can fire along with the thread to penetrate concrete or even steel, which he can use as to trap enemies or as a stepping stone or platform.


*I'm lazy to write their info so I'm posting the weapon links*

Iolite Minerva used by Rind Kaiser as a prototype weapon.

Gemini Minerva currently used by Rind Kaiser.

Venus Aphrodite used by Eros Tsar.

Neptune Poseidon used by Ares Heraclius.

Mars Hephaestus used by Caesar Citrine.

Nephrite Judgement used by Tristram Jade.

Mister Missiles

  • Concealed Whip-Blade System (CWBS); "Torques Laceratione"; owned by Ceri Dianus, made on September 24, 2014.
    • Currently, the weapon is a longsword, capable of folding itself down into length of a long Elvish Dagger from Lord of the Rings, which would specifically the dagger known as Sting. The hilt is large enough to be held with two hands, and has the length that is similar to a greatsword's hilt. When the weapon is not concealed and fully deployed, the length of the sword goes to the length of 36 inches. As a sword, the weapon is already as deadly as it looks. The cross-guard of the weapon similarly resembles Regina's symbol. It should also be noted that this weapon has no capabilities on using dust at the current time.
    • When it is deployed into it's whip-blade form, which can be done so from a simple button on the weapon's hilt, twenty short metal segments (ten on each side of the blade) separate and leaves a 5-inch sharp edge of the blade on the tip. It's deployment to that mode creates an effect of it launching off, which can enable the user to impale a target from a range by simply pointing the weapon towards said target and pressing the button. The length of the weapon at this form goes up to 150 inches. This form is held by a thin, strong cable concealed into the weapon's hilt. At this form, the user can perform whip-like attacks and deal astonishing damage to it's target. The 20 metal segments acts as small hooks to deal cuts against targets while the tip would be able to impale targets when given such force.
    • It's strength against anything else depends on the user's own strength.

Hart of Stone

October 10th, 2014

  • Dual Scissors Katars, owned by Roan Reid.
    • Two sets of weapons with two blades folded together, appearing as one when closed. When opened, the blades reveal a channel which augments the use of dust. Lightweight, primarily used as a short range weapon.

(Solus Ruus'kad)

October 14th, 2014

  • Dalton Torus: Two ninjatō's, with black blades, dark red handle, while levers on the handle. When thy turn into there gun form the handle becomes curved, the triggers comes out of the handle, the blades flips onto the gun/handle when the gun part slides out of the handle. the assault rifle is named Flaming Toro, the auto shotgun is named Taurus Ember.
  • Hayden Grayson: One sword and one dagger. The sword that the top half of the blade turns into a scythe, with a chain connecting the scythe part to the sword part, called Azir. He also has a small dagger that transforms into a revolver but mainly uses the dagger part, called Drover.
  • Matthew Oran: One broadsword named Omega Defender, that transforms into a small mini gun that can use dust for ammo.
  • Rena Wolfen: One axe that transforms into a sniper rifle named Striking Claw.


October 30th. 2014

  • Chaingun/Flail, Triple Barrel, 90s-style LMG that turns into a bulky 2-handed flail with 3 heads that can be retracted to form a giant mace, comes with built-in Fire Limiter to reduce wear and tear, firepower and thrust massively increase when limit is removed, at which point parts of the gun start glowing red. Black with dark silver.
  • Blade/Bows with Dust-imbued Runes, Bowstring slots into blades and is linked by a metal piece on the middle. Blades are Katana. Yellow runes and hilt with white blade and grip.
  • Grappling Tomahawks that double as Magnum Pistols and Grappling hook guns, Pistol section can attach to special bracers to make greater use of the Tomahawk's chain function, chains are lined with small barbs. Multi-tone blue with the darkest on the blades.
  • Twin Armblade Flamethrowers which combine to form a large rocket-propelled board, Blades are retractable and flamethrower nozzles are on both sides of the weapon, Red with Orange highlights.
  • Massive howitzer/Battering Ram, not used by person, but rather a siege weapon, likely in museum.
  • Pimp Cane embedded with Dust Crystals and oversized rings with Dust Crystals.
  • Double barrle shotgun helmet for headbutting. Because Reasons.
  • Pump-Action Rocket Axe, Backblast is ported out of backwards-slanted diagonal vents. Ammo is loaded in a Tube, meaning special rounds loaded can be imediately fired. Weapon Converts into somewhat clunky axe.

February 7th

  • Spear and shield, Shield can folder over the spear to form a larger lance.


October 20th, 2014

  • Leiomano submachine gun, owned by Glaukos Nerium
    • Its a modified Leiomano, replacing the shark teeth with metal shards, as well as a blade beneath the shards. It also transforms into a submachine gun resembling a American 180 stockless.


October 31st, 2014

Malva Mnemonic: Lethe: A purple and silver javelin that can transform into a bow with a flick of her hand, it shoots regular arrows that house her semblance inside them. She uses the first form most of the time, though.

Ember Blaze: Blaze Whip/Blaze Rod: A fiery whip that uses fire dust as means of power, when activated the whip is encased with flames and Ember flings the weapon around to attack her enemies. When in storage mode, the flames turn off and the whip folds up into the handle.

Talcum Shennong: Viridescent Chuántǒng and Gem-Coalesced Gan: Talc's spear and shield, Viridescent Chuántǒng is a light tan staff with emerald green spear heads at both ends. Gem-Coalesced Gan is his diamond shaped shield that is also green, but outlined in white.

Ryland Clockwork: Bladed Gyratuses: Two mechanical chakrams that Ryland controls via his gloves. They are both a silver and dark green color with the edge encircled with a round blade.

Javor Wilhelm: Fall's Double Wraths: Two orange and brown glove gauntlets that uses wind and earth dust as it's main form of attack.

Yeira Wilhelm: Illuminated Ideologies: Two golden chakrams that can transform into double bladed spears.

Neel Nyx: Nightwishes and Shadow's Claws: Nightwishes are an array of knives that Neel uses to throw at enemies, and Shadow's Claws are a set of mechanical talons attached to his ankle that he uses to swipe at opponents as well as grab onto trees.

Xui-Mei Song: Pinyin Parasol: Pinyin Parasol is a light indigo colored parasol that Xiu-Mei uses mainly for defense purposes instead of offense, but the parasol also contains a crossbow that she uses to fire dust-infused ammo at her enemies.

December 30th 2014

Ashur Chirico: Mixed Colors: Mixed Colors is an oval pallet that contains vials of dust connected and a paintbrush that he uses to cast the dust to his advantage.

Rainy Blauer: Storm Trouble: Wings (Dance Props) that she uses as melee combat weapons.

Tanner Carmine

Esmeralda Belmonte: Harmonic Hosticides: A pair of musical flutes that shoot bullets.


(Didn't have time to look through all the ideas. If something sounds like it's already a weapon idea, I'll gladly check it out)

November 19th, 2014-

Dual Wielded Firearm Daggers: Used by Feldgrew Paris of Team ZFRE, Jade Hellbringer and Emerald Firestarter are dual Pistols that can be independantly changed into Dagger mode. Similar in look to a Desert Eagle sidearm. the blade overall is made of four edged blades. Put into a diamond formation (when looking at the tips pointing towards you). This allows the barrel of the gun to be inside, thus allowing the weapon to change freely and independant of each other. Gun cannot be fire in dagger mode, however (trigger retracts into the grips). The daggers are capable of deflecting small-arms fire.

Automatic Rifle Kitana-Holster: Used by Zul Saphiro of Team ZFRE, Ranger is an automatic rifle with a blade underneath the barrel as a bayonet. The rifle can quickly shift into a sheath for a Katana, in which the hilt is actually the grip of the rifle.

Adapted Shotty War-Hammer: Used by Rhythm Rese of Team ZFRE, the shotgun mode is adapted for left-hand use.  The shotgun is similar in design to a Atchisson Assault Shotgun. He can also quickly switch the shotgun into a war hammer, one with a small, spiked head, similar in design to the ancient Polish "Horseman's Pick", utilizing the shotgun recoil to compensate for the weight when swinging.

November 24, 2014-

Long-Range Rifled Spear: Used by Aerio Paris of Team AERO, Epilogue is, in melee form, based on the ancient Sovnya, a weapon used in Russia, that was essentially a curved sword on a long pole, while in ranged form it resembles a Russian Mosin Nagant M07 Carbine. However, the weapon can transform, shifting the curved blade under the body of the rifle, revealing the barrel of the rifle and the blade serving as a bayonet. The trigger retracts outwards, thus allowing the weapon to be fired. The blade can also be detached in ranged mode, allowing for a secondary melee weapon.

December 4th, 2014-

Light Machine Gun Battleaxe: Used by Etonia Azura of Team ZFRE, Midnight, in gun mode, it is very similar in design to an M60 Light Machine Gun. The weapon was made to fire High Explosive rounds, rather than the conventional rounds. In melee mode, the machine gun transforms into a moderate sized axe, similar in design to that of the Doloire axe. The entire weapon is painted a metallic gun metal blue color, with the words "Sleep Tight" etched on the gun's body, and the axe blade.

December 8th, 2014

Advanced Automatic Double Edge: Used by Okrae Ronox, Enigma, in gun mode, is a boxy design similar to the experimental XM8 rifle. The weapon fires standard rounds, and has a scope with multiple zoom settings. In melee mode, the rifle transforms to form a sword with a 65cm long blade, similar in design to the ancient Greek Xiphos, although slightly longer. The sword is also able to split down the length middle of the blade ever so slightly, which reveals a vent spine, powered by dust, that is able to engulf the blade in flames. The rifle is colored a cool orange, while the hilt of the Xiphos is colored a darker, burnt orange.

Dual Blast Revolver Broadsword: Used by Rossio Rarri, in dual revolver mode, is named Fame and Fortune. The revolvers are similar in design to Smith and Wesson Model 29 revolvers, but with larger barrels and a larger cylinder in order to load high explosive 12 gauge shells. However, the two revolvers can combine, and form a double-barreled shotgun, named Legionare, with each barrel with a revolving cylinder to load the shells. Finally, with another transformation, the double barreled shotgun can form a broadsword named Endbringer, similar in design to a Claymore, although slightly smaller. All three weapons are streaked with red, a lighter shade for the revolvers, black and red for the double-barreled, and a darker shade for the sword's hilt

Long Ranged Dual Blades: Used by Eucay Tangelio, in rifle mode it is named Rigormortis, and in melee mode, two swords named Kisses and Hugs. The swords, complete with sheaths, are transformed from the rifle's blocky body, and are designed after Japanese Tantō swords, with Shinogi blades. The rifle itself was designed based on the AWM Sniper Rifle. The rifle has a magazine of of 8 rounds, a built in silencer, and a scope with multiple zoom levels. The rifle itself is boxy, with the barrel shorter than most rifles, designed for user comfort and stealth by Eucay. The rifle is colored a clean Jet Black, with an optional ghillie covering, and etched neatly on the body of the rifle is "They'll never see it coming".

January 28th, 2015

Assault Rifle-Backsword Sheath: Used by Safaia Mizushima of Team SGNE, the weapon is named Cap-It-alist, and is meant to be used on the defensive. With the gun, which is similar in design to a G36, and it's integrated scope and 30 round magazine, it excels in pin-point accuracy and high-rate of fire. Safaia uses the weapon in similar fashion to standard troops. The weapon is colored a cool, urban camo blue, and the words "Just a dash of everything nice!" are printed on the side. In melee form, the stock of the gun ejects a sword similar in design to a European Backsword, and the sword can be used to defend against close quarters opponents.

Silenced Bladed Assault Rifle: Used by Ganetto Mizushima, the weapon is named Steel Rose, complete with a separate shield named Iron Curtain, and is meant to be used on the offensive. The gun, which is similar in design to the AS Val SAR, is capable of firing subsonic 9mm rounds and using a scope along with the integrated bayonet and silencer, excels in launching large amounts of firepower at an opponent. Ganetto uses the gun in a similar fashion to Spetsnaz soldiers. In melee form, the weapon transforms into a Glaive, similar in design to those used by ancient Hungary. The shield, resembling a smaller version of a riot shield, is able to allow Ganetto to rest his rifle and fire with ease while still being protected. When in melee use, the shield can retract, making it more comfortable to move around. Both weapons are colored dark greys, the words "The Red Bear" inscribed on the front of the shield.

Long Range Thrown Rifle: Used by Natoron Löwe, the weapon is named Hesiod, and is meant to be used from a distance. The gun, capable of firing 6.5mm rounds, is similar in design to the Swedish Ag m/42 Rifle. The weapon excels at long ranges, and is built to be sturdy and reliable. In semi-melee mode, the weapon transforms into a Javelin that can be thrown, or used as a regular spear. The weapon is of a sturdy looking oak wood finish, with steel parts.

Selective Fire Rifle Spear: Used by Epidot Yorski, the weapon is named Guardian's Sadness, is meant to be used offensively in gun mode, and semi-defensively in melee mode. The gun, which is similar in design to a SIG SG 510, is capable of equipping a bayonet, and firing at long ranges. In melee mode, the weapon transforms into a spear, the bayonet forming the blade. The weapon is colored a midnight black, meant to look clean and professional.


Dec 19 2014/Flying Mantis Shields: You know those spring loaded boxing gloves that have been used for comedy for ages? Well this is a pair of katars that can attack out to about 20' with A LOT of force and retract near instantly. There's also a grappling hook function in the tips for extra mobility and control. The mechanisms are contained in targes, allowing for an impressive level of tankiness even if one can only really block with one shield at a time. Above the arms are grenade launchers which whilst difficult to aim, allow one to be scary at all but the most extreme ranges. Below the arms are rockets for extra mobility and to counter the frankly ridiculous recoil the various weapons have. Note the lack of distinct modes mean smooth transitions between various kinds of engagements and novel combos (Guy caught the tips? Open up with the grenades while he's trapped and you can literally see the trajectory). Note also that these puppies guzzle Dust since everything comes from the mechanism rather than the wielder.


December 25, 2014

Armored Assault Weapon System: an AAWS is made up a series of heavy metal plates sewn onto a lattice. This lattice comes in 8 pieces; A chestplate, a gorget, two bracers, two greaves, and two full gauntlet cesti heavily infused with earth dust. When donned, the system can be activated which reveal the metal places are able to shift and expand, quickly linking and form a bulky and durable full suit of armor complete with a sealed full metal helmet with a respirator. Sensors and subroutines built into the armor boost hearing as well as give audio clues to incoming targets and assist with battlefield awareness. However, due to the massive construction of the system once activated, the system adds several hundred pounds to the user and makes them move slower in combat that most opponents. This glaring problem in fighting can be offset with the pair chain cesti gauntlets that are reinforced and anchored to the user's hands by brass knuckles. In the event that an opponent tries to avoid the wearer, they are able to launch the gauntlets at their opponent on thick fifteen foot chains that can be swung to potentially ensnare them and allow them to be reeled back in to close range.

January 25, 2014

Combined Arms Weapon System: A CAAWS is a 3 part weapon system. The primary frame is a sturdy but lightweight bullpup LMG with added underslung rail. The LMG is capable of being fired in full auto in both hands, or in short bursts with a single hand to maintain moderate accuracy. The standard cylindrical drum fits neatly into the rear of the weapon on the bottom, and is capable of carrying fifty standard infantry or dust rounds. Upon the underslung rail are two melee weapons whose handles connect and act as the secondary holding point for the LMG. In the case of Falcon's Claw, this takes the form of two large Khopeshes. Due to the nature of the set up, this format prides itself on rapid movement and suppression while also possessing considerable melee capabilities even while the melee weapons are stored on the weapon. When removed from the rail, the melee weapons can be used in each hand and the rifle kept on a sling on the user's back, or the two weapons can be joined at the groove that keeps them connected to the rail, facing opposite directions, in order to create a shorter double bladed weapon for use in the off hand.


All existing weapon concepts by me can be found on their respective wielders' pages in Argence.


February 18, 2015

  • CrystalKnox - Close range weapons. They are a pair of brass knuckles with edges that looks like the tip of a knife. On top of the 'knuckles', they blinged up with lightning dust crystals which can be ignited, with help of bumping her fists together, and start to electrify themselves which gives an 'umpf'. They're only for show and to enhance Urie IV's fists when it comes to fighting. They can be turned into a small bow, when join the both ends together.  
  • Sakura Petals - Tearose Surrulata owns wo hand fans with bladed body and made with steel. They both act as butterfly swords and shield. They can also wave great and hard winds which can deflect for example bullets, with the help of wind dust that is kept in a 'magazine'-like container attached in the guards of the fans. They are in lilac and have a painting of Cherry blossom tree. They can be combined as a combat stick.


March 5, 2015

  • SHAR: Scissor Halberd Assault Rifle "Sturmhund": High Capacity Assault Rifle using flash-fabricated ammunition. Alternate form is a halberd with a pair of pneumatic scissors on the end. Used by Stahlfritz Panzier
  • MBPG: Multi-blade pistol gauntlet "Shrekfaust": Pair of gauntlets with both top mounted swordbreaker/magnum pistol and flash-fab claws. Also used by Stahlfritz Panzier

March 11, 2015

  • HESG: Hooksword Explosive Submachine Gun "Avarice": SMG with hooksword and explosive carbine as alternate forms. Most of its ammo is flash-fabbed. Used by Estellia Corlyson
  • HSMP: Hooked Stealth Machine Pistol "Treachery": Automatic Pistol with silencer and flash-fabbed hook bayonet on the front. Also used by Estellia Corlyson

March 26, 2015

  • CFMG: Compacting Flechette Machine Gun "Absinthe": SMG designed to fire 10cm kinetic penetration flechettes. Alternate form is a brass knuckle when the rest of the weapon is compacted around the user's forearm. Used by Ingraham Talsphere
  • CRPG: Compacting Rocket Propelled Grenade "Ouzo" : Rocket Launcher firing 45mm unguided rounds. Compacts around user's forearm. Also used by Ingraham Talsphere

May 16, 2015

  • DHPS: Double-Barreled Half-moon Pike/shotgun "Golgotha": 10 gauge over-under shotgun firing standard shells. transforms into a Half-moon pike. Used by Myra Consanza

May 29, 2015

  • TLRS: Tactical Laser Rifle Spear "Damnation": Laser rifle with flash fabbed spear. Used by Anise Remington.
  • TSKB: Twin-sword Kinetic Buckler "Damocles": pair of 3 foot long swords with 1 foot long handles that can be linked together at the ends to form a double-bladed sword. They attach to a buckler with a flash-fabricated shield. Said shield can be detonated to knock back opponent. Used by Honara von Anhult.
  • ASSB: Assault shotgun SwitchBlade "Achilles": automatic arm-mounted 12-gauge shotgun with a flip-out blade. Used by Honara von Anhult.
  • AMFR: Anti-Material Flak Rifle "Midsummer": Anti-material rifle designed to fabricate and fire high-explosive shells. Alternate form is a flak cannon that fires 4 shells. Used by Daxton Morrigant.
  • SBHP: Semblance Bow Heavy Pistol "Lancelot": experimental Heavy pistol with a bow form that uses the conduit effect to create concussive arrows from the user's Semblance. Used by Rainier Vivacas.
  • SOCS: Sawed-Off Cleaver Shotgun "Guinivere": sawed off 16-inch shotgun with a cleaver bayonet. Flash-fabrication allows the weapon to switch between shells, slugs, etc. with the flip of a switch. Used by Rainier Vivacas.
  • VAMG: Variable Ammo Machine Gun "Gideon": LMG that lacks transformation, but can rapidly switch between fabricating and firing diffrent ammo types. Used by Mason Shanebarc.
  • SMRL: Shoulder Mounted Rocket Launcher "Samson": shoulder mounted rockets. the first six shots can be homing, but the remainder are flash fabbed dumbfire rockets. Used by Mason Shanebarc.
  • TTSC: Tonfa Toxic Sabot Carbine "Assassin": Tonfa/SMG that fires toxic sabots. Used by 玉霖美 (yu lin-mei)
  • TCGL: Tonfa Concussive Grenade Launcher "Emperor": Tonfa/Carbine that fabricates and fires concussive grenades. Both Emperor and Assassin can combine into each other. Used by 玉霖美 (yu lin-mei)
  • SROH: Smart Round Offensive Handgun "Arclight": pistol that fires custom made smart bullets. Used by Laraine Dowbrowski.
  • DCSC: Dust-Chemical Sprayer-Club "Acrimony": spraygun that fires a multitude of "elemental" jellies. Alternate form is a drill-club. Used by Aiday Dowbrowski.
  • BPLH: Binary Pulse Laser Hammer "Dushara": Double-barrel Laser LMG with hammer as alternate form. The twin barrels stagger fire. Used by Mash'al Baraket.

June 6, 2015

  • KBLS: Kinetic Buzzsaw Launcher Sword "Evisceration": Carbine that fires a three round burst of flash fabricated buzzsaws. 60 round magazine. Alternate form is a bastard sword with a buzzsaw at the end. The blade itself is also flash fabricated and is designed to oscillate back and forth much like a jigsaw. Used by Akinyi Okoro.
  • FRJR: Ferrofluid Railgun Jaw/Ram "Plaguerunner": heavy weapon. Uses magnetism to accelerate ferrofluid to high-speeds. The weapon's overall lack of moving parts makes it extremely reliable. It's alternate form diverts Ferrofluid into the end of the weapn's barrel. Though slow, its ferro-hydraulic systems can exert incredible amounts of force, making a weaponized Jaws-of-Life. (more of a tool really...) Alternatively, it's magnetic systems can be used to accelerate the main barrel forward like a battering ram. Used by Loretta Jade.

June 14, 2015

  • VAGL: Variable Ammunition Grenade Launcher "Anarchy": Automatic Grenade Launcher. Flash-fabricates multipurpose 40mm grenades and fires them at 360 RPM. Its Dust Reservoir holds enough to get 40 grenades out of one load. This weapon does not transform, but is still a man-portable automatic grenade launcher. Used by Ainsley Talsphere.
  • UGDH: Ultralight Gatling Demolition Hammer "Discord": Compact Minigun with 4000 RPM. Flash Fabricates 5.56mm rounds and gets 400 rounds of ammo out of its reservoir. Alternate form is a jackhammer.Used by Ainsley Talsphere.

July 4, 2015

  • ALSS: Automatic Laser Shotgun-Sickle "Cassidy": Kondracki-Meija Laser shotgun. Uses a set of beam splitters to fire 25 simultaneous elemental laser beams. Pulse fires to prevent overheating. Features a Leighly-Braun Manifold sickle in the stock. Used by Endora Rzenzcy.
  • HCMP: High Capacity Machine Pistol "Sundance": resembles an oversized pistol. 16 barrel-metal storm handgun that fires at 50 rounds per second. Fires 12mm pellets; manifold can print 100 from a standard canister, but Endora preloads the weapon with a custom made "super canister" that contains enough for 500 rounds. Held back by appalling accuracy and mediocre range. Used by Endora Rzenzcy.

August 30, 2015

  • SBBC: Smart Boomerang Bolo Carbines "Deuce and Duke": A pair of revolving carbines that fire bolo rounds for tangling enemies. The two can combine into a boomerang with a smart-return system. Used by Ignacio Guerra.
  • DBSW: Dual Bladed Segemented Whip "Chaplain": A segmented whip that transforms into an elegant looking dual bladed axe with spiral blades at the end. It is engineered to be a powerful and efficient dust-casting device. Used by [UNKNOWN]. 
  • TRLJ: Triple Rocket Launcher Jetpack "Throne": A jetpack where the primary nozzle folds out to become a rapid-fire belt-fed three-barrel rocket launcher. With the launched deployed, it is limited to long-distance jumps as opposed to controlled flight. Used by Matriarch Lunaris Alvernod.
  • MADB: Multi Action Dust Blunderbuss: "Exhorter": A long-barreled blunderbuss that taps directly into dust energy to fire elemental effects (fireballs, lightning bolts, etc.) An Order ceremonial flag hands from the barrel. Used by Matriarch Hestia Lorenzo.

December 31, 2015

  • TBAS: Twin-blade assault shotguns "Damocles II": a pair of automatic shotguns that have flash-fabricating blades above the barrels. They are designed to fire upon impact with a target, in addition to the cutting power of the dust blade. The blades are shaped like axes but have an edge that runs along the entire set-up. Used by Honara von Anhult, replaces the original Damocles.
  • TASB: Twin Assault shotgun blades "Achilles II": another pair of automatic shotguns that have built in gravity breach hammers. These are attached to a pair of robotic arms that are controlled via brainwaves. By directing the hammers at the ground or backwards, they can provide the user with great momentum. Used by Honara von Anhult, replaces the original Achilles.
  • LBVS: Long Bow Vibration sword "Abaddon": a longbow sporting a magazine for various dust arrowheads. two melee blades are on the ends of the arms and the entire set-up transforms into a vibrosword. Resembles the Type-1 Energy Sword from the Halo series. Used by Oriah Creatore
  • PDRS: Pneumatic Dart Revolver Sai "Dumah and Cassiel": a pair of Sai with built-in revolvers. They do not transform. the revolvers use special wind-dust darts to allow for virtually silent firing while maintaining stopping power. Used by Oriah Creatore

January 2, 2016

  • RLGL: Rocket Launcher GunLance "Throne": A three-barreled rocket launcher that can be flipped around to reveal a lance/minigun set up. Used by Matriarch Lunaris Alvernod.
  • ALSB: Automatic Laser Shotgun Breaker "Cassidy": Laser shotgun. fires 25 lasers using a beam splitter, or a single high-powered laser "slug". Its alternate form is a slegehammer with gravity dust tip for breaking down doors or armor. The hammer head can be oriented either forwards (battering ram style) or downwards (hammer style) When affixed to the users back and activated, the gravity hammer provides a massive burst of momentum.

Lightus Gaillard

Sky and Fall (Twin revolvers/katanas): can be revolvers can turn into twin katanas or combine in to a double ended katana used by Blaze Soul

A Desperate Snuggle

April 3, 2015 - April 27, 2020 (latest update)

  • "Brimstone Blossom" Mk. 0 : Classified as a Multi-Threat Grenadier Voulge (MTGV), this custom polearm is a fusion of parts taken from a battleaxe, a spear, a "mega hammer", a trench knife, a retractable voulge, and a Milkor Mark 14. The Mk.0 (and future versions) were forged to be expertly-balanced and weatherproof. The glaive/halberd hybrid has parts individually painted black, grey, and orange. The "Multi-Threat" denotion refers to the several interchangeable parts the weapon possesses, examples being the several available axe blades, detachable grips (which are actually trench knives located within the length of the axe), add-on blades, and optic sights for the built-in multiple grenade launcher. Ordnance for the grenade launcher (40x46mm grenade cartridge) includes the basic high explosive, buckshot, carpet bomb, and custom-built, time-delay "Grimmstopper" expanding rounds. Aforementioned "Grimmstopper" round has a specially-cut jacket which opens into six petals upon impact, maximizing damage.

Modification Packages:

  • "Brimstone Blossom" Mk. 1 : The first mod package features a curved, weighted blade for extra heft and cutting power, a scope, a shorter barrel for the grenade launcher, a bottom mounted spear tip, and a re-done metallic paint scheme.
  • "Brimstone Blossom" Mk. 2 : The second "barebones" package removes the grenade launcher, scope, and trench knife grips. The blade has been hollowed out and had its weight re-distributed for ease of use. Specific areas on the handle have been wrapped with layers of protective cloth, while the trench knives are now placed within a sleeve close to the bottom half of the handle. The weapon also been resprayed with a pearlescent paint job. (The Mk. 2 is wielded alongside an FN P90 PDW, painted in a similar fashion)
  • "Brimstone Blossom" Mk. 3 : The third mod package upgrades the weapon with a handguard, an extendable handle, and a new grenade launcher, specifically a Russian GM-94. In lieu of the previous revolver-style MGL, the GM-94 is a mag-fed pump-action launcher. Uses high explosive frag rounds, thermobaric rounds, and flash/stun rounds. (The Mk.3 is wielded alongside "Petal", a silenced SR-2M Veresk PDW. "Pollen", a suppressed SR-3M Vikhr compact assault rifle, acts as a backup)
  • "Brimstone Blossom" Mk.4 : The 4th mod package upgrades the weapon with a redesigned mounting system to allow for easier part-swapping. The previous GM-94 launcher has been replaced with a cut-down China Lake Launcher, and the voulge blade has been given a more vicious, angular cutting edge. The polearm's handle can be detached from the launcher/voulge mount, permitting free use of the rear-mounted spearhead. (The Mk.4 is wielded alongside an Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" shotgun as backup)

April 8, 2015

  • "Serene Firefly" : Classified as a Variable Tactical Magnum Special (VTMS), this .357 Magnum break-top autorevolver is built off the Mateba 2006M. The "Serene Firefly", features a firefly-themed color scheme, accessory rails, night sights, and a compensator which doubles as a barrel weight. The weapon can be used on its own or fitted with a carbine stock, turning it into a short carbine. The second form is a separately wielded combo of revolver and shortsword, both sporting appropriate modifications to distract/disorient Grimm through the use of light. Apart from the usual ammo used, the Hunter/Huntress wielding the "Serene Firefly" may opt to load heavier overpressure rounds, if the need arises.

May 2, 2015

  • "Mincemeat & Slaughter" : Classified as Anti-Organism Specialist Automail (AOSA), these automail gauntlets are a devastating combo of industrial equipment, pressure plates, butcher tools, bundled up fibers and an almost wrist-breaking combo of hydraulics and propellant. "Mincemeat" received a miniature pressurized launcher which could shoot and retract microfilament wires, enhancing the user's reach in combat and mobility, acting akin to a brutal grappling hook. The gauntlet "Slaughter" was fitted with hydraulics and a front-mounted metal plate (its surface resembling that of a meat tenderizer), which could also be transformed into a high-velocity, drum-fed nailgun. These added functionalities made the gauntlets increasingly deadly, with the wire launcher allowing for controlled dismemberment and the hydraulic tenderizer plate maximising the potential for grievous internal damage. Both gauntlets and their respective parts feature a brushed metal finish, cautionary warnings in the form of stickers, and the text "RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS" laser-etched on individual areas. Other versions of the weapons include changing Mincemeat into a proper grapple hook/tether, and replacing Slaughter's hydraulic plate with a circular saw. 

August 30, 2015

  • "Glitter & Sparkle" : Classified as Hardight Emitting Close-Quarters SMGs (HECS), these pistol-caliber submachine guns are a pair of Gen2 KRISS Vectors equipped with high precision silencers and hard light emitters, but with the stocks and sights removed. Glitter & Sparkle are both painted sky blue (about one-third) and sugared almond pink (the remaining two-thirds, in a hexatal pattern), while the grip is inlaid with rhinestones and a Ninjas of Love sticker. The silencers (initially coated an anodized black) are also sky blue and sugared almond pink, painted fading towards the rear. Both SMGs feature a threaded barrel, an ergonomic trigger, a short throw ambidextrous safety lever, and a comfortable pistol grip. Aside from the mentioned features, the SMGs have been customised with hardlight emitters which allow for two transformations. The first one emits hardlight into a disc shape which shrouds both guns, turning them into something resembling Identity Discs from TRON (both discs also glow blue and pink). The second form of Glitter & Sparkle resembles the Rose Nasty from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, as both SMGs become receiverless beam katanas with curved, blue and pink hard light blades; furthermore, the off-hand beam katana has a slightly shorter blade than its counterpart making the set similar to traditional daisho. Both transformations require the guns to disassemble and then compact around the emitters, so shooting is impossible until the user returns to the SMG state.     

October 19, 2015

  • Magnetism-by-induction based Instantaneous Arms Fabricator : A portable weapon construction platform that consists of an empty sheath and a cannister-looking object. The weapon construction process begins by loading metal shards/scrap into the cannister. The metal is broken down and exposed to a powerful magnet housed within the cannister, magnetizing the metal. The user may then choose what weapon they wish to use, at which point the magnetized metal will rapidly assemble itself into the chosen weapon. After assembly, short-range teleport technology integrated into the cannister will then teleport the finished weapon into the empty sheath.   
  • Gatling Railgun : Chaingun with rail-accelerating barrels. Requires the Gravity Displacement Fists to be worn in order to handle the recoil.
  • Gravity Displacement Fists
  • Oversized Anti-Materiel Rifle : Fitted with a reactive armor ballistic shield and an impact-triggered shotgun in the stock.

November 29, 2015

  • Tacticool Musket/Blunderbuss/Flintlock Pistol (Backup/Secondary)  
  • Miniature Railgun Revolver (with a random elemental bullet modifier)

December 8, 2015

  • Airburst Hardlight Recurve Bow : Collapsible, equipped with a computerized targeting system and airburst arrows

December 15, 2015

  • Various models of throwing knives with color-coded ribbons tied around each knife (each knife is Dust-infused)

December 16-17, 2015

  • Taser Carbine + Tranq Pistols
  • Dual-Stage Experimental Carbine (shoots fin-stabilized armor-piercing sabot rounds using both propellant and accelerator rails) + Underslung homing mini-missile launcher
  • Compact Smart AutoShotgun: A Browning Auto-5 in a "Mare's Leg" configuration. Feeds from a drum magazine and is fitted with a "smart" muzzle choke that can either tighten or widen the spread of shots.
  • Crescent Shovel Blades (historically used by Chinese monks to defend themselves from grave-robbers)
  • Superheated Tiger Claws : Retractable, equipped with digitized growl SFX
  • Warhammer + Flail (wooden, resembles kendama) 

December 21-24, 2015

  • Double Barrel Shotgun : Semi-auto conversion, modified with a detachable side-loading drum magazine which uses magnum slugs.
  • Bolt-Action Rifle : Equipped with a side-folding scope and bayonet, modified to use 5-round side-loading magazines. The bayonet can be detached and wielded by itself.

December 25, 2015

--- Golden Collection ---

(Weapons placed here are all golden or are equally elaborate/embellished. Considering the nature of most of the weapons in this list, whatever weapon I've placed in this list that doesn't have at least one transformation is still available to you as an "unclaimed" idea. Aditionally, this entire list references tarot cards, the golden weapons attainable in the Max Payne series, or secret OP weapons you'd get for inputting a cheat code or something.)

  • Musket (One-shot. Engraved with elegant patterns along the length of the weapon. Uses shaped Dust crystals as ammunition. Has the roman numeral "I" inscribed on the hammer)
  • Hequin Staff (Topped with a snake head, fangs bared to strike. Amplifies the user's Dust-casting abilities. Has the roman numeral "II" inscribed on the snake head.)
  • "Nebiros & Belial" (A pair of large golden scythes. Actual capabilities are unknown. Has the roman numeral "III" inscribed on the handle)
  • "Millionth Peace" (A pair of Colt Single Action Army revolvers. Has the roman numeral "IV" inscribed on the grips)
  •  Broadsword (An oversized broadsword. Has the roman numeral "V" inscribed on the hilt)
  • "Forgebreaker" : A large two-handed sledgehammer. Remarkably light and well-balanced for its size. Upon activation, hitting an object of sufficient mass releases a large pulse of energy which disrupts matter, which requires next to no power. Has the roman numeral "VI" inscribed on the middle part of the hammer head.
  • "Justice" : A Desert Eagle Mark XIX that hits harder and faster compared to a normal Deagle, also has the roman numeral "VII" inscribed underneath the grip. A small purple flame appears in front of the user's left eye when used in conjunction with the "Muramasa". Carried in a white snakeskin holster.
  • Mask (A golden visor with a butterfly motif. Greatly amps the user's senses, but gradually drains Aura)
  • Meat Hooks : A set of arm sized hooks, four in total, connected by golden chains. Can be thrown or manipulated via Aura/Dust. Has the roman numeral "XII" inscribed on each hook.
  • "Muramasa" : A katana with a solid golden blade and an elaborate ebony sheath, embossed with gold relief depicting dragons. Meant to be wielded one-handed along with the Gold Deagle. Has the roman numeral "XX" inscribed on the blade.
  • "Gorefather/Gorechild" : A brutal pair of chainaxes with a brilliant gold paintjob, coated with dried, rusting "blood". Tethers to the user's wrists with charcoal-black chainteeth tracks. Using an activation rune on the weapon's handle, the chainteeth can be set to various modes. "Maim" makes the chainteeth go move in opposite directions, while the "Burn" mode is simply "Maim" but with the chainteeth on fire. Both chainaxes can combine into a double-headed form known as "Blood God" mode. Has the roman numeral "XV" inscribed on the handle.
  • "Ogre Arms" : A pair of bangles which transform into massive robo-gauntlets which shroud the user's own arms. Completely painted black, with gold shining through scratches and dents in the mental. Opening one's hands while wielding the gauntlets reveals and fires the autocannons housed in each finger. Capable of self-repair in and out of combat. Has the roman numeral "XI" inscribed on the bangles, when untransformed. Based off a similar weapon seen in Black Rock Shooter.

--- Other weapons made today ---

  • Hunting Rifles : Single-shot. Each rifle is a meter long, weighs four kilograms, and is made of ivory and steel. Designed for one-handed use.
  • "Ursus Maritimus" : A massive, wide-bladed sword made of ornate silver, with brass gilding. Wide enough to function as  sword and shield. Named after the scientic name for bears.
  • Golden Spear : Modified with a halberd tip and an underslung bolter attachment. Has a sticker of an apple placed on the haft.
  • Spears : A simple pair of perfectly balanced spears, equally good for throwing and melee combat. Each possesses a dark wooden haft and an intricately designed silver head. ("Goes great with those looking to complete the warrior-princess look!")
  • "Lucius" : A large, wide-bladed sword. Polished to a mirror sheen and designed with an acid-etching of demons on the flat sides of the blade. Wielded alongside chromed revolvers that feature similar engravings. ("Makes devils cry!") 
  • Infantryman's Sword : Specifically, a Spanish spada da fante. (Uses a legendary Toledo blade, capable of bending in a half-circle and colliding with a steel helmet without harm. Said blade is protected by a beatifully wrought basket hilt.)

Deceber 28, 2015

--- Olympia Collection ---

(Weapons placed here are all direct/blatant references to the Warhammer: 40K Tabletop/RTS games (as portrayed in a particular quest seen on 4chan's Traditional Games board). For balancing reasons the weapons will be scaled down and "nerfed" bellow their original capabilities. Even then, these things are probably too dangerous to use against anything that isn't Grimm...)  

High-Explosive Gyrojet Weapons

(Each weapon under this category fires "bolt" ammuntion. A bolt is a mass-reactive armor-piercing high-explosive round, propelled using liquid rocket fuel. Simply put, it goes through armor and blows up if said target is beefy enough. Scary stuff.)

  • Bolt Pistol (Semi-auto. Accepts 8-round straight mags or 12-round "sickle" mags. Lightweight, and is destructive enough to penetrate body armor with enough hits)
  • Bolt Cannon (Select-fire capable. Accepts 20-round straight mags, 25-round "sickle" mags, or a 500-round belt-feeding ammo hopper. Requires sufficient strength/augmentations to wield properly, but is destructive enough to defeat power armor and lightly armored vehicles with enough direct hits.)
  • Heavy Bolt Cannon (Full-auto. Loads from a 2000-round belt-fed ammo hopper. Appropriate for target suppression and blistering firepower. Requires a specialised exoskeleton or power armor to wield, but is destructive enough to allow engagement of armored vehicles and large Grimm.)

Matter-Disruptor (MD) Weapons

(Each weapon under this category works by emitting either a field or a pulse of electromagnetism that heavily disrupts the molecular bonds within a piece of matter, effectively bypassing all but the densest/heaviest of armor. Weapons here can emit a matter-disruptor pulse or a steady matter-disruptor field.)

  • "Thunder Hammer" (A large two-handed sledgehammer with matter-disruption pulse generators attached to the hammer head. Releases an energy pulse upon contact with an object of sufficient mass, which also rapidly expands nearby air. The resulting concussive sound is similar to a thunderclap, hence the weapon's informal name. Powerful, but highly unwieldy and energy-intensive, capable of only twenty pulses before a recharge is needed.)
  • "Power Maul" (A miniaturized version of the "Thunder Hammer", now resembling a club/mace. Uses both a disruption pulse and a disruption field. Lightweight and easy to handle, but lacks reach and is unsuitable against heavily-armored targets. A variant of this weapon features a longer shaft, in effect creating a counter-weighted staff.)
  • "Power Axe" (A broad-bladed axe with heavier advanced field emitters.  Possesses unparalleled cutting power, is lightweight and more economical with its energy usage. Lacks reach and is even more unwieldy than the first two weapons.) 
  • "Power Sword" (A sword designed to be be a balance of speed, power, and cutting ability, with a focus on bringing down human targets. Excels in speed, but lacks the power of the previous weapons.)
  • "Power Fist" (A heavy fist-like enclosure worn on the user's hand. Appropriate for large and small targets alike.)
  • "Storm Shield" (A large shield that incorporates layered materials and a highly focused disruption field. Impervious against most ammuntion, even tank rounds. Extremely heavy and incapable of being used offensively.)  
  • "Power Claw" (An amalgamation of the "Power Sword" and the "Power Fist".  Resembles a smaller "Power Fist" with four smaller blades attached to the knuckles. Optimized for light armor and human targets, not so much for larger targets.)
  • "Power Lance" (A long, pressure-triggered spear. Emits a pulse at the moment of impact. Used most effectively while stabbing/thrusting with momentum gained from charging at the enemy. Unoptimized for usage outside of a charge.)
  • "Power Dagger" (A small knife/dagger designed for stealth. Easy to conceal, and thus ideal for infiltration. Can also be balanced for throwing.)   

December 30, 2015

--- Crimson Collection ---

(Weapons placed here are my equivalent of the "Trick Weapons" seen in Bloodborne. There will probably be some that are directly lifted out of the base game and its DLC, and that means you're allowed to grab stuff from Bloodborne for your own use.)

  • Pistol Sabre/Katana Twinblade : A twinblade formed of a katana and a pistol sabre that requires great skill of its user. Wielded as a twinblade or split and wielded seperately. Activating a rune on the handles of either weapon causes the blades of both swords to be covered in a blood-like flammable liquid formed of the user's Aura. Attacking while the "blood" is flowing flicks the liquid, which can then be ignited as it leaves the blade. This passively provides a flaming effect to the two swords' slashes, stabs, or thrusts. Based off Lady Maria's "Rakuyo".
  • "Merciful Sever" : A small curved sword that can be split into dual mini-curved swords or fitted into a large, two-handed scythe. The blades of this weapon are forged of an iron meteorite, which results in an unearthly metallic sheen. As a curved sword/dual mini-swords the user will mostly be effective in individual combat, whereas the scythe mode will enable extended reach and devastating crowd control.    
  •  Enchanted Bowblade : A spellblade/bow hybrid. As a bowblade, the weapon can act as a curved sword or shoot arrows in bow form. Activating the sword using a rune on the handle causes the astral patterns inscribed on the blade to glow and pulsate, "enchanting" the weapon with the user's Aura. Using the weapon either in blade or bow form while "enchanted" enables the user to discharge bright, emerald-green "moonlight" projectiles. The moonlight projectiles leave a brightly glowing trail.
  • Claw/Fist/Spear + Rifle : Combines the "Rifle Spear" with the "Stake Driver". Begins as a large spear with a telescoping handle. Retracting the handle until the user's arm and pivoting it sideways transforms it into a dagger-like claw. Priming the pile bunker will then turn the claw into a thrust-focused fist. Firing the pile bunker requires the spear's integrated rifle to fire off a special blank round which drives the spearhead forward, dealing heavy damage. 

January 1, 2016

--- New Year's Collection #1 ---

(Weapons to start the year off with a "Yang"! These will incorporate fire, fireworks, firecrackers, and noise one way or antother.)

  • "Dancing Dragon" (An anti-armor rocket launcher with a literal Chinese dragon's head stuck to the muzzle of the launcher. The rockets themselves have been sprayed with flame decals and modified to travel in a wave-like pattern, similar to how the real-life dragon dance is performed during Chinese New Year.)
  • "Flying Lantern" (A bowstaff/quarterstaff which has a paper lantern hanging from one end. Certain parts of the staff have carvings of dragons, or are wrapped with a couplet of Chinese poetry. The user is capable of summoning several floating paper lanterns which can then be sent flying at a target. The design of the summoned paper lantern may change depending on the Aura of the one wielding it.)  

January 5, 2016

  • "Bahamut" : A jezail remade into a two-barrelled bolt-action rifle. Made of naturally-strong wood, but with a slight artificial reinforcement to allow the rifle to be used as a club in close-quarters. The main barrel is chambered for conventional high-caliber sniper ammunition while the secondary barrel was reserved for junk ammo. The proprietary scope mounted on the rifle tracks how many rounds are left and triggers a special function on the last round. This special function,"Sun Flare", imbues the remaining round with Fire Dust and Lightning Dust, allowing it to become incredibly powerful. (Based off its namesake creature summon as it appears in the Final Fantasy series.)

January 13, 2016

  • "Kriemhild" - Demon/Mech Hybrid Mask -  (Exactly what it says on the cover. An intimidating-looking combat mask/visor custom-built to look like something straight out of Warframe. Initially resembles a mobile suit head unit scaled down for human/faunus use, but with demonic features. Parts of the mask lift up and retract to free up the wearer's face, should they wish to do so. While the mask is worn, the user is capable of amplifying their voice to perform a disorienting roar that can deflect projectiles. Based off a graphic design I saw on a football.)
  • Leviathan Mask/Combat Suit (Also exactly what it says on the cover. Untransformed, it appears as a hoodie with a "deep sea" theme. Transformed, it is worn in a manner similar to Wo from Kancolle, with the creature's teeth covering most of the wearer's face and body. Equipped with miniature autocannons placed in pairs on the user's body. Features glowy bits!)
  • "Id@l Buster" (A musically-themed chainsword based off Rin Tokikaze's weapon in AkibaStrip. Resembles a large keyboard converted to have sword parts. The chainteeth on the weapon look like the pointy bits on musical notes. Performing specific combos using the weapon triggers special combo attacks with an accompanying melody/rhythm.)
  • Double Pocket Rocket (A German Kampfpistole modified to fire from a second barrel. Can also accept 6-round drum magazines.)

January 17, 2016

  • "Lowkey" (A compact multi-tool/knife combo worn on one's middle finger. Resembles a push dagger worn on the pinky finger with a slim handle attached to it. The handle incorporates a folding knife/folding spike for added melee lethality, and a lockpick for infiltration.) 

January 22, 2016 - January 23, 2016

  • "Ronin" (A two-tone Beretta 92FS chambered in .40 S&W. Equipped with a large compensator, wood grips, accesory rail, and a high capacity magazine. The slide has been engraved with an oriental mural.)
  • "Bear" (An suppressed Makarov PB chambered in 9x18 Makarov. The grips have been carved to have claw marks. Uses 10 round mags and is modified to shoot in 2 round bursts. Used while suppressed along during stealth ops, or unsuppressed in conjunction with the "Ronin".)
  • "Alice" (A SIG P220 Sport chambered in .45 ACP. Equipped with a large, weighted compensator, enlarged sights, and a folding foregrip. Depending on how hard the trigger is pulled, the weapon will shoot in 3, 2, or 1 round bursts. Wielded alongside a long metal chain.)  
  • "Baron" (A S&W .500 Magnum "Bone Collector" chambered in .500 Magnum. Equipped with a bulky barrel weight, adjustable rear sights, and a grip integrated with a laser sight.)
  • "Persuader" (A Mosin Nagant M1891/30 chambered in 7.62x54mm R. Equipped with a sling, 10-round magazine, muzzle brake, side-folding bayonet, and a side-folding telescopic sight. The firing mechanism has been modified to have a full-auto firing mode. Using this mode requires the use of a external stick magazine, which in turn disables use of the scope.)
  • "Frolovka" (A Mosin Nagant converted into a bolt-action hunting shotgun chambered for 28ga shells. Intended as a backup weapon to the "Persuader". Equipped with a sling and folding stock.)
  • "Tulsky" (A short-barreled, mag-fed TOZ-106 bolt action shotgun chambered for 20ga shells. Alternate backup weapon for the "Persuader" rifle. Equipped with a sling and folding stock.)
  • "Ya'aburnee" (A scythe with a war pick transformation and a flare launcher. In scythe form, the weapon is wielded one-handed like a curved sword, albeit with the blade angled upward toward the user. Transformed, the handle extends out to allow a two-handed grip and the scythe angles downward and rises slightly, to enable use of the war pick. While transformed, the user may choose to set the pick parallel to the handle and the scythe blade further backward, almost touching the handle. Each attack performed in this state automatically slashes then resets the scythe blade in a wide arc. There is also a flare launcher integrated into the handle, usable in the two-handed scythe mode. The flares, aside from signalling, can be used to ignite or disorient targets. Named after the Arabic incantatory word for "You bury me".) 
  • Elemental Machetes + Manipulator Tendrils (A weapon system that consists of two machetes and two flexible manipulator tendrils. The machetes each resemble SOG Sogfari Tanto Machetes, modifed with 8" inch partially serrated blades. Additionally, both machetes can absorb then convert impact energy into a secondary kinetic shield which surrounds the user. The manipulator arms are can also be equipped with modified machine pistols or electrified SOG Kilowatt knives.)

February 1, 2016 - February 6, 2016

  • "Binary" : A generic longsword with "100111100" inscribed into the blade. The blade is gleaming white and the handle is wrapped in cloth. (Enables the user to generate temporary shields and fire off energy bolts.)
  • "Auditor" : A generic iron sword with a black blade that glows red. (Parrying or blocking with the sword absorbs the enemy's blow, which can then be returned in the form of a flaming energy bolt or a kinetic blast.)
  • "Deimos" : A compact full-auto pistol modified to maintain accuracy while being incredibly lightweight. The second mode is a plasma pistol that effectively reuses the heat generated by the pistol's fire, eliminating the need for an external recharge. Generating enough heat with the either mode allows the user to discharge it in the form of a destructive superheated ball of plasma. Wielded alongside the "Auditor". ("Deimos" means "Dread" and/or is the personification of Terror in Greek mythology.)
  • "Phobos" : A compact laser SMG that shoots superheated red slugs that slow targets down. The underbarrel launcher mounted on the SMG shoots a cluster of cube-shaped projectiles that seek out targets and explode upon contact. Wielded alongside the "Binary". ("Phobos" means "fear" in Ancient Greek.)
  • "Gestalt" (A compact "hyperblaster", essentially a plasma blaster converted into a fast-firing rifle that shoots low-powered plasma balls that ricochet. The second mode is a railgun that shoots spiked slug projectiles. Its third mode is a high-powered lightning gun that shoots lightning in the form of a beam. Shooting a lightning beam at exposed railgun spikes "arcs" the beam across exposed spikes, electrocuting targets that have been hit with the railgun. "Gestalt" means "form" or "figure" in German.)
  • "Unmaker" (A static gauss cannon that is powered by the user's movement, hence the "static" denotion. The second mode is a hydraulic sledgehammer that integrates the first mode's cannon, discharging a concussive blast into whatever is hit with the hammer. The third mode splits the entire weapon and forms two maces that integrate Impact Dust and Gravity Dust for increased damage potential.)
  • "GOL3M" (A high-powered double barrel shotgun with ANOTHER shotgun mounted underneath. The upper shotgun is loaded with explosive slug rounds while the lower shotgun is loaded with incendiary buckshot rounds. The upper shotgun has also been fitted with muzzle devices and angled foregrips. The lower shotgun has a "Charge Burst" function that burst-fires 3 rounds simultaneously, along with two 45-degree angled chainsaw bayonets. Gravity Dust can be used to negate the recoil of the weapon, although not entirely.)
  • "Cuchulainn" (A multi-barreled rotary nail gun that shoots disintegrating flechettes. The second mode is a napalm launcher that inserts a fireball into the first mode's flechettes, adding an incendiary effect.  The third mode adds a small, impact-triggered explosive to the second mode's incendiary flechette, creating a miniature rocket launcher. The user is also capable of launching an powerful, ammo-intensive spear projectile that combines the ammo of all three modes. "Cuchulainn" means "hound of Culann" in Irish.)   
  • "Nikifor" (A heavy assault rifle with an integrated mini-rocket barrage launcher, fitted into a composite shell. Splitting the shell apart reveals that the assault rifle actually consists of two full-auto submachine guns, and can be wielded as such. The SMGs can also be transformed into fist enclosures on the user's hands, with the composite shell forming most of the fist. The mini-rockets used in the launcher are placed within the fist shell, adding extra impact and thrust to the user's punches. Named after the Russian version of the Greek name for "carrying victory".)

February 14, 2016

  • "Clearest Blue" (A PTRD chambered in 14.5x114mm.  Modified with a high-powered sniper scope, bipod, enlarged muzzle brake, and an underbarrel M79. Painted with an Oriental ocean wave pattern. Uses armor-piercing rounds.)
  • "Micro Cleaner" : A suppressed SIG P320 chambered in 9x19 Parabellum, carried with and kept inside a black attache case. Modified for stealth and fast reloads. Uses hollow-point rounds.
  • "Hellion" : A Taurus Model 44 chambered in .357 Magnum. Modified with a second barrel and a 12-round cylinder. Capable of shoting an explosive ball of light at the expense of Aura. Dual-wielded with the "Sly Mag".
  • "Bloody Camellia" (A Terminator-style AMT Hardballer chambered in .45 ACP. Has a large scope, foregrip, wooden stock, and flower trinkets hanging from a lanyard loop.)
  • "Thin Blood" (A set of sharpened knives that can draw blood from close or from afar. Deadly up close and dead-accurate as well. The knives can also turn invisible mid-flight until impact with a target. Used with "Shifty".)  
  • "Sly Mag" : An Enfield No.2 Mk 1 chambered in .38 S&W. Modified to use custom magnum shells. Dual-wielded with the "Hellion".
  • "Shifty" (Two Glock 18s equipped with extended magazines. Modified to be controllable during full-auto. Used with "Thin Blood".)

March 1, 2016

  • "Petal" : A silenced SR-2M Veresk PDW chambered in 9x21mm SP-10. Replaces the P90 previously used in tandem with the "Loudest Whisper" Mk. 2.
  • "Pollen" : An suppressed SR-3M Vikhr ultracompact AR chambered in 9x39mm. Features a 30-round mag, collapsible foregrip, and a folding stock.

May 5, 2016

  • Rapier/Estoc with a blade similar to the Jagdkommando Tridagger
  • Jetpack Flamethrower
  • "Witch Pistol/Hexer" : A Remington/Colt-styled revolver with a brass and velvet coloration. Fires glowing projectiles which may transform targets into harmless animals for a short time.


April 9th, 2015 

  • Nova : a two-bladed and single-edged sword capable of creating a thin and very fast cutting stream between them, using dust, water and solid particles to cut better, and to fire "lightnings" of this mixture.
  • Orion : an plated gauntlet with se same dust ability, replacing the blade stream with a shielding surface. Can also fire lightnings.
  • Polaris :  bladed semi-automatic double-barreled sawn-off shotgun (all of this yes) that can be fired by their owner without pulling the trigger thanks to a tiny device built in her prostesis. The blade can retract between the two barrels.
  • Jericho : towershield catapult (i mean like aircraft catapults) capable of firing disc-shaped bombs. Also an in-built axeblade that can be trowed attached to a chain.
  • gea Assail : a antitank claymore rifle with a backpack-like form.


May 18th, 2015

  • Hǎiyáng: Tri-barreled miniature shotgun, capable of folding upward and generating a massive single edged laser blade
  • Royal: Water Cannon, capable of folding apart and upward, turning into a pick-axe which can be swung around using a chain in the midesection.
  • Cinnamon: Magnum Revolver capable of firing dust capsules or conventional bullets/Nunchaku that ignite when a button is pressed.
  • Nui: Bow and Arrow, imbued with ice dust, the bow can turn into a bladed staff, the arrows shift into daggers.
  • Ashe: Katana and Wakizashi.
  • Rēzā: Gauntlets imbued with wind dust.
  • Yuuki: Cryogenic disc launchers, also a pair of razor claws.


  • (May 15th, 2015) Varia: Otherwise known as the Kinetic Flow Attack Drone, this weapon is owned by Umber Russett. It is a two-piece weapon consisting of a floating drone and a glove controller. The drone is fueled by Wind Dust and uses this to not only float, but to use as bullets to shoot from its two guns. The glove works as a motion controller when paired with Umber's Semblance, Kinetic Charge. Varia only has one form.
  • (May 22nd, 2015) Caliburn: A two-form weapon owned by Louise Roux. It is essentially a gunblade in which the blade can be detached, while strung to a wire, and swung like a whip. This detachable blade is also made of a durable heat conductor to use in combination with Fire Dust-infused gloves for more painful attacks.


The dates represent when I started making the weapon, and when I finished it.

April 3rd-May 16th, 2015

  • Multiple-Transformation Dust Swords (MTDSs): A pair of swords (in default), which can become pistols or connect to form a bladed staff. Hilts can contain Dust cartridges, so they can also cast Dust, and the pistols can also shoot grappling hooks with a flip of an unnoticeable switch. Owned by Istalrí Fiarie; hers are bronze and named Bronzeflame.

April 9th, 2015-April 4th, 2016

  • Versatile Melee Tri-Blade (VMTB): This weapon, as it's name suggests, is comprised of three blades - a sword, a spear, and a voulge. It's owner is Sandi Beryl; his is bronze and christened Sandstorm. Two exhaust ports on either side of the blade allow for the Earth Dust inside to be used.

April 24th-9th, 2015

  • Dust-Casting Scepter-Staff (DCSS): Exactly what it sounds like - a scepter/staff that utilizes Dust, the chamber for it being in the middle. Usually made out of metal with a wood covering, it's covered in a clear, plastic material so the user doesn't get splinters. Hvita Fiarie's particular version, Frozen Crystal, has translucent crystal fans on the top and bottom. The staff part itself is made of metal with a layer of birch wood over it, and the clear plastic is covered in light-gray designs that light up when Dust is used.

April 30th-May 15th, 2015

  • Sword/Javelin (Unnamed; WIP): Exactly like what it sounds. It's default is a sword, but it can also turn into a javelin. The hilt/handle can extend for longer reach. Omega, the only known (TBA), is owned by Rowan Fiarie.
  • Handbag: Not really an official weapon. If it was, it'd probably be called a (TBA). It's a brown bag with one of those straps that goes across your body. It has a false bottom, under which are weights. Owned by Rowan Fiarie, and nicknamed Ultimatum by his teammates.

May 2nd-May 17th, 2015

  • Collapsible Martial Arts Staff (CMAS): Basically a martial arts staff that has a collapsed form. When in this state, it looks like a baton or a straight stick or wand. As a staff, it takes a similar shape to the "Carrying Pole" equipment item in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. In other words, it's a straight staff with curves on either end (think like Roman's Melodic Cudgel, but the ends are more curved). Owned by Hebline Sifa; hers is gold and named Judgement.

May 7th, 2015-January 27th, 2016

  • Bladed Boomerang Kite Shield (BBKS): A kite-shaped, golden shield that can turn into a boomerang. Both have slits along the length of their sides, out of which iron blades can come out, parallel to the sides. It's owner is Islingr Fiarie, whom has christened it Sunray.

May 9th-10th, 2015

  • Ballistic Shotgun Whip-Hook (BSWH): A whip with firing and grappling hook capabilities, it's handle being able to hold a Dust crystal. The handle also has unnoticeable switches to trigger the individual forms. Uranus Bailey's is named Ouranos, mainly being black with a brown handle. There is no Dust in the handle as of the moment.

May 16th, 2015-January 23rd, 2016

  • Ballistic Clawed Grappling Gauntlets (BCGGs): A pair of gauntlets that can become compact, have claws, and have grappling/climbing capabilities. In default/compact form, they look like leather gloves with a metal ring around each of the wrists. As gauntlets, the rings expand to form bracers that cover half of the forearms. Iron claws come out of holes in the fabric between the fingers, and can be shot at enemies, string unraveling behind them, making them mini-harpoons/grappling-hooks. This can be used to pull oneself towards something after the claws have made contact with the target. The only pair of BCGG is owned by Ember Maerts, and named Hot Havoc. Hers are mainly brown, with the metal being gold. (Based off the Leather Gauntlets and Iron Claws equipment items from Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.)
  • Multi-Purpose Action Shoes (MPASs): MPASs look innocent as a pair of shoes or boots with colored boxes on the outsides, but they aren't. First of all, spikes come out of holes in the bottom, which can be used for easier climbing or shot like grappling hooks. A knife blade can also come out of the toe, and can be shot at enemies. The box serves as a scanning device, using echolocation - through the ground as well as the air - to scan the area. When you stick your scroll into an unnoticeable slot in the shoe or boot, the info gathered is downloaded onto it. The only pair of MPAS is owned by Ember Maerts, and named Hot Secrets. Hers are brown ankle boots, with the box being a neon-orange framed with gold metal, and the slit being on the outside of the right boot. (Based off the Ekat Secret Agent Boot in the 39 Clues: Black Book of Secrets)

May 18th-June 25th, 2015

  • Sai: A pair of sai, owned by Kaili Hart. Hers are each made of a different metal - one is silver, one is gold - and appropriately named Yín & Jīn, Chinese words meaning "silver" and "gold" respectively. Both hilts are wrapped in dark green leather.
    • October 25th-26th, 2016 Update: After the BoB, Kaili updated her weapons so they could transform, and they're now classified as DFBS (Dual Four-Bladed Sai). Dagger blades poke out of their hilts, and can be slid out and used separately if necessary. The prongs can now move up the blade of the sai, forming a mini-trident/pitchfork. They can also rotate around the blade.

May 20th, 2015

  • Multi-Action Dust Lance (MADL): Basically an iron lance, with a Dust chamber in the middle of the shaft, a little above where you hold it. It can hold any Dust type in crystallized form. Owned by Travan Aline; his is named Blazing Radiance and only has five Dust types in it - Wind, Fire, Earth, Lightning, and Water.

May 27th, 2015-???, 2018

  • Whip/Dagger (Unnamed; WIP): A whip with a dagger blade poking out of the handle. Used by Metagh Olina, it is named Iron Mettle.

June 15th-October 9th, 2015

  • Katanas: A pair of katanas with black hilts used by Ravelyn Rouge, named Shade & Shadow. Shade is the longer one, while Shadow is the shorter one. Ravelyn's secondary weapon. Unknown exact date of creation, so using the date I put it up on her wiki page. (Also, it took me forever to name them, hence the October date)

June 23rd, 2015-???, 2018

  • Compactable Dust Spear-Staff (CDSS): A weapon worn as an spiral armband in it's compact form, it can become a staff and a spear. It also has a place for a Dust crystal at the top end of it. Brilliant Sky is the name of Asura Bailey's CDSS, and is mainly a sky blue color. (More TBA?)

July 5th-August 21st, 2015

  • Lightweight Ballistic Dust Longbow (LBDL): A longbow that fires regular + Dust-infused arrows. The Dust-infused arrows have slight sheens to them, the color depending on the Dust type. Some have small containers in the middle of their shafts, with a divider in the middle of this container. When the divider opens is set on a timer. These are used to put Dust powder in, so as to have different effects than the normal Dust combo arrows. The only known one in existence belongs to Ravelyn Rouge; hers is made out of ebony and is named Enshi, meaning "far sight". She uses many kinds of Dust, including Impact (White), Gravity (Purple), Wind (Green), Fire (Red), Ice (Cyan), Lightning (Yellow), and Earth (Brown). Her main weapon. Made so that she, as a girl/woman, can use it easily.

July 16th, 2015-January 27th, 2016

  • Varying Length Nodachi Blade (VLNB): A single nodachi with a red hilt, with a pink covering with diamond-shaped holes covering it. As it's classification implies, the blade is retractable, as it is made of sections that fit inside each other. Fully extended, it is 35 inches long. Wielded by Tsubaki Silvius, it is named Diamond Crescent.

July 26th, 2015-???, 2018

  • Rifle/Gun Pair (Unnamed; WIP): Used by Nahuel Rayen.

August 3rd-October 3rd, 2015

  • Ballistic Harpoon Sniper Rifle (BHSR): A sniper-rifle, complete with thermal sensing and a night vision setting, with a spear point on the other end. Flip it and press a button on the trigger, and a full-sized spear comes out, followed by a length of rope attached to the shaft. Can retract with another press of the button. Used by Nile Alcor, his is named Varuna's Sight.

August 3rd, 2015-???, 2018

  • Crossbow + Dust Arrows (Unnamed; WIP): Belonging to Hirsch Levin.

August 22nd, 2015

  • Strikers: Cylindrical weapons, with metal caps on either end. They're similar in function to knuckledusters, but are held in the fist(s) with the metal ends just sticking out. Two pairs made of bulletproof glass and titanium are kept by Byrne Rouge. A pair was also used by a young Ravelyn Rouge, but was later lost.

September 30th, 2015-???, 2018

  • Dual Chain-Mace Flails (DCMFs; WIP): Charna Berne's weapons, she uses them as a belt. Named Ashen River. (More TBA)

October 2nd-November 29th, 2015

  • Metal-Edged War Fans (MEWF): War fans with sharp, metal edges on the cloth. Baila Falke's are made of white cloth, stretched between golden ends, with sharp iron lacing the top of the fabric. They also use Dust, Ice Dust being in one, and Wind Dust in the other. Named Icestorm and Windstrike, respectively, but collectively they're called Windstorm. (Inspired by the War Fan weapon in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies)

November 2nd, 2015-February 29th, 2016

  • Dust-Casting Bo-staff/Spear (DCBS): A bo-staff with tapered ends. One end can unfold, ejecting a spear head. The other end can be opened to insert a Dust crystal. Golda Hodele uses a maroon one, named Firelight. She usually keeps it in bo-staff form, and mostly uses Fire Dust, though she uses others like Lightning as well.

November 16th, 2015-???, 2018

  • Rapid-Fire Sniping Longsword (RFSL; WIP): A black longsword/sniper-rifle, used by Merle Darya.
  • Shortsword (WIP): A black shortsword, wielded by Merle Darya. Dust function?

January 21st-October 15th, 2016

  • Dust-Infused Spiked Gauntlets (DISGs): Gauntlets that use Dust, and have retractable spikes. Owned by Kohaku Säde, his are of red leather and named Spiked Koray, with Burn Dust usually inserted into the slots on their backs.
  • Ballistic Kunai-Blade Boots (BKBBs): A pair of boots, with mini-holsters holding obsidian kunai-like blades circling the ankle, and can be fired or used by hand. Each boot has a space for Dust. Kohaku Säde's are black, and named Obsidian Blaze. As their name implies, Kohaku usually uses Burn Dust with them.

January 27th-29th, 2016

  • Dust-Infusing Sword-Crossbow (DISC): A crossbow that can become a bronze sword. It can be infused with Dust, which is smashed into the weapon, resulting in lines along the blade glowing the color of the Dust. The sword splits in half to form the crossbow, using mechanics inside the blade/handle to bend each part - think like Qrow's sword-to-scythe transformation. As Hari Adva's primary weapon, he uses mainly Fire (Red) and Lightning (Yellow) Dust with it, hence it's name of Lightning Flame. Other types of Dust include Air (White), Ice (Cyan), and Wind (Green). Hari carries the quiver over his right shoulder.

February 7th, 2016-???, 2018

  • Broadsword/??? (Unnamed; WIP): A broadsword. Transforming. Wielded by Kishan Chandra.
  • Spear (Unnamed; WIP): A spear that uses Fire Dust. Transforming? The weapon of Yuri Ayumu.

February 24th-December 20th, 2016

  • Sonic Hammering Natural Guitar (SHNG) & Case: Essentially two weapons in one, the first is a guitar that can become a hammer and a sword, while the second is the guitar's case. Wielded by Araceli Liaras, it is collectively named Allegro Cadence, with Allegro being the name of the guitar and Cadence the name of it's case.

April 19th-May 24th, 2016

  • Pistols (Unnamed): A pair of pistols, with golden designs on the handles. Able to use Dust bullets, and wielded by Isolde Itri. (More TBA)

May 24th, 2016-???, 2018

  • Sniper-Rifle/??? (Unnamed; WIP): A sniper-rifle owned by Sefu Mercury. Transforming.

November 29th, 2018

  • Baton-Staff/Nunchaku/Knives (Unnamed): A baton that splits in half to become nunchaku. May use Dust. Owned by Zircona Lee and named Iron Panther. (More TBA)


(Note: Most of these dates are speculative, but should be accurate enough for comparison. Also, not all of these weapons have pages or users yet, but I am working on it.)

January 15, 2015

  • Sub-Machine Glaive-Guisarme (SMGG): A Thompson submachine gun (exact type undefined), capable of using conventional or Elemental Dust ammunition. Capable of transforming into a Glaive-Guisarme. Tactically, used primarily for supression/battlefield control. Owned by Azulius Cardamom; his version is named Roaring Moxie.

March 12, 2015

  • Melee Cane/Chain Whip (MCCW): An unassuming cane, reinforced sufficiently to be used as a weapon. At the press of a button, the sections separate enough to allow use as a chain whip. Used by Ochre Cardamom, and named Alacrán.
  • Dual Eskrima Stick Shotguns (DESS); A pair of break-action "over-under" shotguns, with the stocks and barrels reinforced enough to be used as bludgeons. Commonly reloaded by opening the action, inserting new bullets, then closing the action by striking the barrel against an enemy. While usable separately, can also be combined into a "side-by-side" quadruple-barreled shotgun. Used by Trigo Cardamom, and called Destra and Sestra.

May 1, 2015

  • Pistol-Shotgun Trench Knife (PSTK): A LeMat Revolver-Shotgun, capable of holding nine .45 rounds and a 16-gauge shotgun barrel, often used for enormous Dust rounds. Also has a trench knife blade attached to the barrel as a swing bayonet and a pommel on the butt of the gun for melee purposes. User and name currently unknown.

May 17, 2015

  • Ballistic Meteor Hammer Morningstar (BMHM): An one-handed hammer with a spring-loaded handle, allowing the hammer head to be launched at enemies. The head remains attached with a variable-length retractable rope, allowing additional use as something between a meteor hammer and a morningstar. Used by Peat Mendelson, name Ravenwood.

May 29, 2015

  • Machine Gun Bardiche-Pole (MGBP): An MG-42 doubling as the pole/handle for a large bardiche. Used by Canela Reynolds, named Serene Buzzsaw.

July 22, 2015

  • Side-by-side Shotgun Macuahuitl (SSM): A double-barreled shotgun, built to handle a wide variety of ammunition. The sides of the barrels are lined with Macuahuitl blades, giving the weapon immense cutting power in close melee. User and name unknown.

August 25, 2015

  • Pistol with Telescoping Suppressor Baton (PTSB): A high-powered yet suppressed pistol, built to tolerate a wide variety of Dust ammunition. The suppressor of the pistol can be detached and extended, serving as a telescoping baton for melee attacks.


5/23/15, however added to Deviantart 4/30/15.

  • Verita Portatore: Twin dust action sais crossed with a tri-barrel revolver. Also combines to create a bowstaff-like weapon. Used by Fay Turchini

Music Through My Ears

November 12, 2014, added to the site 5/30/15

  • Stridens Mortem: Four dust-imbued chain-daggers that act as both weapons, and flute-like instruments. Used for semblance purposes, and can be put together to create something similar to a pan flute. Used by Austin Argento


December 20th, 2014, added to the site around 5/10/15

  • Showstopper: A parrying dagger that absorbs and then disperses the kinetic energy of blocked attacks. Used by Sable Kain.

May 12th, 2015

  • Plan B: A simple longsword that is designed to not be affected by magnetic fields and nonconductive. Used by Sable Kain

June 12th, 2015

  • Ime: A sniper rifle that uses a cylinder style magazine and transforms into a Guan Dao. Used by Kasume Yukimura.


July 22nd 2015

Gyaku and Haito: are a set of blue karate type gloves used by Nova Blackwood. weaved with dust they perform different effects depending on which type of dust he uses such as engulfing the fist in flame or turning things to ice on impact each type of dust activates when Nova focuses his Aura into them.


Aug 6th, 2015

(Unnamed) A pair of Dust-Powered Gauntlet Shields (DGS). The shields are in an Octagon shape that cover the sides of his arms. DGS' are only compatible with red and dark blue (fire and ice) Dust. Attempting to use any other forms of Dust can cause permanent damage to the Gauntlets.    


August 18th, 2015

  • Spectrum Fang: A Hinged Collapsible Assault Boomerang (HCAB). A four-foot-long boomerang comprised of two blade-like counterparts connected by a hinge/barrel in the middle. The boomerang can fold on the hinge like scissors, and can be used to decapitate Grimm (this requires Semblance). It is also able to collapse into an assault rifle. Most regularly used in boomerang mode. Mid to long range attack-class weapon. Used mainly for primary attacks. Semblance "Colourbite" amplifies attacks by harnessing literal colour.
  • Muzai and Yuzai: A pair of Foldable Pistol Dual Swords (FPDS). A pair of swords known as daishō, where one sword, Muzai, is longer (daitō) and one sword, Yuzai, is shorter (shotō). The shotō, Yuzai, has the ability to partially fold into an angular sickle (the blade makes two 90-degree turns, making a three-sided square and resembling a square fish-hook), much like Izuru Kira's Wabisuke's Shikai command from the anime, Bleach. Yuzai is used to decapitate like a reverse gullotine by hooking the sickle under the enemy's chin and pulling upwards. The daitō, Muzai, can fold further to become a semi-automatic pistol. Most regularly used in daishō form. Mid-range defence-class weapon. Used mainly for secondary attacks and back-up. Semblance "Integrity" does not associate with weapon.
  • Fteró Kerí: A pair of Multi-Action Bladed Vambrances (MABV). A pair of vambrances that run on Dust. There are four Dust chambers on each vambrance, and can be rotated to select different Dust chambers. A blade extends from the back of each glove in three different directions (outwards perpendicular to fingers, inwards perpendicular to fingers and upwards in line with fingers). The blades are compatible with Dust. Most regularly used in extended blade mode. Close range speed-class weapon. Used mainly for support and distraction. Semblance "Flight or Fall" aids agility and gravity of attacks.
  • Vinea Sentis: A Variant Break-Action Shotgun Flail (VBAS). Includes a whip covered in burrs (Vinea) and a sawn-off double-barrel shotgun covered in spikes (Sentis). The shotgun's stock can fold into the barrels, making it a spiked mace head, which can then be attached to the whip to form a flail. Most regularly used in flail form. Close to mid-range ballistic weapon. Used mainly for finishing blows and KO-ing. Semblance "Photosynthesis" provides strength of attacks.





Orion's Envy- 6 foot long spear, dust enhance-able. Belongs to Chloe Rulean

Panciendes- Eraser tipped Pencil, similar to Glynda Goodwitch's riding crop. Belongs to Yalanda Marathine

Canopic Xanthous- Parasol Gun/Shield, when fully open. Belongs to Alyssum Marathine.

Voltaic Clout- Electric Pulse Bracers, AKA Thunderpunch. Belongs to Aaron 'Nick' Mortal.

Shear/Razer- Twin Swords, Machete and Cutlass, respectively. Belong to Dafoe Jordans.(original, occasional)

Pyrelute- Guitar which emits sonic waves, dust enhance-able. Belongs to Dafoe Jordans(Volume 4-present)

Bluntspur- Yo-Yo with self-optimizing capabilities. Belongs to Ericka Lupus.

Dhoruba Jangwa/Jangwa Joto- Wrist Mounted Blade/Grappling Hook/Sickle. Belongs to Nicrom Zenith

Gavel Smash- Hammer shaped club. Belongs to Takahashi Matsumudo.

Deus Machina- Power Gauntlet. Belongs to Leonard Reinhold.

Reglaroto/Legislador- Dust capable Kite Shield/Falchion. Belongs to Dahlia Munroe.

Falling Stars- Slingshot that fires Dust. belings to Mikael Aster.

Scattered Aegis- Lever Action Shotgun/Armguard. Belongs to Nina Malign.

Zweiten Schnee- Ice Dagger/High-Powered Flashlight. Belongs to Derrick Eisregen.

Ultima Timor- Spiked Kickpads. Belong to Mimic.


Serpent Paradise : 2 Bladed Spear / Five-Section Staff with Grappling Hook blades. Belongs to Lucius Draka.

Eclipse Ripper : Two straight katanas with Dust Cylinders. Belongs to Caius Rewan

Argento Dente : Bladed Gauntlet / Machine Pistols used by Miria Sancti.

Jester Mad

Berde Bazahka: Green Envy and Verdant Terror - Two heavy axes with a revolver based in the middle of the two axe blades. The revolver compartments and function resemble a .500 S&W Magnum.

Nadeshiko Yamato: Blooming Dead - Two bladed revolvers chained to cuffs on her wrist, which connects to two cylinders that hold the rest of the chains. Has ten round cylinders as opposed to the usual six. Guns resemble a mixture of a S&W Model 629 and a Colt Single Action.

Akamizu Shibai: Umi-no-Korosu - A Nodachi that's 1 meter in length. A black blade with a red hamon and a cylinder that carries Dust cartridges.

Gram Balmung: Nothung - A curved great sword that is 5 ft in length. The top half of the blade can be folded back, revealing a large cannon.

Shelke Freyja: Hiebschwert - A lance that can morph into a sword. The sword is double-edged and has a triangular shape. The lance form has the centre "rod" slide out and separate from two blades that point away from each other and the main blade.


January 10, 2016

  • Xantho Ricionzo: Immitisoul & Asperage = Dual-Mechanized Cane-Gunners; two rectangular devices, each wrapped around Xantho's legs with a cane on each of them for activation, and are also functioned to shoot large rounds of "Calibullets" and Dust. Whether no more ammo or not, he can shoot his canes out, resorting to eskrima. In "Revolution Mode", Xantho can use his Aura to "cast off the shells" from his canes that reveals their hidden blades.
  • Amara Ricionzo: Wing Adarna = High-Gun Wonder Blade; a middle-length shotgun that can transform itself into a giant sword. In that "Fury Mode", Amara can extract a shotgun that not only shoots Dust bullets but also gives an elemental effect on her blade based on the Dust used. The Wing Adarna's "final form" is turning itself into an 8 feet long, sharp-pointed blade called "Rebirth Mode", which disables Amara from using her rifle but sharpened the blade and becomes more lightweight.
  • Nadéa Clara: Bakunawa = Twin Magnetic Blade Rings; two large magnetic rings are disguised within Nadéa's skirt in which she can use to attack by spinning. With a pair of special gloves, she can activate them and float them off her skirt, then flying them around using magnetism emitted from the gloves.
  • Mavin Emmerich: Sapphire Tamaraw = Shield Gauntlet Energy Lantern; a lantern that can blast energy depending on what Dust crystal is in it, and transforms into a large diamond-shaped shield and a single big gauntlet.


Ember Reus : Killer Crescendo = A metal violin that can transform into a Tommy Gun with a magazine capacity of 100- 200 rounds. Also the bow can sheath itself in metal making it resemble a Ninjato blade.

Nitro razor

March 2 2016 Salacia : A Halberd that can transform into a dust enhanced railgun with a full capacity of 2 charges, depending on dust type the weapon can do different things e.g. scatter shots, taller charges. Ownership of Aera Mar

16 August 2016 Jotunn Lily is a Dual Arm-Mounted High Velocity Pile Bunker (DAMHVPB) is a powerful pile bunker which is held on the arm to distribute the large amount of recoil evenly across the arms, the stakes are made of crystal dust which explode after a few seconds of disconnecting from the pile bunker. the only dust which effects Jotunn Lily is gravity dust which makes the stakes launch faster. Jotunn Lily has a multi barrel reloading system which is so fast Jotunn Lily is almost never out of stakes. Ownership of Brina Terran

2 September 2016 De Lavoisier and Bacillus Lavoisier is a Mikor MGL grenade launcher which uses collection of grenades filled with different chemical solutions such as HCL, Octane and Sulfuric acid which she keeps in a specialized pouch built to be immune to any reactions to avoid any unnecessary injuries, the grenades explode in 3 seconds which when used with dust can make some interesting effects for example magnesium ribbon + fire dust makes a flare/ long lasting flashbang. 

Bacillus: Bacillus is a bionic hand which generates a blade of ice dust which is last line of defense, the hand also has a built-in laser which allows Iola to detonate her grenades instantaneously which allows her to use them as flares. This weapon was created in the timeskip. Ownership of Iola Lilac



Ranru Ishida - Rikka - Twin katar with blades as long as Ranru's forearms, and guards that run down half of his forearms. The blades are also attached to cables that let them detach from the hilt in order for Ranru to be able to swing them around to try and attack from a distance.

Sayomi Yamauchi - Katsukaze - Shield with blades at bottom and shotgun barrels at top that can also be used as a hoverboard(blades at front and shotgun barrels at back). Can split in half to pose as dual arm blades for melee or dual shotguns for range. Shield mode can be used for bashing and hoverboard mode can be used for transportation, using the shotgun blasts as a boost for speed.

Zanshin Kazumi - Zetsumei - Grimm Nevermore Scythe: Nevermore Talon=Blade, Nevermore Leg=Handle, Nevermore Upper Beak Tip=Counterweight

Muramasa Nova - Masamune - Clear Glass Dust Katana that changes color based on which 6 types of Dust is in use: Fire=Red, Water=Blue, Wind=Green, Lightning=Yellow, Ice=Cyan/Light Blue, Gravity=Black w/ Dark Purple glow


Drakon - Dragon-Mk IV: Tail - Robotic metal extendable tail with a full reach of 4 feet straight out, exposes delicate wiring and other electrical stuff when extended however. Divided into layer sections that are blade sharp with an arrowhead tip that produces lightning from Lightning Dust.

Raghu - Dragon-Mk III: Wing - Robotic wings powered by Wind and Gravity Dust in order to make the user fly. Raghu also has a Dust powered bow that shoots a powerful blast of wind strong enough to create a hole in an Ursa Minor.

Gabija - Dragon-Mk I: Scale - Full body armor that can retract into a small backpack on the wearer’s back, similar to Penny's backpack holding her swords. Fully encompasses torso, legs, arms, feet, hands, and head and makes the user impervious to Fire in any form, however is easily manipulated by Gravity Dust due to weight and extremely vulnerable to Lightning Dust due to conduction and wiring. Resembles a scale like armor on a dragon.

Neasa - Dragon-Mk II: Claw - Metal braces that have finger-claws and boots that have claws. All claws are made of Fire Dust. Also includes a head brace that have metallic horns extending from the brace, horns can be rotated to face backwards or forwards.

Relatives of Team RSZN

Risa Ishida - Hinayu - Super long twin scarves with ice and fire dust weaved into either one wrapped around both her neck and torso. Fire for close-up offense and distraction, Ice for long range offense and defense. Both scarves can be wrapped around an opponent and activated for all around damage or capture.

Muramasa Mifune - Kasanami - Small bladed anchor that has a chain attached to it, allowing for it to be swung around for massive damage given its weight.

Muramasa Kane - Kazuha - Blade whips at the end of her sleeves replacing the straps on her straight jacket, both the jacket and blade whips are infused with Wind Dust



  • Autumn Franslischt - Helical Hanger & Ignus Fur - Helical Hanger is a submachine gun, with a helical style magazine. Below the end of the barrel is a Hanger, a sword similar to a cutlass but with a slightly higher weight. Ignus Fur is a shield modeled after a spartan shield except smaller.
  • Bele Ovid - Rabenschwarz - Rabenschwarz (Rab-en-swars) consisting of; Karasu Bein (Care-a-sue Bane) and Corvus Anima (Corv-vus An-im-a). Beles Cane-sword was named Rabenshwarz by him after designing it, based on its color and his semblance. It separates into 2 forms; Karasu Bein and Corvus Anima, A gun-sword and a sawed off shotgun. Karasu Bein is a Ninjato that Doubles into an eight-shot dust revolver. The sword comes out of the cane with ease and the crow shaped handle of the cane then acts as the hilt to Karasu Bein. For Karasu Beins ammunition, he uses simple lightning dust to propel it's bullets. The wings of the crow hilt slide away to reveal a simple method to input a Dust cartridge in order to charge the blade (eg. a knock-back effect using wind dust). Corvus Anima is a sawed off shotgun, which acts as Karasu Beins sheath. When Karasu Bein is removed the remainder of the cane transforms, the cane sliding into itself for a barrel and the base below the handle extending to become a stock. It is capable of holding 2 shells, hence the bandolier harness (which in total holds 20 shells). For Corvus Anima he uses Ash dust (a Mixture of wind and fire) That super heats the pellets, giving them a little extra kick. Unlike Wilt and blush, Rabenschwarz cannot propel its sword.
  • Rajah Navajo - Eisenhardt - A simple cold steel sword that is adorned with a bird motif at the hilt
  • Mai Brooks - Silken Grace & Silver Decorum - A pair of Hook swords that double as guns.


1: StarLight Destroyer - Basically Chainsaw X Melee Weapon X Gauntlets X Miniguns. 2 (6 barrels) minigun that can change into gauntlets and have chainsaws at the sides. Can be split into gauntlets or extend to become a double sided chainsaw sword. Used by Nox Steelarm

2: Suns' Rays - Bracelet X Swords/Daggers. A big bracelet that covers the whole forearm and has 4 daggers of the forearm size attached to the bracelet. It can be shot by a mechanism and also has 2 Holes to shoot Dust with 2 of the daggers having handles to become gun-like shape. It can be fastened and can spin, allowing it to block and damage greatly with her forearms. Used by Sol Eremus


  • Team VLVT
    • Spite and Malice: Twin rapier-whips
    • Harmonious Gale: A staff, sanjiegun, and twin nunchuck combo, all fueled by dust
    • Regicide: A battleaxe automatic-grenade launcher hybrid
    • Dancing Fangs: Twin daggers with dust enhanced blades

User:Kemetri D Jackkson

  • Pandora's Box: A carrying box that could be carried by it's handles, or lugged around on one's back like a back pack containing a different variety of weapons, or the different parts of the box can form into weapons. The box it self can be swung and bashed at an opponent as a blunt and dangerous weapon.

1.) Lust: A modified crossbow that shoots powerful shots of arrows at the target.

2.) Gluttony: A bronze circler shield that can protect the user against projectiles and certain magical blast such as from dust and semblance that the shield can absorb into it self and power a few other weapons for later use, or power up the shield itself. When the Gluttony Shield it filled with enough absorbed power from magic blast, it can be thrown at a target for a brutal attack then safely returns to the user.

3.) Sloth: Two Blunderbuss pistols that shoots paralyzing blast of power that would either slow down a target's movement, or temporarily paralyze them completely while they are still able to feel everything happening to them even pain.

4.) Envy: A pair of gauntlet claws that the user have to get up close and personal with to use to it's affect. The weapon consist of two gauntlets with razor sharp metal claws on the finger tips that when slashed on a opponent, takes a portion of energy needed to use their semblance, or when clashed against a weapon, a certain portion of the dust energy is taken, and they can use it for themselves.

5.) Wraith: Wraith consist of a rocket and bomb launcher that fires explosive rounds of different elemental attacks with the explosive usually being high and destructive.

6.) Pride: A powerful golden sword that can charge up with fire and electric dust.

  • Crashing Lightning

The appearance of the weapon is similar to that of Sharry's Stun Rod (Stun rod), but with a more bright silver, metallic color to it. The weapon can be used as a melee weapon with an electric charged impact hit, and can be adjusted into a ranged shooting weapon capable of shooting electric blast at the target with the power of a modified desert eagle than can also be turned into a electric blade.

  • Blade Shot

A scimitar combined with a semi-automatic sniper rifle.


Imperium Llafnau (Merging energy shotgun blades)

Dual bone white swords with brown decals. The blades can squash and the tips can fold back to reveal double-barreled energy shotguns, but instead of the barrels being next to each other, one is on top of the other. Whilst in sword form, the handles of the swords can attach and extend and the blades can split to create a dual glaive style weapon.


- Reach: A Variant Ballistic Compound Bow used by Ebony Feldgrau. Its main form functions as a much more heavy duty air rifle and features a blade across its top in case of coming into closer than desired contact with enemies. In its secondary form it extends into a bow, and fires of special ammunition like arrows.

- Murinae's Score: Violette Fluff 's set of iron claws, which are slid over her leather gloves and attached to gauntlets- each features two dust chambers and an exhaust for firing dust ammunition and "casting" dust.

- Karisuma-tekina: A bo staff and katana combo owned by a character which I have yet to name or complete a page for but is most definitely in the works.

- Leovex : Nahias rather Vociferous weapon, a metal bat and assault rifle duo.

- Kindness: A very large weapon for a very small girl. Yes, thank you mom and dad lets give the pre teen a massive chainsaw. its for "self defense."


-Lunar Scale: Weapon used by Phoenix Garnet Moon. It's a yo-yo with Phoenix's emblem on it. Uses tiny amounts Trail (weak dust substitute) to create an energy blade around the yo-yo. The yo-yo can spin at a maximum velocity of 214 miles per hour. The strings are made of soft elastic metal alloy Phoenix invented.

-Crimson Scorch: Phoenix's pistol with a blade attached to it. It is stored in the gun holster on Phoenix's ankle and it is what he normally use.

-Cyclone Gush: A metal plated fan with sharp edges and blue patterns used by Teal Indigo. The fan's skeleton is black and the "fan" part is blue with patterns of other shades of blue. Large amounts of compact dust is weaved onto the patterns to allow basic dust attacks, the dust are mainly water dust with 20% of wind dust and 5% Steam.

-Minim: A flute (functional) that transforms into a shotgun used by Lilac Mona.

-Pan Long: Sen Ye's weapon. Default non-weapon storage state is a par of bundles of 3 separate 30cm metal rods, they are stored in Sen's pouches. Its first form is a pair of tonfas also 90cm long, the handle is 23cm long. Sen also uses the tonfas as hammers and hooks and short fighting sticks. The weapon's second form is a 180cm long bo staff, and the final form is a glaive with a 30cm long blade which Sen almost never use.

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