Winter Edition:

  • Crystal Nelde: Crystal's Semblance is "Jingle!" - She is capable of reconstruct her memories as solid clones that play out a specific scene of her choice. The clones are able to act as solid matter for 3 to 5 interactions/attacks before dissipating. The number of attacks a memory clone could endure is proportional to the detail of the clone or scene, meaning the more detail there is in the clone, the less hits it can take Alternatively, the clones can be augmented with elemental Dust to become a solid statue of the Elemental Dust.
    • Dad's Semblance: "Preservation" - Upon receiving a life-threatening wound, his body's temperature will continously to drop down till it reaches sub zero, effectively stopping the damage from killing him. He can perform this Semblance on other people, but it requires him making contact and transfer a small amount of Aura with them beforehand, and will drain a large amount of his Aura upon activation.
    • Mom's Semblance: None
  • Idina Caliber: Idina's Semblance is "Dancing In The Dark" - She is capable of hiding and travelling between shadows - as long as they are within her sight and are the same size or larger than herself. When in used, Idina's Aura will form a pair of bat wings and devil tail, as well as her sclera turning black.
    • Dad's Semblance:
    • Mom's Semblance:
  • Sirce Marion: Sirce's Semblance is "Elven Blessing" - Using her Semblance, she can channel the Aura of the plants up to 150 feet around her by touching them, allowing her to sense the exact location of her allies/enemies to even the slightly movement - which is very useful for when she scouts the area. Her Semblance also allows her to heal herself using the Aura from the plants, however, it takes a while for her to do so and it will drain the plant from its Aura. It cannot be used in places without plants, and it doesn't work with animals. When activated, her cape will leave a trail of leaves behind her. (Fixed)
    • Dad's Semblance:
    • Maleficent Marion: Maleficent's Semblance is "Spinning Wheel Of Fate" - She is capable of dimming (at most, extinguishes) any sources of light 50 feet around here, depend on how strong the light sources are. However, her ability rendered useless against infinity light sources (like the sun) and can be easily overwhelmed with rechargeable light sources - Gonna give it to Sirce's dad
  • Tianee Musk: Her Semblance is "Protector Of The Forest" - Tianee's Semblance allows her to construct her Aura into a semi-transparent deer's antlers on top of her head (Similar to this), and she can use it to block and lock one close range attack at a time. However, it is very unstable and cannot hold its form for longer than a few seconds after she activated her Semblance, so Tianee will have to have to time it perfectly every times she plans on using it.
    • Dad's Semblance:
    • Mom's Semblance: None
  • Kyrrah Esther: Kyrrah's Semblance is "Devastating Gale": She can create wind, from a gentle breeze to a strong gust. At its strongest potential, she can create a tornado and she herself becomes the "eye" of it. The tornado will move around here, sucking in anything and anyone who enter her range and tosses them out at certain height. Additionally, it can be infused with Dust, making the tornadoes becomes more dangerous. When she cancels it, the tornado won't stop right away - it usually takes up to 10 minutes for it to fades, but it will remain still as Kyrrah is no longer the "eye" of it anymore. (Fixed)
  • Eternia Gaea: Eternia's Semblance is "Wild Lands": Eternia's Semblance is "Wild Lands": Her Semblance allows her to create a large labyrinth at most 500 feet around her (30 feet tall), and she can choose whenever to create it above or underneath the ground surface. The material of the labyrinth is often the same type of material she is standing on while performing her Semblance, and when Dust is in use, it will create various of trap when the wall is being destroyed. A most notable features of her Semblance is that the maze will varies each time she uses it, but there will always be a large room in the center, where Eternia will stand. She can also dismiss the labyrinth when she no longer need it.
  • Serene Nevee: Her Semblance is "Serene Mind" -  As soon as her Semblance is activated, her body become sensitive and repulsive to other people's Aura, to the point that an attempt to make direct contact with her will result to both parties being pushed away from each other (Result may varies depend on how overwhelming her enemy's Aura is). With this, she can easily dodge any close range attack until her Semblance wears off. This is useless against opponents without Aura and ranged attack. (Fixed)
  • Tatsu Blaine: Tatsu's Semblance is called "Purgatory Flame" - His Aura will flare up and take form of a dragon around him, boosting his muscle strength greatly. The scales tattoos on his body will slowly spread out and covering his body, giving him a lizard-like look as Tatsu continously using his Semblance, and by the time it covered 100% of his body, he will completely exhausted, strained some of his muscles and can no longer fight - a method for Tatsu to watch over so he doesn't overused his Semblance. (Fixed)
  • Phoebus Thies: Phoebus' Semblance is "Ascend" - With each hit he takes, his body and weapon will become lighter, increasing his speed and attack, allowing him to attack faster, move faster - even his Dust wave's speed will increase! (Fixed)
  • Lacie Serica: His Semblance is "Death Weaver" - The Semblance itself allows him to manipulate thread, yarn, wool, string, etc (as long as it's material to make clothes) to the very fiber of it. Lacie can uses it to control fiber, change it density and even harden it. Lacie uses his Semblance to turn his silk into a pair of arm blade for close combat, or a bow for ranged attack. However, he can only control the fiber if he is touching it, and it can still be cut off with enough force. The fiber will return to normal once his Semblance runs out. (Fixed)
  • Tomy Bao: Tomy's Semblance is "Clair De Lune" - He creates at least two or more mirror-like glyph that's around his height. When activated, he is capable of teleporting from one to another, as long as his reflection is in the glyph. These glyphs, however, is very fragile and can be shattered if attacked, and if he attempts to teleport when it is, Tomy will be knocked back to his original location. And of course, these mirror glyphs are useless in the dark
  • Monte Shep: Monte's Semblance is "Necromancy": Whenever he turns off the connection between the marionettes and his controller, or when it runs out of energy, his Semblance is unconsciously activated. It gives Birdie and Cheshire self consicousness and allowing them to aware of their surrounding and situation, with a fixed goal in their mind - to protect Monte. They can only behave and fight within their functional ability, but the marionettes are deadlier as they will continously try to push their limit until their owner is safe and all threats are removed. This Semblance will last until Monte's Aura is completely drained, but he has been trying to learn and end it early, to prevent his marionettes from attacking his allies and innocent people.
  • Pina: Pina's Semblance is called "Mockingjay" - she can mimic other people's voice as long as she has heard it before. It is useless if she is engaged in a one on one fight, but very useful if her enemies comes in large group. However, she can only mimic voices without knowing the personality of the owner, so her enemies can spot the differences if they pay close attention to it. (Fixed)
  • Peri Winter: Peri's Semblance is "Frost Talent" - She creates a layer of transparent frost around objects or even other people, protecting whatever inside it while giving frostbite to whoever attempt to make contact at the object/people who is being protected by the frost. The layer of frost will not be melted easily, but it isn't very durable if it is attacked. (Fixed)
  • Charlotte Mel: Charlotte's Semblance is "Light Ribbon". She is capable of leaving behind a wall of light that is transparent and impenetrable, but will be dissipates over time. However, it can only be as tall as her height, making it easy to just simply jump over. Different effects will take place depend on the type of Dust she uses.
  • God dude: His Semblance is "Checkmate" - He forms a cube-like barrier around him and no more than one more person, separated them with the rest of the battlefield, prevent any of his or her enemy's allies to help either of them during their battle. The barrier can still be destroyed from inside out, by either attacking and defeating him or the barrier itself.

Samjay Souji

  • Gauth  : Gauth semblance is "Cyclone Effect". He can absorb wind as an input, then his weapon will proccess the wind to determine what output Gauth desired. He can either chose to use it as a wind blast to propel himself, enhance his attacks with winds, enhanced jump heigth, jump on the midair, mobilize some part of his weapon, forming a temporal wind barrier, increase personal mobility. But he can't do all of these unless he gather the wind first for each output, and during the process of gathering wind, he might causes his nearby foe drawn into him due to the suction process. His semblance often causing ignorant people around him to prejudice that he has multiple semblance. Alongside that, all of the output can be mixed with the dust element that applied to his weapon. 
  • Symin  : Her semblance is "Particle String". She can attach string to the crossbow bolt she shot(which in a form of particle), allowing her to control their velocity and mobility like a puppet master. If she shot many bolt particles, she can bundle them to form another object such as giant sword. Symin's crossbow bolt are compatible to Cyclone Trail, Gauth's weapon. She can give that giant sword or whatever object she created to Gauth to be weaponized as a weapon of powerful blow.
    • Her semblance idea was "Particle Pocket". She is able to turn object into particles and put them into a vessel. Its like how we save file into hardisk except we saved a solid object. However, this only affect object that has her DNA. -Scrapped because it is redundant knowing Hammerspace is already exist in RWBY.
    • Her semblance idea was "Mass Alteration". She can alter weight of an object she touches whether they will be lighter or heavier. She also can chose whom will be affected by the altered object. She usually use her semblance to carry and swing her heavy weapon as if it is a light weapon. -Scrapped because it is too common.
  • Brizio : His semblance is "Refinement". Haven't thought that much. But it will be a support-orriented glyph semblance where he  usually hides and support Gauth and Symin in the back, buffing their power. It can make people prejudice that both Gauth and Symin has more than one semblance let alone Gauth.
  • Philbert  : His semblance is "Turbine Wave". He can create a wave projectiles out of a small spining fan/turbine which something his weapon had. He also can manipulate the velocity of a thrown turbine such as boomerang, flying pinwheel, etc. But uniquely, If he was told to support Gauth and Symin from behind while hiding like Brizio, he can enhance their weapon and have them able to hurl projectiles since their weapon has a turbine too. This makes Gauth and Symin even more looks like they have multiple semblance. Symin would occasionally hurls a spinning wheel projectile from her weapon 360 degree swing. Philbert can adjust the said projectile velocity in case if needed for a purpose


  • Zahn Fa: Levitation Glyph: Activates a glyph that appears below his feet and allow him to levitate in the air. He can move at around 3-4 MPH. He usually restricts its usage to basic transportation or to get to high and out of the way places to allow him better vantage points when using his combat rifle from a distance because usage of his semblance, combined with his slightly below standard hunter fitness, can tire him out very easily if he pshes himself too far. In combat, he can usually stay in the air for about 10-20 minutes depending on how intense the fight is, with a 5-10 minute down time. Out of combat, if used at a leisurely pace, he can stay in the air for about 30 or more minutes. Is trying to improve the speed of the semblance, along with his flight endurance.
  • Yin Ying: Teleportation Glyph: Glyph appears below her feet, allowing her to teleport up to 50 feet. The semblance requires that she needs a line-of-sight to where she is teleport, meaning if she can't see it, she can't go there. The Semblance only allows her to teleport in a straight line and she can't use it to move diagonally. Meaning if her body is facing north, she can't move North east or south west. This also applies if she were to teleport up in the air meaning she can't teleport slightly up, she has to either go straight up or straight down or in a specific direction. She can however control what direction shes facing when she comes out of the teleport. She also has to wait about 5 seconds before she can teleport again. She is unable to teleport someone along with her, but she can teleport while holding an inanimate objects. When she teleports, the sudden missing mass causes the air to violently move into the open space with a loud but harmless implosion. The same thing happens when she comes out of a teleport. (Character not yet completed)
  • Rouge Terrakos: Earth manipluation/ Terrakinesis: When activated, a glyph appears at her feet, allowing her to move the earth around her. She can manipulate earth up to 40 feet from her and can carry up to a weight of around 300 lbs. The semblance requires her to stay rooted to the ground, so aerial combat is next to impossible for her without significant training to increase her manipluation range. Because of Rouge spending the majority of her last two years in Advanced school training, she has a greater grasp of her semblance and is much more skilled than most first year Beacon students. Though she usually uses the semblance merely to cover her body in stone armor rather than use any ranged attacks. (Character not yet completed)


  • Amber (Amy) Thysteine: Amy's Semblance is called "Lunar Phase" and is defense oriented. A total of four different purple colored glyphs are used, New Moon, Full Moon, Gibbous, and Quarter, (and Crescent as well, though not defense oriented).
    • New Moon is the transitional phase of her Semblance, being intangable with no defensive properties.
    • Quarter Moon gives the glyph tangibility creating a 2D shield to defend against a small number of attacks before breaking (can be moved at will, be made a platform to jump from, table function). Max of two can be in use.
    • Full Moon is for a barrier effect, where the glyph surrounds the person Amy wants protected; its size can be increased, but takes a lot of energy to maintain. Combined with her Lightning Dust, she can coat her barrier with electricity to shock opponents that attack her, create small bombs of condensed electricity, or a makeshift flashlight.
    • Gibbous is similar to Full Moon, though used more for a recovery method rather than defense; the barrier is more of a squishy bubble used for soft landings or a spring effect and can also slow down/hault attacks as a netting of some sort.
    • Crescent Moon's ability has not been determined yet.
  • Mason Donovan: Mason's Semblance is called "Solidify" and is a self-defense type Semblance. For it to work at its fullest, he must first get into a solid stance then proceeds to activate his Aura, focusing on encoating his whole body with it. Before being attacked, Mason's Aura will do as the name suggests and harden into an impenetrable force field, preventing damage for a short period of 10 seconds, as well as immobilizing him until its effects are over.

Although it is a great defensive tactic in case of a strong blow or falling from a great height, Solidify drains a lot of Aura and its continuous usage in the same battle will only make Mason's defenses much weaker than from the first usage. Luckily for him, he only uses it in moments of extreme danger.

  • Blaine Azuria: Blaine's Semblance is called, "Support Reticle" and is supportive in nature. Upon activation, a targeting reticle will manifest in his left eye as a side effect of his ability. When in use, he is able to summon a glyph with the same design branded on his iris that can be used as a point of focus for himself or allies to target. That alone is for a cosmetic usage; in actuality, Blaine's Semblance can increase the attack power of moves that pass through it by a good 33%.
  • Rina Rouge: Rina's Semblance is called "Shine" and is an offensive type Semblance.For the power of her Semblance to activate, Rina's mind needs to be clear and focused. She then readies her stave, and pours her Aura into it, causing it to glow brightly. The intensity of the orange light shows how powerful her attacks will be; the weaker the glow, the weaker its power and vice versa.

Currently this ability can give Rina's blows about a 25% boost in power. It lasts for a 60 second time period, and she has to wait at least 5 minutes for reactivation. Because Shine is a new technique revealed during her first year, Rina mainly uses it whenever she needs to gain a quick advantage in battle rather than immediate activation as constant usage would quickly drain her energy.

Since she's still training with this newfound ability, it is still possible for her train it further, increasing its potential greatly and maing usage less stressful. Combining her Semblance with Dust changes the color of her weapon's glow showing off a different elemental attribute.

    • Storming Shine: With wind Dust, her stave glows light green. This augment allows her to send waves of air with each of her swings.
    • Blazing Shine: With Fire Dust, the glow is red. Her stave will burn enemies and with enough focus, she can cause a small explosive blast when coming into contact with objects/enemies.
    • Frozen Shine: Ice Dust shows as a cyan glow. With this element she can stab the ground with her weapon creating a pillar of ice to skewer opponents or use it as protection.
    • Surging Shine: Lightning Dust makes the glow silver. She performs quick dash attacks, inflicting electrical damage and possible temporary paralysis. With enough focus, it can be used as a tactic to blind enemies temporarily.
    • Compressed Shine: Gravity Dust
    • Crystal Shine: Earth Dust
  • Haldor Baines: Haldor's Semblance is called "Godsend" and grants a boost in power for himself.
  • Kyou Hamasaki: Kyou's ability is called "Sylph Sprint" and is a supportive type Semblance. Increases his own speed to where he can go from point A to point B in the blink of an eye.
  • Rhoda Hylonome: Rhoda's Semblance called "Scope" is a support ability to enhance her vision. Her eyes glow a brighter shade of green enabling her to focus intensely on her target allowing her to search for any weak points, abnormalities, or common attack patterns to exploit. Can also be used to give her binocular-like vision to clearly see things at far distances. The more still her body is, the more concentrated she is when using her Semblance; using it while fighting causes a lot of stress, and using it a lot over short periods of time lead to migrains.
  • Izumi Thrussell: Izumi's Semblance is called "Siren's Song" and is supportive in nature. When in effect, her eyes glow and she starts to sing a melody that lulls anyone nearby into a state of oblivion. The closer you are, the deeper the trance you are in (unless you're covering your ears or wearing ear plugs to resist the spell).
  • Lily Dunstan: Her Semblance is called "Widow's Snare" and is a supportive type ability. Through a glyph, Lily is able to create web-like netting with the use of her Aura to launch at her opponents, trapping them for a short period of time. She can lay the glyph onto the ground, in the form of a trap, or onto the wall to help her/allies stick to walls. She can combine her Semblance with Dust to set these webs of hers ablaze (Fire), shock opponents with electricity (Lightning), immobilize them for longer periods of time (Ice), or used it as a spring (Wind).
  • Olive Oakwood-"Now You See Me...": Olive's Semblance revolves around teleportation. Upon activation, she emits a cloud of green smoke, hiding her disappearance from enemies. She reappears usually within a (insert distance) radius, most likely in a hiding spot for her next attack or make a hasty retreat. She can also extend her warping range by (insert valid increase), although is greatly fatigued afterwards.
  • Roy Sage- "Light Speed": Roy's Semblance is a supportive ability, that when activated will increase his movement speed. His Aura will cause his body to glow brightly, showing his Semblance is in effect, leaving a red streak trail behind him as he moves.
  • Carmen Aiolos- "Never Skip Leg Day": Carmen's Semblance allows her to increase her overall strength, but preferably focuses the extra power into her legs. When active, her jumping capabilities are enhanced to reach higher distances, or jump across wide gaps. When stomping on the ground, she can even send out a quick shockwave to make grounded opponents stumble.
  • Aeron- "Rift": This Semblance is supportive in nature. The user is able to create a glyph that opens up a gateway of sorts in which they can step inside (Point A). A second glyph will appear in a location of their choosing (Point B), mainly one that is in sight to them, which is where the user will exit out of. This Semblance's main feature is used for warping the user and/or allies out of immediate danger. It can also be used in conjunction with their weapon, firing it in the entry glyph and it comes out the exit glyph for more a tactical use.
  • Roland Andebert- "Brand": When coming into physical contact with an enemy, the user is able to mark them with a special marking. It may look like a mere tattoo; however, the user has the ability to activate the symbol, causing it to glow and cause pain to the inflicted area. The current brand will disappear after the damage has been done, by the user's will, or whenever a certain time period has passed. Multiple brands can be placed on an opponents body, and on multiple people. Dust can alter the effects greatly: Fire causes an explosion, Ice freezes the inflicted area, and Lightning will stun the area with paralysis.
  • Misty Rose- "Butterfly Effect": The user is able to create butterfly constructs for tactical usage. By looks alone, they can be used to distract an enemy not paying attention to the user, stalling them for a small period of time. Upon the users command however, they can explode causing small damage to opponents.
    • Fire Dust increases the explosive power.
    • Water creates a mist that is used to disable vision akin to a smoke screen.
    • Ice creates an explosion that can freeze opponents, or pierce through them.
    • Wind has lower damage, but greater knockback capabilities.
    • Lightning will paralyze opponents temporarily.
    • Gravity creates a small field of increased pressure.
  • Ciar Squall- "Shadow Step": The user is able to silence their movements completely. Useful for sneaking behind enemies, or sneaking away.
  • Phyllis Taylor- "Free the Animal!": Phyllis calls forth her primal instincts, attacking her foes with extreme force, creating the image of a lion with her Aura.
  • Linus Valentine- "Minor Anesthetic": Linus emmits a cloud of smoke that when breathed in will result in fatigue and drowziness.
  • Guinevere Cybele- "Golem Guardian": Gwen's Semblance summons a 10ft giant crafted of stone to aid her in battle.
  • (Unnamed User)- "Lucky #7": The user is able to create up to 6 clones of themselves for combat. Each clone has a limit of hits it can take before being "poofed" (higher number of clones made= lower hit limit). With Dust involved, the clones can each take on a single elemental property (Fire clone, Water clone, etc.) for a wider strategy.
  • (Unnamed User)- "Sweetest Taboo": The user emits an aura of attraction, mesmerizing them with their looks; it's effects are stronger on the opposite sex. Cosmetically, the user gains a pair of devil wings and tail via their Aura.
  • '(Unnamed User)'-"Makeover!/Envy": This Semblance is a form of illusion, where the user is able to take the appearance of another person (similar to Neo's disguises). The user must have an ideal image of the person they wish to impersonate as a default template, but may alter the appearance with beauty products and accessories.
  • (Unnamed User)- "Heaven's Charm": Cosmetically, the user's Aura creates a pair of angelic wings on the user's back during the Semblance's activation. While in effect, the user gets a 20% stat increase in speed and strength for 20 seconds. The ability cannot be used again until 5 minutes pass by, and can only be effectively used twice in battle (the 3rd time causes extreme fatigue).
  • '(Unnamed User)'"Bewilderment": The user emits a cloud of mist that shrouds their presence. Inhaling the mist will cause hallucinations on the target's brain; the longer they stay within the fog, the stronger the effects will become.


  • Zaffre Glass: Zaffre's Semblance is called Leap. By channeling energy into her legs, Zaffre is able to leap increadible distances/ heights and land safely.
  • Midori Yara: Midori's Semblance is called Triad. He creates a set of three glyphs which he then lays on the ground in a triangle. When standing inside the triangle, the strength of his Dust magic is increased. While Triad is active, Midori cannot move outside of the three triangles.
  • Hazel Lettel: Hazel's Semblance is called Aeora. She is able to see wind currents/ direction and with a high level of concentration, can maniuplate them when firing her arrows to help them fly further.
  • Oran Cambridge: Oran's Semblance is called Gravitas. He is able to manipulate his own personal gravity, simulating increased strength and agility, making Cinder Breaker easier to carry and swing.
  • Viola Lindynn: Viola's Semblance is called Grip. Viola is able to cling to any solid surface and climb by transferring energy to her feet and hands. This gives her a much wider range to attack from.
  • Aurora LeMarchelle:Aurora's Semblance is called Track. Aurora is able to track the movements of her enemies a few seconds into the future. This takes an immense toll on her though, to the point she usually passes out after using it.
  • Ornella Ashland: Ornella's Semblance is called Spin. Ornella is able to spin increadibly rapidly without getting disorientated and can control the direction she moves when spinning. Using this in conjunction with her weapon enables her to use an attack she likes to call Razor Whirl.
  • Flynn Scarlett: Flynn's Semblance is called Strength. When Flynn's Semblance activates, a pale red energy envelopes his body and greatly increases his physical strength. Considering the melee form of Flynn's weapon, Regenbrand, is a sledgehammer, his Semblance allows him to inflict increadible damage and cause a lot of destruction with it. The longer Strength is used, the more damage is done to Flynn's body, in some cases leaving him unable to move after wards.
  • Dorian Grayson: His semblance is called Locate. It allows him to locate targets within a certain range and predict their possible movements.
  • Claret D. Gainsboro: Claret's Semblance is called Proliferate. It allows her to create a glyph that multiplies her crossbow bolts when they're fired through it. The more glyphs Claret creates, the more cloned bolts that are created. The cloned bolts become weaker the more that are created. The number of glyph's Claret creates also determines how exhausted using her Semblance can make her. The effect could theoretically apply to any projectile passing through the glyph as long as it is infused with Claret's Aura. This means she could also infuse the bullets/ bolts/ arrows of a team mate and allow them to have the same effect when passing through the Glyph. The cloned projectiles are created from the energy Claret stores in the Glyphs. Once the energy in a Glyph runs out, it dissolves.

Electric Spark

  • Argent Cloche: Argent's semblance is "Blossom". She can concentrate and store her Aura into small crystals for later use. She can also use these crystals to manipulate plant life.
    • Creation Date: November 28th, 2014
    • Acceptance Date (Volume 2): December 9th, 2014; (Volume 3): April 24th, 2016
  • Vihrea Toukka: Rea's semblance is "Mechateer". She can manipulate mechanical objects and devices. She utilizes it in a variety of ways, from jamming an opponent's weapon to controlling objects such as vehicles.
    • Creation Date: March 30th, 2015
    • Acceptance Date (Volume 2): May 11th, 2015
  • Lanse Nanhai: Lanse's semblance is "Foley". He can alter the components of any sound emanating from his own body and shape it into any form of noise he wishes.
    • Creation Date: September 7th, 2014
    • Acceptance Date (Volume 2): September 9th, 2014; (Volume 3): May 22, 2016
  • Cam Wells: Cam's semblance is "Unlimited". He can push his body past its normal limits to attain greater strength, speed, and endurance at the cost of depleting his Aura.
    • Creation Date: May 4th, 2014
    • Acceptance Date (Volume 1): May 10th, 2014


  • Bryan Hyacintho: Bryan's unnamed semblance allows him to increase his strength up to 50%. Combined with his enhanced stamina, he can use this for an extended amount of time.

RWBY Ruby Rose


  • Miyuki Winfield: (Updated and Accepted!)

    Semblance: Wind Skater

    Miyuki is able to manipulate her own sense of gravity so she is able to move/skate over any surface without any restriction from rough surfaces or elevation, however she can't fully levitate from the ground. Also, it does take some aura usage the longer she uses her semblance.
  • Leonardo R. Tsukiakari: (Updated and Accepted!)

    Semblance: Lunar Barriers

    This allows Leo to produce a barrier to protect himself and/ or his allies. Depending on how long it is used or how many times it is used, it can slowly drain his aura with each use. For example, a barrier can be created using 5 - 15% of his aura at a time.  He could use it to reload or change dust crystals so he wouldn't be completely defenseless or to protect themselves and others when they are disarmed. Even though it can protect from incoming attacks, heavier weapons can greatly damage it and would shatter the barrier after or two hits. Living things can also pass through the barrier regardless of side and also has a cooldown of 20-30 seconds. Later on, he discovers that he can use the dust in his weapon to manipulate what kind of barrier appears. For example, lightning dust allows a lightning infused barrier.
  • Inari Tsukiakari: (Updated and Accepted!)

    Semblance: Moonlit Force

    Inari is able to generate and channel blue electrical discharge around her hands and body. This is not fully known until volume 4 when she starts to generate discharge by herself. This is first seen when Inari is able to recall her weapons back to her hands. It is later elaborated as she is able to generate electrical discharge that has a electromagnetic effect when she recalls her weapons back to her hands. It is fully seen when she is able to generate the static discharge at will by the cost of some of her aura. If she uses her semblance too much, she will exhaust herself quicker.
    The more she uses her semblance, the stronger the discharge becomes and the more control she will have over it which would make her lose less aura unless it was a powerful attack that she charges for. She can conduct the discharge through metal, her own weapons, or direct contact with a person/Grimm and she can unleash a potentially devastating shock to the individual(s) (By Volume 6, she’s able to temporarily immobilize an Ursa using 12-15% of her aura). She can also use her semblance to enhance her dust attacks. One of the moves that she is able to use is a dual volt slash (which would be similar to Volt Tackle). Though after using this move, a third of her aura goes as well.
  • Taison Lefebrve: (Updated!)

    Semblance: Shuffle Shift 

    Taison would create a 2-5 foot field in front of him that changes the velocity of objects that pass through it. The objects that he throws or shoots can fly faster, or the projectiles coming towards him could be slowed down. Though he can only make one field at a time to either speed up or slow down projectiles and would only last for up to two minutes at most. The field would also affect all objects that pass it, not just his own.
    After spending his time traveling throughout Vacuo to Mistral, his semblance usage has greatly improved. He can set up to two Shuffle Shift fields at a time and each can last up to three minutes. Depending on the length of time that his semblance has been active, there is a cool down of half the time it was active. (Ex. If 3 minutes -> 1.5 minute cooldown). He has used this semblance to rescue his allies or speed up his or her attacks up to impact with the target though it does take up more aura if he uses it for that purpose.


  • Quaralia Rosalinda: (Needs to be updated!)

    Semblance: Rune Path.

    Quaralia can summon a small line of runes in a line beside the original. While in the rune wall area, her dust abilities increase. However, the more runes that are used at once, the more it drains her aura with the max of 3 minutes before the runes disappear and they can only be up to 10 ft apart. In addition, anyone with dust abilities could use them.
  • Rosalina Mara:

    Semblance: Fiery Tantrums.

    When Rosalina is upset/mad, she slams her fist or fists to the ground to summon out 6 pillars of fire to surround herself. The pillars erupt from runes that are placed immediately after she slams her fist(s).Though they only last for 30 seconds and can burn anyone, even teammates. Later on she is able to move the pillars around.
  • Turquoise Namir:

    Semblance: Protectors.

    Turquoise can create two dust constructs that would both take forms of tigers that could attack/jump on enemies. Depending on what dust is used, it gives different effects (ex. fire dust = explosive fiery tigers) and they only able to do 1 powerful attack each before disappearing. Later on, she can differentiate the tigers with different dust (ex: one fire dust tiger and one ice dust tiger).
  • Zabrina Mayonaka: (Updated!)

    Semblance: Oracle.  

    Zabrina can essentially read or sense the thoughts of other people around them. If she concentrates enough and glances at them, she can hear the thoughts of a single person while in a small group. In just one on one conversations, she just has to glance at them. For every 20 seconds, 1.5% of her aura is drained. However, it only works on humans and faunus and she can get severe headache if she tries to read more than one at a time. It will not work on someone if they are more than 10 feet away or if their mind is too unstable.
    After the Fall of Beacon, if Zabrina places a hand on the individual, she would be able to read their memories. Every 15 seconds, 2.5% of her aura would be drained. Even being able to see these memories, the images would come across as vague to her. Her semblance would be useless in combat since she would not be focused enough to read the individual (best when sitting, standing or hiding) and she cannot read minds and memories at the same time since it has to be either one or the other.


  • Aran Alcyone:

    Aran's semblance is called Storm Gale.

    Aran can create gusts of wind. With this ability, he could use it to knock people off balance and to also give himself a tailwind to improve his speed and accuracy to a certain degree. He could also use this to launch himself against his foes. The stronger the gust of wind, the more aura is used. He also needs to wait 20 seconds between each use before using it again.
  • Mishiki Mitsuaki:

    Mishiki's Semblance is called Dust Cracker.

    Mishiki is allowed to create bombs from dust catalysts and throw them at the enemy filled with power, exploding with the dust kind with contact. The higher the explosion, the more aura it takes. The max is a relatively large explosion that would deplete a persons aura which could shatter some of a two story building. As Mishiki uses it more and more, he would be able to do that kind of damage more times before losing all of his aura. How many times this is done depends on how much Mishiki practices it.
  • Zahavi Byukuya: -Coming Soon-
  • Niagara Kimhan:

    Niagara's semblance is called Rush.

    Niagara can focus a small amount of aura to the bottom of his feet in order to push himself foward short distances. This can be done multiple times until his aura runs out. (Credit goes to Flora for semblance usage.)

Team WYNG (Sharing with Amet)

  • Wynn Altair:

    Wynn's semblance is called Dove Sight.

    Wynn Can detect thermal and aura energy readings through his eyesight. Eyes turn to green in use. (Sharing with Amet)
  • Ango Yahaira:

    Ango's semblance is called Talon's Fleet.

    Ango can put a glyph on any ally, 'blessing' them and increasing their movement speed and power for a duration. The perecentage is directly based off of the effective duration - the higher the percentage, the shorter the active time and vice versa. If Ango so chooses, she can teleport a marked ally to her location. She can have two glyphs active at a time, but the above still applies. (Sharing with Amet)
  • Neeja Calfuray:

    Neeja's semblance is called Sonic Wing.

    Neeja places small glyphs on shuriken, throws it and where it lands, she can teleport to the shuriken. Disappears as soon as she teleports as many glyphs and can only have 2 active at a time. Can teleport two other people with her. 15 seconds per teleport. (Sharing with Amet)
  • Giallo Chosovi:

    Giallo's semblance is called Birds Of A Feather.

    Giallo can summon glyph-based dopplegangers with a percentage of his own Aura and defenses; the number of clones depending on how much Aura he puts into each. When he does this, Giallo turns invisible, allowing him to sneak up or out of a fight. The downside to this, however, is if a doppleganger goes down, he loses that percentage of his Aura. Once all his dopplegangers are gone, he re-appears. Even though he may cancel the clones at any given time and regain the lost Aura, he still re-appears. (Sharing with Amet)


  • Azora Glacia: (Updated and Accepted!)

    Semblance: Absolute Zero

    Azora is able to drop the temperature of anything she makes physical contact with. The longer she keeps contact, the colder the object gets and there is more aura used in the process.
  • Forest Drake: (Updated and Accepted!)

    Semblance: Lightning Surge

    Forest has the ability to run electricity over his body to release it on a person or thing. The more static electricity he stores, the more he can electrify. However, he can only take on so much static electricity before it overloads his body which is why he can only have it stored on his whole body for 20 seconds and after using it, the electricity disappears and cannot use it until he runs more electricity which takes up to 45 seconds to run over. In Volume 4, he is able to store it on his body from 25-30 seconds and is able to run electricity in 40 seconds thanks to intense training.
  • Volkin Tinuviel:

    Volkin's semblance is called Explosive Eruptions.

    With each successful hit that Volkin throws, he stores up energy for a powerful attack. Once he has enough energy, Volkin smacks his fists or weapon into the ground with the energy as it creates a fissure and depending on the dust that is used with it, he can overflow it with the substance (ex, fire dust- fire, ice dust-ice). The larger the fissure, the more time it takes to prepare. After the attack there is a 30 second (small fissure)- 2 minute (large fissure) cooldown (depending on how big the fissure) before he can store more energy.

Other Semblances

  • TBA: Chainwork- This semblance allows the user to constrict opponents or create human sized (users height) wall with dust constructed chains. They would activate by the user tossing the dust shards to create the chain constructs. These can bind the person or area briefly for 10-15 seconds(5 if strong opponents) and once released, they cannot use the semblance for 30 seconds. The longer they try to hold the person, the more aura is absorbed. The longest depends on user in which starting would be for 45 seconds. It can also be used in another manner such as a chain wall. Dust can also be used and depending on  what kind, it can cause different effects. The more a person uses the semblance, the more chains can be produced.
  • TBA: Cold Snap- The user can summon a glyph underneath them that changes the ground within 15 meters into a sheet of ice, allowing them to retain full mobility while tripping up their opponents.
  • TBA: Time Perception. The user would basically, even though time passes at the speed it normally does, see time moving at 1/10th of its normal speed for a certain amount of time. So, if there was a sneak attack coming in that, if they saw in time (normal speed), they could dodge, but the attack happens too quickly. They would be able to see the attack just as it begins, and get out of the way. They could also use this to counter the enemy's moves and fit a counter attack in or to pull an ally away from an attack. Though the more it is used and the longer it is used for can wear down the person's aura a decent amount. Like when thus user uses it, she could only use it three- four times in a fight even though they may have high aura. If they use it more than they are able to, then they would collapse from overuse after or in extraneous cases, during combat. It would take them a few hours for them to recharge so they could use it again. A known side effect is their change of eye color from blue to silver. (Too OP, Revision Needed)
  • TBA: Aero Field. - The user is able to form a small pocket of compacted air around their projectiles, preventing them from being affected by wind resistance. Upon contact with its target, the object takes the force of the compacted air before the arrow connects. They can also surround their fists with compact air in order to hit their enemy even if they doesn’t land an attack directly at the target. It can used until their aura runs out.


  • Saige Cristallo: Athena's Arm. Athena's Arm is only activated in the event of physical or emotional turmoil, and can invoke a sort of adrenaline rush throughout Saige's body. With this, her muscles tense up, and she can do something as difficult as punching through a brick wall (as shown here; keep in mind that this is a maximum power punch). On a really good day, she could "dismantle" an Atlesian Paladin with a headbutt. Of course, with school starting at Siren and all, good days don't happen often.
    • The biggest drawback to Athena's Arm is how much energy it takes out of her. Normally, Saige is a very composed person, but when she takes too much damage, or something flusters her too much, she starts to waver, and that's not a good thing for anyone. She puts a lot of strength into her attacks when usingAthena's Arm, and therefore drains a lot of her own stamina. There are times when a powerful punch or headbutt will get her to black out for a few minutes, if not call the need for a paramedic or an ambulance. Thanks to this, one of her teammates needs to carry some kind of energizer (such as an energy drink) with them at all times, usually something packed with caffeine or sugar.
  • Tara Rhys: Determination. Through the burning desire to do something, whatever it is—through complete and utter determination—Tara's Semblance allows her to channel heat in the surrounding area and use it to burn objects with the touch of her hand. Its highest recorded temperature is 212º.
  • Macy Anumati: Wind Dance. Its power makes Macy a naturally fast fighter, and ables her to propel herself at great speeds from one point to another, creating wind turbulence as she moves. The faster she moves, the stronger the wind she stirs up. However moving too fast, albeit creating 10ft tornadoes, can be taxing on her body, and may easily wear her out if she pushed herself too hard.
  • Evelyn Scarborough: Scatter. With the Dust sewn/embedded into her kimono in the form of numerous swirl patterns, she can force it to detach and swirl around her in a 3-meter radius. The swirls take the forms of vines and flower petals, and act as a quickly-moving, defensive barrier that can deflect an oncoming attack.
    • Of course, the barrier Evelyn summons doesn't form a perfect shield, as there are gaps between the vines and petals for people to try and aim through; plus, she has to be moving within a small radius for it to work, as it can't move around with her very well.
  • Rydia Argyris: Beast Tamer. When activated, her bright red Aura releases from her body at first in the form of red lightning, before manifesting in the form of fully grown lions about the size of a motorcycle. Rydia can create four of these projections at once, and command their movements to either lash out and attack her opponents, or form a sturdy defense around her person. Being composed of her naturally dynamic Aura, these "lions" can create a burst of lightning upon impact with weapons, people, or other objects, resulting in a similar explosion to that of an activated Lightning-Type Dust crystal.

Maki Kuronami

  • Maki Kuronami: "Mist". Support-type semblance. Grants Maki the capability to generate mist around herself.
  • Azalea Rappaccini: "Healing". Glyph-type semblance. Makes Azalea capable of healing injuries by using a glyph that accelerates cell regeneration.
  • Ivory Dietrich: "Memorization". Support-type semblance. Allows Ivory to perceive things better and gives him something akin to photographic memory. His eyes have bright blue colors when it's active.
  • Dunkelblau Noname: "Balance". Offense/Defense-type semblance Tied to Noname's emotional state. She gains a bright blue hue if she has positive emotions and turns negative blue if she has negative emotions. Her eyes also turn blue when it's used, as well as granting her decent durability. Her attacks are stronger if she has a negative blue hue, while her defenses are higher if she has a bright blue hue. A sign that it's active is her hair and eyes glowing.
  • Margarethe Lorelei: "Glint". Offense-type semblance. Similar in effect to Ruby's Speed, but leaves a green streak of light on the trail that Margie took. It gives her the capability of quick steps or enhanced agility.
  • Alexander Pella: "Fortify". Defense-type semblance. As long as Alex is standing still, he can withstand a lot of hits before flinching.
  • Viper Delacroix: "Wide Detector". Support-type semblance. Allows Viper to detect Aura users in far distances, at the cost of slowing him down.
  • Suika Natsuko: "Ricochet". Glyph-type semblance. Grants Suika the capability of bouncing her bullets in various directions.
  • Nuss Kracher: "Doppelganger". Offense-type semblance. Summons a doppelganger for a split second to perform fake-outs or distract the enemy.
  • Lune Rouge: "Push and Pull (Offense Only)". Glyph-type semblance. Works similarly to telekinesis. Allows Lune to take hold of objects as long as her hand can lift it. Specializes in throwing blades.
  • Giovane Orfeo: "Amplification". Glyph-type semblance. Empowers any Dust that passes through it. Both from front and back.
  • Trevor Irving: "Pulse". Glyph-type semblance. When passive, it 'bounces back' enemy attacks. When active, it emits a shockwave when Trevor passes force through the Glyph.
  • Usha Goldstein: "Phantasm Glimmer". Elemental-type semblance. Manipulation of light, allows Melira to concentrate a source of light and weaponize it.
  • Arya: "Schadenfruede". Support-type semblance. Applies simple weapon empowerment, using a portion of Arya's aura to make her attacks more powerful, at the cost of lowered defenses. More Aura is utilized the longer it is active, eventually focusing almost all her aura into her weapon, leaving her near defenseless.
  • Miryam Lucifer: "Spiritus". Glyph-type semblance. Deploys a spherical glyph around Miryam that can block Dust-based attacks, but can easily be penetrated by normal weapons.

Lurooke Surana

  • Silver Jameson: Shifting Tides- Utility/Offensive Semblence.  Allows him to change water's state of matter, from solid to liquid, liquid to solid, liquid to gas, and gas to liquid.  He CANNOT however, go straight from solid to gas.
  • Ciarán Abraham: Bat Out Of Hell: Ciarán's Semblence allows him to create a swarm of spectral bat constructs.  They originate in a circle around Ciarán's current position, and act as a sort of defensive wall, though he can command the swarm to attack a particular target.  However, their strength, numbers, and length of time they are projected is tied directly into Ciarán's Aura reserve, i.e., activating it in the beginning of battle will produce an exceptionally strong, long-lasting swarm, but deplete all of Ciarán's Aura in creating it.
  • Rowan Crusoe: Survival Instinct- Utility/Offensive Semblence.  Her strength increases for a short time, and her pain receptors are dulled.  Severly burns her out after using it.
  • Midori Victor: Rubber Skin- Utility/Offensive Semblence.  Allows her to store electricity in her body, and release it in bursts through her hands.


  • Wolfe Black: A repulsing shield style semblance
  • Vix Valentine: Radar sense, similar to a sonar
  • Arthur Dearg Kincaid: WIP, Do plan on using a boost style semblance
  • Elisa Dianne Windstorm: Runic Glyphs, A more advanced form of normal glyphs that do more damage but require more concentration to pull off.
  • Luna Black: Destructive shockwave semblence.
  • Raton Laveur Champagne: Reseonance: a semblance that allows him to vibrate objects at frequencies
  • Leona Amarillo Murcielago: Stamina restoration; this allows a full recovery of stamina but takes a toll of physical self
  • Slive Kain Gorm: Trap style glyphs. Able to create trap like glyphs around him allowng him to control the battle field
  • Bryony Ragnarok: "Blinking" A short range teleport that can only be used 5 times a day without any toll on her
  • Tyrian Lancaster-York: WIP, Glyph Marked Teleportation or Paralytic semblance
  • Lizbeth Stein: Dust Release: Channeling her aura she is able to control magnetically charged powder she has dubbed "iron dust". This "iron dust" is small particules of a super magnetically charged dust (not the crystals), whch is known as black sand that she can manipulate to form constructs such as a shield and glider
  • Rouge Ughten: WIP, Massive regeneration

Reimaru Natsukaze

  • Grayson Kobayashi : Grayson's semblance, named Bioshock, allows him to enhance selective muscles on his body to react to certain situations. To clarify, the semblance doesn't take strength from other muscles to enhance the selected muscles; rather, the semblance just enhances the selected muscles. Grayson can enhance only one set of muscles at a time (i.e. the triceps of both his arms), but only takes a split second to switch between sets of muscles. The semblance can enable Grayson to exert 1500 pounds of force in total. This can also enable Grayson to rush at the opponent at surprising speeds, if deemed necessary by him.
  • Redmond Pyreheart : Redmond's semblance, named Catalyst, allows him to combust oxygen and Dust more easily, generating more fire, as well as more elements. The semblance is indiscriminate in what it can decrease the activation energy of, be it phosporus or Dust, in a range of 15 meters.
  • Angela Celeste : Angela's semblance, referred to as Judgement, enables her to absorb kinetic energy she receives from attacks and power up her Dust-based attacks with it, such as Dust casting and her arrows. It doesn't affect any other abilities, though. The amount of energy that she absorbs is proportional to the force she receives from an attack. The semblance does have its limits, though. At the semblance's maximum, Angela has the ability to make a single Dust crystal have a blast radius of 30 meters, but for it to have that, she must be hit with a tremendous amount of force.
  • Yara Aeriver : Yara's semblance, named Echo, allows her to distort the sound waves around one's ears so that it doesn't match the other senses; in other words, she can make sounds appear to come from somewhere else. She uses this often to confuse her enemies, Grimm and humanoid alike, and fools adversaries of her position. In addition, the distortion in the sound waves itself varies, making it near-impossible to adjust for the error in the sound.
  • Thymeria Lilac : Thymeria's semblance, Activation, allows her to increase the potency of any Dust in any weapon she touches for a brief amount of time, usually around 3 minutes at a time. In addition, the cooldown period is about 5 minutes. The explosions of the Dust while Thymeria's semblance is on are larger, and the Dust is also capable of casting its intended effect longer and more powerful, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the weapon as a whole. Thymeria usually employs her semblance to quicken and add more force to her attacks. Thymeria's irises glow an amethyst purple when her semblance is on.
  • Eli Ferrus : Eli's semblance, named Bastion, allows Eli to put up a one-way barrier. The barrier is personal in its range of defense and extend to about 2.5 meters in width, covering only Eli. The strength of the one-way barrier is that Eli can shoot through his own barrier while enemies can't shoot or strike through his. Eli can put one up every 5 minutes, and if left undamaged, the barriers themselves can last for 60 seconds. However, with each hit dealt on it, the barrier's lasting time is lessened, with proportion to the strength of the attack.
  • Azura Noire : Azura's semblance, Veer, allows him to direct focus of his enemies to a point on his person in order to distract them from other actions that he might be taking (i.e. making an enemy look at his tail on their right while slashing to their left). Unfortunately, he can only hold this for about 3 seconds before the effect wears off. However, the cooldown time is approximately 10 seconds, enabling him to use it multiple times in battle.
  • Reina Kaminari : Reina’s semblance, Electrostorm, allows Reina to attract and absorb electricity without any harm to herself, whether it be from Raiken, static electricity, yellow Dust, or other electrical weaponry, and store it inside of her. Once a high level of voltage is reached inside of her, which is 200 kilovolts, she instantly releases a powerful electrical/EMP blast that extends to ranges of 20 meters. Any electrical system within this range will be fried, and organisms take an immense amount of damage.
  • Hans Raum : Hans' semblance, Automotion, allows him to build up heat energy from friction created inside his body and convert it into kinetic energy, creating a dash that can be used in any environment, even in mid-air. Depending on how long he charges up the semblance, he can accelerate himself in any direction at any magnitude. The weakest the dash can be hardly nudges Hans' body at all, while if he charges it up for 3 minutes, he can rush at 250 mph in an instant at his enemies, the strongest the semblance can be. He can also convert the heat energy he receives from red Dust and the environment around him, and convert that into kinetic energy as well, so he copes very well with hot or volcanic environments.
  • Armel Montagne : Armel's semblance, Expulsion, allows him to create a powerful expelling shockwave that pushes all forms of matter away from him, save for his weapon. He mostly uses this for defensive purposes and close-combat opponents. He can also use this to disperse fog, leaves, dust, and basically clear the area around himself to a radius of 10 meters away. However, Armel can use this only once every 60 seconds.
  • Lydia Sorahana : Lydia's semblance, Hurricane, allows her to generate a mini-tornado around herself, capable of generating winds up to 200 mph. The eye of the cyclone always moves with Lydia, and is about 5 meters tall. The main purpose of her semblance is to protect her from projectiles and melee attacks by keeping herself within a shield of pure wind vectors. The semblance does have the ability to throw back projectiles at high speeds back towards the enemy, with a little manipulation of Wind Dust. However, Lydia can only keep this up for about 10 seconds before it disappears. The recharge time is about 1 minute.
  • Odessa Stagnum : Odessa's semblance, Reversal, allows her to summon a glyph that reverses the direction of momentum of anything that hits it. Being octagonal in nature, the glyph has an approximate diameter of 5 feet, protecting much of Odessa's body. The glyph only lasts for a second, but the recharge is about 5 seconds. Odessa often uses this to move around quickly without slowing down, as well as deflect projectiles back to the enemy.
  • Sabrina Fersken : Sabrina's semblance, Vector, allows her to retain her magnitude of momentum as she changes direction. This way, she can strike with an unexpected amount of force on the enemy and conserve her energy at the same time. In other words, she can maintain her velocity even if she changes direction, without needing to decelerate. 
  • Noel Jin : Noel's semblance, Overdrive, allows him to speed up his nervous system functions for a limited time. The semblance, in speeding up signals from the brain to receptors and back, improves reflexes and calculation speed, enabling him to predict and prepare for incoming attacks, like a chess player on steroids. It doesn't affect speed or agility, however. With the semblance, it's possible for Noel to take a test and finish it 10 minutes earlier than usual. The time limit for the semblance allows for up to 1 minute and 30 seconds of improved functions, and 2 minutes and 30 seconds of cooldown.
  • Opal Dasos : Opal's semblance, Mutation, allows her to selectively harden parts of her body to defend herself from different situations. The armor produced from this can deflect standard firearm rounds. Opal can only defend 2 muscle sets at a time (i.e. her triceps and gastrocnemius). Also, the armor is liable to break from an enormous amount of force exerted onto it, about 1500 pounds before the armor shatters.
  • Wesker Arancite : Wesker's semblance, Perception, allows him to adjust his five senses at will. In short, he can dull senses to power up other senses, like reduce smell to enhance sight or hearing. It puts a strain on his body if he does keep his semblance on for too long or if he completely dulls one sense to the extreme. With his semblance, though, he has the ability to detect enemies no matter what type of jamming they use. It also allows him to not feel pain for a time, as he can reduce touch to the minimum, at the expense of not feeling where his limbs are.
  • Ryuki Hiyama : Ryuki's semblance, Discharge, increases the coefficient of friction in the various dust molecules and oxygen particles in the air around him in a spherical area with a radius of 20 meters. This means that the particles will become ionized, conducting electricity easier and increasing the heat of the specified area at the same time, creating more lightning and amplifying the heat of fire simultaneously.
  • Aedes Fisternis : Aedes's semblance, Influenza, raises the activation energy for Dust in a radius of 20 meters from his body. In other words, it takes a lot more effort for one to activate the effects of uncut Dust, be it casting or explosions, as well as weaken the explosions of powdered Dust, decreasing their range. As for how it affects weapons, the weapons that use uncut Dust will require a longer charge time to cast the Dust, and firearms that use powdered Dust will find their range significantly decreased. The farther away from Aedes one is, the weaker the effect, and vice versa. However, it doesn't affect his own use of Dust.


  • Sven Searfeld: Sven's semblance allows him to slow down time within his mind by using his highly developed eyes in order to be able to calculate and properly attack someone. Another effect of his semblance is that it allows him to see an opponent's blind spots.
  • Finn Silver: Enhanced speed on all his limbs, making him lightning fast. Whether it be attacking, running, or dodging.
  • Julian Gestalt: Iron defense. Allows him a very enhanced form of defense that can block anything. Granted the more dangerous the thing it blocks, the quicker his aura runs out.
  • Stephan Noir Kalashnikov: Thermal Vision: allows him to see heat signatures through his eyes.
  • Leaf Evergreen: Seal Step. Allows him to move quickly between places, making it look like there are more than one of him. 


  • Bruno Erraunt: Tilting at Windmills - Consists of Bruno himself being able to generate a trail of blurry after-images of himself while he moves, like those of a long-exposure photography. This ability, together with his movement and attack speed, makes himself harder to target and dodge in fight. In case Bruno loads Dust in his weapon, his Semblance might take effects according to the kind of Dust used (i.e.: Fire Dust will make him leave a fire trail), like Blake did in Volume 2).
  • Ryan Chartreuse: Outsider Shield - Increased resistance to Dust-based attacks; he doesn't get hurt unless is a powerful attack (i.e: Dust rounds are useless towards him, but an attack made of pure Dust can hurt him). Since his body repels Dust, he can permeate himself with it for performing a more powerful attack, though this kind of attack can be risky if the Dust coating is too heavy as it leaves Ryan unable to dodge physical counter-attacks until he finishes his own.
  • Grizel Svane: Danse Macabre - A Semblance that considerably increases speed (both attack and movement speed) and strength; basically "overcloking". Prolonged use can give Grizel strong muscular pain as a side effect, so it must be used carefully. Grizel's hair turns black and her eyes vermilion as a side effect, and scatters black swan feathers.
  • Della Azure: Wonderland's Reflex - Great dodging and jumping skills. Della is able to jump really high, with being 5 m the maximum height. When she uses her Semblance, her body leaves a light blue-colored sparkling trail.
  • Candela Quitral: Playing with Matches - Becoming inflammable by will; when Candela activates her Semblance, everybody who happens to touch or rub against her will get burnt or even set on fire; a faint touch will only burn slightly, but a strong friction against the foe's skin can set them on fire and cause severe burns. Her eyes get a slight copper-colored shine as a side effect when she has her Semblance active. Her Semblance also makes her technically immune to fire when active.
  • Paz Himeyuri: Dreadnought - Skin hardening that increases both her offensive and defensive capabilities. This Semblance makes it harder to hurt her, but it also decreases her movement and attack speed when active. When she has her Semblance active her body will make a low metallic sound effect if touched.
  • Victor van Rijn: Flight or Fight - A form of crash manipulation; he can control the impacts of his own body. Victor can change the intensity of them by will, but this ability is limited by his body and Aura's resistance; if he strongly crashes against something (when using it in an offensive way) he can get injured as his Semblance doesn't increase his body's resistance. Victor usually uses his Semblance for propelling and keeping himself into flight (his Semblance technically can grant him aerodynamism) or for decreasing the impact of physical attacks recieved over his body (for example, making bullets shoot to him "bounce" off). When he uses his Semblance, his body (or the part(s) of his body that increase or decrease the impact) gets a faint, white glow that leaves a fog-like trail.
  • Colby London: Smokestack - Pollution manipulation. Colby can move it and shape it, but he can't generate pollution, so if he's on a pollution-free zone he can't use his Semblance, and if he's in a place with high quantities of pollution he can become quite powerful, being able to concentrate it in a determined zone, therefore making it more dense and toxic. He can also impregnate pollution with Dust from his weapons and use it as a conduit for Dust-casting.
  • Ivoire D'Enfer: The Devil's Blast - Smoke manipulation; she can shape smoke and intensify/decrease its toxicity by will, and also use it as a conduit for Dust casting, besides changing its properties with it (i.e: solidify it with earth Dust).


  • Nafesn Greywolf: His semblance is Heal. It enhances his Aura's ability to heal, allowing him to recover from more severe damage. It also allows him to expel low to moderate toxins and diseases. However, overuse of this ability can lead to blackouts.
  • Garnet Tsavorite: His semblance is Chi. It allows him to absorb energy from his surroundings to increase his endurance. However, prolonged use can lead to severe muscle fatigue. He also has yet to learn how to use this semblance offensively.
  • Masandiana 'Malice' Starsaph: Her semblance is Sonics. This allows her to amplify sound, which can be used to push or temporarily deafen opponents. However, the fainter the sound, the harder it is for her to amplify it. It also becomes harder to control the further she makes the sound travel. She also has yet to learn how to dampen and manipulate the sound.
  • Ampere Zulleo: His semblance is Voltage. It allows him to pull electricity from the air around him and absorb electricity from electricity-based weapons and projectiles. He can use this to power devices and charge metal object as well as the ground. He can even focus electricity of various intensities on his left hand and feet. However, he cannot use his powers on his robot arm as it damages the circuits which can cause him pain. It also drains his energy reserve when used offensively, and he has yet to learn how to fire electricity without using a medium.
  • Barbra Blazer: Her semblance is Microwaves. This allows her to basically heat objects within a close proximity to her. She can even channel it though metals, her gun, Strife, and her motorcycle. However, the less conductive the material is, the longer it takes for her to heat it.
  • Luke Mars Warm: His semblance is Juggernaut. It increases his density, making him more resilient to damage. However, it also makes it harder for him to go or stop do to his increased inertia.
  • Rachel Spectrum: Her semblance is Silence. This allows her to complete mute the sound around her in a two foot radius. However, using it over three hours at any given time will make her skin break out in a rash.
  • Florr Zulleo Greywolf: Her semblance is Hypersense. She can slow down her perception of time, allowing her to react more quickly. She can even work it to the point where she can make dodges that are incredibly difficult to perform. However, prolonged use can cause her severe muscle fatigue.
  • Allan Greywolf: His semblance was Warning. It gave him a tingling sensation on his tempoles whenever he was in imminent danger. This also gave him an omnipresent view of his surroundings. However, it was up to him to discern the danger. Also, it can be made useless if his opponent was faster than it could perceive.

Freelancer Tucker

  • Tuckyr GainsboroShowtime - His semblance is to slow his perception of time, giving him a hieghtened reaction time. He can only use it for a short amount of time depending on his health. 
  • Neil HuongReCharge -  The redirection of electrical currents.
  • Jonathan WinePatchwork -  Using Glyphs to control and weave different threads and objects made of threads. 


  • Argentina Kesshõ: Her semblance is of the Formic class. This allows her to shape Dust into a shape better suited for her purposes. In her case, she manipulates it to become the string of her weapon and the arrows she uses.


Team CBLT (will add the Char links as I make them) All References to Aura Drain are pending lore info. until then consider "Aura Drain" to be equivalent to "Tiring"

  • Chimera Teki- Her semblance is Ikon- Essentially Hand-Runes. The abilities provided are generally martial arts related, like a more powerful punch, mini force shield, and short range (1ft) telekinesis of small objects. The advantage of this semblance is the incredible versatility it offers, as well as it's near lack of aura drain. (more powerful Ikons are moderately draining). The Ikon semblance has required years of training for Chimera to master. Known Ikons:

-Stop: [gold] creates a small (hand size) Ikon that stops attacks and and can be used as a platform (for mid-air hand-stand maneuvers).

-Speed: [green] Increases the speed at which Chimera's hand/arm moves for a short period, allowing faster blocks/strikes. No force is added.

-Shove: [red] Pushes away, with a force amount that is enough to stumble, but not knock down, a human. Does no direct damage.

  • Brϋn Kroft- His semblance is Force. Force simply keeps strikes going. It does not increase speed or weight of impact, it just keeps the blade moving, ignoring resistance. This allows Brϋn to break through armor and blocks that he could not break normally. This semblance is activated on a per-strike basis, and does not increase damage, just how far the blow carries. Force is lightly draining.
  • Lena Ibás- Her semblance is Acceleration. Acceleration allows Lena to speed up objects that are moving (any object). The speed increase varies based on how much force Lena puts into the semblance. Acceleration is moderately draining, and highly draining to produce greater effect. Note: If a person is running/punching, they cannot be sped up, however, if a person is in midair, they can (in their current direction)
  • Tyler Mars- His semblance is Focus. The difference from Showtime (above) is that Focus does not increase reaction time, but rather, aim. Focus requires time to activate, and thus cannot be used effectively in close combat. Focus is usually used at range, to target weak points. Focus is lightly draining.


  • Kitty Lacuna: Her semblance is Kinesis, which allows her to control the kinetic energy of an object. This allows her to enhance or alter her own movement, power her weapon, and create small kinetic explosions. This ability is often accompanied by a burst of flame.


  • Speed Buff: Speeds up everyone within a ten meter radius
  • Puppetry: Allows one to move objects around as if they were controlling puppets
  • Overclock: A dangerous semblance, both to the user and any possible targets. Pushes the body far beyond its limits, causing internal injuries to maximize physical capabilities.
  • Stimpack: Temporarily activates more neural tansmitters, increasing thought proccessing and reflex speed
  • Physical Dust Movement: Movement of physical dust, but unable to manipulate the actual elemental use of dust
  • Drawing Glyphs: Creates glyphs by drawing it on an object with a Dust crystal, acting as a prepared spell.
  • Recall: Causes any objects touched within the last five seconds to fly towards the user.
  • Increased Strength: A Simple semblance, just an increase in strength.
  • Optical Camouflage: Reflects the light around the user, making them seemingly invisible. Albeit, its a visual camouflage only.
  • Flash Freeze: Multi-faceted ice block that shatters in a formation to refract and reflect light for an instant, akin to a flashbang.
  • Ethereal Weaponry: Creates fragile doppelgangers of mundane melee weapons.
  • Will 'o Wisp: Very short, point blank bursts of bright flames to disorientated ones vision, along with increased mobility.
  • Stop Gap: Creates afterimages through optical illusions.
  • Kenetic Hover: Nullifies inertia.
  • Bloody Immolation: Ignites one's own spilt blood.

Call me Nappa

  • Lux Lucent: Lux's semblance is Accelerated Launch. She can launch herself to a specified location or person, becoming a living projectile. When she collides upon a target, the force is strong enough to knock back someone. 
  • Cobalt Kamen: Cobalt's semblance is Barrier. He projects a protective field to either himself, allies, groups, or even block individuals from escaping. These barriers come in the form of a dome, sphere, or wall and can block a variety of incoming attacks.
  • Nyssa Aries: Nyssa's semblance is Cranial Durability. This allows her head to take more punishment, utilizing it to make herself into a walking battering: smashing through thick concrete or a metal wall/door.  
  • Teal Beckett: Teal's semblance is Flashbang. By snapping is fingers, he can emit a powerful flash of light to temporarily blind his foes. He can also emit small strobes of light it illuminate a dark area (think of it like a personal flashlight to light the way).


  • Saffron Ambers : Her semblance is called "Push". She traps her potential energy and releases it to release a great punch or push. It cannot break through metals like weapons , but it can break through organic (Not human nor animals) material. (Rocks , trees) "Push" is heavily draining.
  • Locke Crystalle : Her semblance is called "Bubble". She projects a bubble that varies of size , that explodes on contact. This allows Locke to use it for jumping tall heights or using it as small explosives to trip her foes. However , if she cannot concentrate , the bubble will either pop without any damage , or just dissapear into thin air. Bubble does have an ultimate use , it can be used as a protective barrier from mid-close ranged attacks which , through contact , explodes , stuns and knocks the opponent. This form does need great focus as it may explode inwards , stunning Locke and her allies. Aura use depends on the size , Locke usually uses ones that are enough for her to jump on which does not drain her aura much. The Barrier form of Bubble is heavily draining.


  • Marian Spears Mint: His semblance is called 'Energy Absorption'. He is able to absorb kinetic energy that he is in contact with. Once absorb the energy, his aura would glow mint. The energy he absorb will slightly increase his strength and speed, and will build up cumulatively. A simple touch on the enemy will absorb the energy from it in battle under some conditions. If is satisfies certain conditions, Marian would able to absorb the energy from the enemy he recently slain. When it reached the limit, it would glow black. He would do an area of effect by smashing his shield to the ground. Any enemy within the area would instantly unable to move as their body is shocked. Alternatively, he would bash his shield to an enemy, transferring all energy he gain into the enemy. The unfortunate's body, if it is small, will explode due to the large amount of force.Otherwise, a larger body would only be stunned by it. Once he used up his energy gained, his aura will return to mint and the buffs would disappear.
  • Aquilina Romulia Aurum: Her semblance is called 'Glyph Shield'. She is able to summon a glyph that protects her from the enemy's attack. This glyph is positioned to her left hand. The glyph is capable of deflecting a wide range of attacks. However, it is more effective when agains a dust-type or magical attacks. On the other hand, the glyphs cannot hold long against a physical attack. Several hits with a sword and the glyph will shatter. Brute force, whatever the type of attacks, can also shatter the glyph . Once shattered, it takes time to reform. Her emblem is designed of her glyph.
  • Rufus Remulia Argentum: Her semblance is called 'Dust Crystallisation'. She is able to summon glyph on the ground that allows her to create dust crystals within the area of the glyph. This glyph works on any types of dust that is able to crystallise. However, it is unable to create two different types of dust at once. The glyph is fix to the user with her in the center and unable to position anywhere else. She size of her glyph is unbound. The crystals are made within the specific area of her glyph, the designs of her glyph. The size and numbers of these crystals she can make is unlimited, so as long as she still have her supplies of dust. This can be used in both offensive and defensive manner. She can form crystal walls to trap the enemies to her mercy or protect herself or her teammates. Whereas, she can create crystal spikes to pierce through the enemy's body. Her emblem is the design of her glyph.
  • Storm Nix: His semblance is called 'Chronokinesis'. He has the ability to slow down time. There have several time limit for the use of his semblance. Slowing down time by 1/2 allows him to use it for 20 seconds, by 1/4 allow him to use for 10 seconds, by 1/8 allows him to use it for 5 seconds. (Note: the time limit is measure according to the real world time). Once he used up his semblance, he will feel exhausted and unable to use until he have a proper rest. Glowing aura and dilation of pupils is a side effect of the semblance. There are consequences if he were to exceed the time limit. If he would exceed by a little, he might able to walk away with a nosebleed and dizziness. However, if exceed to a certain point, he would fall into coma for at least a week, unable to recall the event where he last use his semblance when woke up and having nightmares about his past after that.
  • Valentina Amber: Her semblance is called 'Thermal Exhaust'. Her body has the ability to generate heat. The heat she can generate can surpassed her normal body temperature. The temperature she can generate can be up to 1900ºc but it's safety range it up to 200ºc. She can use her excess heat in many ways. Her high body temperature can heated up her blade, where her cuts can sear the flesh inside. her semblance can also be used domestically, her ability to heat up pots and pans to cook allows her to safe on energy bills. Her body are able to withstand the high body temperature as a side effect, but the temperature must be within the safety range. She can last in temperature above 200ºc for a certain amount of time but once it exceeded the time limit, the immunity will fail and her body will start to burn from the inside. Excessive use of her semblance will leave her dehydrated and exhausted.
  • Victor 'Numen' Scipio Lorem Neon: 'Propulsion'
  • Wsagi Anba: 'Cray Cray'
  • Sophia Witherstorm: 'Electrokinenisis'
  • Cygne ??: 'Photo Manipulation'
  • Paon ??: 'Transmute'
  • Pepper Mint: ???



  • Sapphyre Nilshikha: Semblance of multiplicity, "Luck of the Draw," This only affects her arrows; if she visualizes the arrows being split, aura will be invested into the arrows, and they will be able to split during launch (if her focus is good) or sometime after. She mostly uses this to split the arrows, as tripling and quadrupling take too much energy and concentration.
  • Yulon Xueshan: Semblance of anti-gravity, mistakenly titled "Aviation." This allows the user extreme light-weight, resulting in higher jumps, ground speed, and most importantly, the ability to temporary glide in the air (with the aid of her fans). Trying to stay in the air without some descending pace will tire the user quickly.
  • Ragla Ermont: Semblance of noninflammability, wrongly titled "Ignition." The user is invincible to open fires, the degree of heat and length of exposure determining the drainage on the user. This doesn't protect from explosions or huge blasts of flame, the latter acting like wind/gales.
  • Ametihtia (Amy) Orestes: Semblance of conductivity, "Conductor." The user is invincible to electrical charges and is able to carry one, the strength of the current and the length of exposure/carrying the current determining the drainage on the user. This doesn't protect from electrical-based explosions and doesn't mean that the user can attract lightning.


  • Takoizu Hargrove: Takoizu's Semblance is "Burden". When Takoizu raises the index and middle finger of his left or right hand he is able to place a glyph wherever he chooses. The glyph will lock anything into place and create a barrier around the object or person for three seconds, but it will take three full seconds to become active as well. Takoizu can cancel the glyph at any time by lowering his fingers. The glyph itself is only fifteen inches in diameter and Takoizu can only place two at a time. Takoizu can also use his Semblance to "teleport". In order to do this, Takoizu must place a glyph under himself, which he is then able to project himself three seconds forward in time and he will appear in the location his projection has chosen after three seconds has passed. However, during this time, Takoizu is vulnerable if the opponent is able to break the barrier around him.
  • Brooklynne Vigile: Her semblance is called "Lost at Sea". Brooklynne has control a water dimension and is able to enter this dimension by dissolving into water. From there, Brooklynne can reappear at any given spot in the general area she was in. Although, her time in this dimension is limited to thirty seconds. She is also able to pull other people into this dimension, however, as soon as Brooklynne leaves the dimension or if thirty seconds has passed, the person inside will be taken out as well. 
  • Erden Rache: Erden's Semblance is fitting to his desire. His Semblance is named, "Equilibrium" and it allows him to temporarily make his and his opponent's attack deal damage equivalent to the amount of Aura the opposing person has over the attacker. However, this does not apply to people who are not affected by his Semblance or by environmental factors. For example, if someone threw Dust crystals on the ground, shot them, and their opponent happened to be caught in blast radius, the attacker would not be hurt but their opponent would be.
  • Wysteria Shinley: Wysteria's Aura takes more time than usual to start regenerating, so her Semblance helps negates that trait. "Perennial Recovery" is the name of her Semblance. This allows her to continuously recover her Aura till she's at double her full capacity, so long as she hurts her opponent. Ranged attacks don't trigger her semblance's effect, so in order to trigger her semblance, Wysteria must continue to damage her opponent with melee attacks. Each successful melee attack she lands will restore a portion of her Aura, till she is at double her Aura capacity. Once Wysteria reaches double Aura capacity, her Aura starts to slowly drain until she is back at normal levels.


  • Ein Schwarz: His semblance is "Frost Grip". To say it frankly, it's effect is similar to frostbite, although downgraded to only last for a few secs, cause a painful numbing but not lethal and it can only affect the opponent's body via a slash or cut from Ein's blade. It has a cooldown of 10 secs after activation, so it can be used rather immediately after the effect has almost worn out. But he still needs to limit his use on it, as it can easily wear him down.
  • Safira Lionhart: Her semblance is "Thunder Kick" (in reference to the booming sounds her boots make whenever she attacks, similar to the sound of thunder.) It is a strength-enhancer type semblance that she uses to further augment her own attacks and ,oftentimes, to deliver the final blows of the battle. It is noted this causes minor-moderately painful migraines for Safira if overused.
  • Nora Schwarz: Her semblance is called "Dead Eye". It enhances her sense of sight, granting her the ability to see oncoming enemies. It also helps her sight down the said enemy and give her an edge in sniping it off. (Semblance will have deeper explanation further on.)

Gundam Legilis

  • Dawn Drache(upcoming): Her semblance is ""Dragon's Skin"". Her body can deflect enemy Dust shots. This is indicated by a bright change in eye color, and a glittery surface of the skin.

She is still vulnerable to physical rounds, and it consumes Aura, along with stamina. Additionally, she can use it for only a maximum of 5 minutes. When the time limit is reached, the eye color will dim to lower shades before reverting back to normal.

  • Ashton Spades: His semblance is ""Force Vector"". He summons a maximum of five glyphs and can create a pre-planned attack using them; he plants five glyphs around an enemy, and he can pass through each glyph in a sequence, attacking his enemy from multiple angles, until after the fifth glyph where he delivers the final blow. He can also stack all the glyphs together and use them to propel himself, increasing his velocity. He can also constantly plant glyphs in this attack, up to 5 at a time, and can also maneuver by using a variation of Air Step by constntly planting glyphs, connected in a link between each glyph. Not only is this Semblance draining from him, he is also hurt if he slams into a hard surface when being propelled like a speeding bullet. And when surrounding his enemies like Cloud's Omnislash, he follows a predictable flight path, so he can be intercepted at the last glyph.
  • Erik Erythryon: His semblance is ""Accelerated Displacement"". When his body is in motion, he can activate his semblance and accelerate at three times his speed in that situation. It also protects him from G-Forces during the duration of the Semblance's use. However, it not only drains his stamina and Aura, but he feels the aftereffects of the G-Forces when he stops using his semblance. His conscious body must be in motion to activate the Semblance, and only up to three times his speed. Also, if he is freefalling and cannot control his motion, he is in for a world of hurt.
  • Arcana Harlequin: Semblance: Repulsion Her semblance first takes the form of glyphs. Not only can she perform Air Step and blocking, but she can also use the glyphs to create a repulsion field surrounding the glyph.

Combat strengths: It is enough to block and even repel bullets, stopping them in the field, and with the wave of her sword, send them flying towards the nearest enemies. It can block and repel Dust particles, but is less effective in sending these loosely held particles to the nearest opponents, unless they are more tightly packed i.e. they are fired in an orb towards Arcana. This field can also be pointed on the ground, allowing Arcana to hover above the ground, by repelling her mass against the ground. Additionally, the branded emblems on her boots should reduce the time taken to summon the glyphs (i.e. how Cinder Fall's dress lit up during her incineration glyph attacks).

Combat weaknesses: The semblance consumes a lot of stamina, and by extension, her aura. This field is dependent on reflexes, reaction time and the position of enemies in her line of sight. Ergo, this field is ineffective against snipers, as she cannot detect them and quickly set up her field in time. She also must set up her field before her enemies fire their guns, bullets flying faster than the human eye can notice. Additionally, the field is ineffective against melee opponents, as it takes effort to repel the mass of a heavy weapon, along with the mass of the wielder. Levitating herself with the semblance may take a greater amount of effort, due to the mass of herself and her weapons, though she and Tarot are relatively light. Additionally, to counter this, Arcana is working on increasing her stamina in her exercise and training regimen...

  • Veronica Viridian(upcoming): Her semblance is ""Firewall"". She can place two glyphs, one near and one far in a maximum of a 20 feet radius, connect the glyphs together, and send Dust attacks through them. She can also place multiple glyphs in front of her, forming a square shape, and send Dust energy through them, creating a Dust wall. It requires ample time, and ample amounts of stamina, and alert enemies can easily avoid her semblance if they stay further than 20 feet, or escape the radius in time.
  • Scarlett Scorpio (upcoming): Her semblance is ""Tunneling"". She can not only use standard Glyph techniques, but can place them on her feet or above her head and tunnel through surfaces. It can tunnel under dirt, soil and sand, though it currently does not tunnel under harder surfaces, such as metal or concrete. She also has to be careful not to collapse the ground around her. 
  • Lucian Ferrer (upcoming): His semblance is ""Magnification"". He can pair up two glyphs, and shoot flame dust bolts through them, amplifying their power through them as they pass through the glyphs. This may incinerate opponents as they come into range into the glyphs. It applies to all Dust, but is most commonly used with flaming Dust.  It has a short range, only going up to 50 feet, and in one direction. And it not only consumes stamina and Aura, but large amounts of Dust if used constantly. 
  • Javier Fuego (upcoming): His semblance is ""Heartburn"". Once he uses glyphs, the flame Dust coming into contact with an opponent, he can stimulate a burning sensation in the opponent so great that they cannot concentrate on the burning feeling, this applies for 2 minutes even if the flame Dust has dissipated. Requires Dust and stamina. 
  • Malcolm Evergreen Ficient (upcoming): His semblance is ""Rot"". He can place glyphs on a natural patch of grass or a tree, and he can modify its structure, from making it rot and decay, to stimulating its cells, making trees larger, and stronger. When the trees rot, he can place the glyphs to harden the rot and use it as improvised ammo or weapons, flinging them at enemies. Consumes Aura, Stamina, and is extremely environmentally dependent.
  • Garnett Martin (upcoming): His semblance is ""Vibration"". He can accelerate the movement of his molecules to make unpredictable movements, or to deliver devastating blows to enemies in melee combat. Consumes his stamina, Aura and makes him faint shortly.
  • Jacqueline "Jaci" Clover (upcoming): Her semblance is ""Force"". She can gather all the stamina in her body, and transfer it to any part of her body that needs it, from kicks to punches, in single areas, such as the hands and feet, or spread evenly to her entire body. Extremely stamina and Aura exhausting.
  • Carmine Ravenholme: His semblance is "Raven's Nest". By utilizing a glyph and Dust, he can shape them like a nest of ravens and send a flurry of damage to the enemy.
  • Scott Levin (upcoming) : His semblance is "Static". By utilizing both lightning dust and a minimum of two well paced glyphs, Scott can generate lightning between the two plus glyphs, attacking opponents that comes into contact. Useless towards lightning resistant opponents, and limited in range.
  • Sierra Volpe (upcoming): Energy ball. Sierra can summon several glyphs and compress them, forming a ball (or several) of energy, able to use it for close range and long range combat. Easily dispersed by striking the arm in close range, inaccurate at long range, and sacrifices Aura and stamina.
  • Unused Semblances:

Impact field: Allows the user to create an impact force by stamping feet on the glyph's area. Consumes stamina, Aura and is only effective in close range.

Reflex: Allows for increased reflex speed. User can only stay still for a short period of time during the semblance, a la Matrix bullettime, and can be exhausted from lack of stamina and Aura.

Deflection field: Can deflect energy to surrounding environment. Cannot be used against enemies unless if they are in immediate vicinity of the field. Phase: The user can phase through walls and floors.  

Combustion: The user has a glyph, where the surrounding air is gathered in front of the glyph, along with fire dust, and is  projected into a heat ray that explodes on contact. During this time, the user is protected by a second glyph gathers the necessary supply of air , prevents suffocation from lack of air. Requires immense focus.  

Orbit: Deploys offensive Glyphs that can be manipulated for a maximum range of 50 feet.

Trophy: Deploys mobile, Defensive glyphs that protect the user from an all angle of attack. Short time usage and extremely exhausting.

Magmakinesis: Deploys glyphs that when placed on the ground, can create magma. Requires Fire Dust, and the liquefication of minerals in the earth.

Ricochet: Deflect any low powered energy attack in a certain direction of the user's choosing. Can be overwhelmed with stronger energy attacks, and once used up, causes the user to lose concentration due to immense pain.

Motion: Absorb the energy of making contact with the ground (slam onto the ground, absorb energy).

Boost: By sacrificing aura, the user is able to boost in a few directions

Juggernaut: Increased resistance to damage in exchange for mobility and Aura.

Lock: Suffer no damage by standing in place for three seconds and for Aura.

Portal: A unique form of teleportation Semblance, the user can generate two portals at once in two different directions before attacking. This is the requirement of the Semblance, and it requires the portals be generated beforehand in the same area before entering. Also, placing them in opposite directions will lead to a loop, and the portals last for seven seconds after being generated.

Twinchronization: A Semblance that allows users of similar DNA and Aura to see through another's eyes, generating more degrees of vision per user. Indicated by heterochromiac eyes with diluted pupils. Only works with users of identical DNA and Aura, requires the users to stand as close as possible, activate and use the Semblance at the same time, and is most effective when covering multiple fields of vision. If used constantly, the user will have an limited Aura supply, meaning that their Aura will be capped at a certain lower level when the Semblance is used. Clones can use the Semblance, but quality will be deteriorated due to inferior DNA associated with clones. Also, implants can be used in lieu of damaged eyes or terrible vision, so long as the optic nerve is not damaged.

Immolation: A Semblance that allows users to throw glyphs like Frisbees and have them affect the target on direct hits. Enemies can dodge or nullify the glyph via projectile, and defend against specific types of glyph elements by wearing a material resistant to its effects. Manual aim is required and a certain limit to the number of glyphs can be used at a time before Aura needs to recharge. Masters can only utilize ten at a time before running out of Aura. Also, arm may wear out.

Movement Meter: A Semblance that allows users to charge up energy while moving, trading Aura and stamina for speed. As they sprint, they charge up energy, allowing them to use that energy to dash, boost, and slam onto the ground.

ReDirect: A Semblance that allows users to redirect energy. It requires not only Aura, but also the blunt force of the enemy's limbs. The user can charge it up by gathering energy from the blows, and on the next blow, the enemy will receive all the previous energy in a massive backflow, without the user landing a single hit. Indicated by the eyes turning from red, following the ROY G. BIV rainbow scheme when charging, and blocks/redirect/grapples do not count towards the charge. There can be instantaneous knockouts, and can be bypassed by bullets/bladed weapons.


  • Sebastian Sonrisa Rougern - Face The Music: Sebastian plays a tune on the saxophone. Each note fires off a shockwave that varies depending on the note: Lower notes make a bigger but weaker shockwave, and higher notes make smaller but more powerful shockwaves. This Semblance also allows him to use the shockwaves for launching himself, knocking back opponents, and generally causing some musical destruction.
  • Anastasia Viridiana - Stability: This is a passive Semblance, which allows her to be more stable when performing tasks. For example, this Semblance allows her to easily walk a tightrope, or be able to fire her weapon continuously without much recoil, as her Semblance prevents most recoil.
  • Kay Armeé Ciel - Soldier's Shield: When it is activated, Kay can block almost any attack, with the exception of extremely powerful hits, such as a large explosion or multiple Ursas tackling the shield at once. The shield prevents any attack from going through, but slightly harms Kay proportionately, as well as putting a strain on his aura and stamina the longer it is used.
  • Haetery Blanque - Heating Up: This is a passive Semblance, which allows her to be extremely more resistant to fires than a normal human. For example, a third degree burn fire would only give her a sunburn. This allows her to not be as careful with her weapons, especially in short sword mode. However, a flame as extreme as her flamethrower's, if on her skin long enough, will burn her badly eventually.
  • Nikolai T. Galbenis  - Lightning Rod: He is extremely resistant to electricity, a power that has greatly assisted him in his studies. He can be hit by a lightning bolt with no problem, and only feels a slight sting when hit with 0.0001 amperage bolts. While he is extremely resistant, too much exposure to too much electricity at once would effectively kill him.
  • Seiriol Pierdid - Boost: With it, she can gather a small pocket of wind beneath her in order to give her a boost into the air, giving more time to the descent, so that she is able to aim and fire.


  • Leonardo K. Heckler-Cuprum - Guardian Angel: He can create a movable sheild that can be affect by pyshics on a target. It can be used to knock enemies back and stay completely still but it requires a large amount of energy. Of which Leon doesn't have so using his semblance for extended periods of time can exahust him or kill him (if used for a really long time).
  • Norah Gorn Windrunner - Windrunner: A semblance exclusive to the Windrunner family, Norah can run incredibly fast but only in short distance so it almost looks like she "blinks" when she uses it.
    • OTHER OPTION - No Limits: Norah can run at speeds that allow her defy gravity but she can barely control her movment and also leave an after image of herself.
  • Gavril Stal (WIP) - Ironhide: Due to twisted expriments conducted on him when he was young, Gavril can make his skin  incredibly tough and his bones very dense; making his skin very hard to cut open and his bones very hard to break.
  • Rihou Jin-Huang (WIP) - Pyromancer: She can set objects on fire at her will but is limited to inatimate objects in a short distance of her (about 5 feet around her).
  • Yuki Hiiro Izumi - Trompe L'oeil de Reves: She can create breathtakingly real illusions that can appeal to the other senses as well. However, depending on the detail and size of the illusion, it causes her to become dizzy and winded or nauseous and exhausted if done for too long.
  • Codename "Railgun" - "Railgun" can cause their arrows to ignore wind and gravity, allowing him to shoot anything within their range.
  • Codename "Tornado" - "Tornado" can jump to huge heights and also slow their descent through the use of air pokcets
  • Codename "Blacksmith" - "Blacksmith" can turn anything they hold onto into a sharp object, effectively creating a weapon out of anything but will usually stick to their normal weapon.
  • Codename "Chernobyl" - "Chernobyl" can create thick fog and smoke from the air around them.
  • Codename "High Wind" - "High Wind" can manipulate the wind around them and can create winds strong enough to blow away objects and targets.
  • Codename "Zapheal" - "Zapheal" can create mirror images of themselves to disorient and confuse enemies
  • Codename "Paladin" - "Paladin" can manifest their aura into a shield at any given moment


  • Violetova Alexander - Orbiter: causes objects to orbit around an axis. Objects in question must be marked by user's Aura, and already in motion. Axes can be created inside objects to allow for rotation. Use of Gravity Dust increases power of Semblance.
  • Serena Glaslyn - Herald: generates light that strengthens humans/faunus and weakens Grimm. Later able to generate 'blacklight' with opposite effect. Applying Dust 'colours' the light, altering its effects e.g. Cyan light strengthens defensive Aura.
  • Tetsume Rin - Mark: generates 'mark' and 'seek' glyphs. Former creates somatosensory imprint felt by user, latter causes objects to seek marked objects. Applying Dust changes the feeling of the individual glyphs and allows for organisation.
  • Jacob Owphiyr - Blackmail: channels Aura through shadow into objects, allowing their movements to be controlled. User can leave Aura behind to act independently, works on inanimate objects. Can be used to activate Dust from a distance.


  • Jericho Corey: Recall: can teleport objects into his hands by imagining them there, works faster when he has already held the item or seen it.
  • Merel Serac: Avalanche: can absorb the force of an impact and store it before sending it out again as a shockwave, can direct the direction of the shockwave to shatter a specific part of her ice armor or release it in a bubble shockwave to hit all around her.
  • Aeden Vesting: Castling: can place a number of Glyphs on a target and teleport to it at a later time. Anything standing over the glyph when Aeden teleports is sent to his location instead. (6th October 2014)
  • Egil Lucian Crucible: Rebound: Creates Glyphs that force objects passing through them to be accelerated perpendicular to the glyph surface. Glyphs can be adjusted to match speeds of incoming projectiles and stop them or even double the acceleration to send them back with the same speed they were sent in the first place. can be combined with dust for additional effects. (November 2014)
  • Elroy Osmail: Domain of Amber: user creates glyphs and he can teleport to anywhere on those glyphs 9 times or until it fades. size and duration are variable. (added 28-2-2015)
  • Titan's Punishment: creates glyphs that increase gravity up to a factor of 5, with variable size and duration. each glyph overwrites the effect of any previously made glyphs of the same type if they overlap. (added 28-2-2015)
  • Wendy Castrenn: Ghost Eye: Wendy can see through the eyes of any creature or Grimm she can see within 20 meters. she can repeat this process to extend her range through several 'hosts' or she can use it on several targets at the same time. (added 20-5-2015)
  • Helena Tenar: Tracker's Sight: Allows Helena to place a Glyph on a target that she can see through any obstacle whenever it gives a pulse of energy off. Glyphs have a limited lifespan depending on the initial investment of aura in creation of the Glyph, pulse intervals can also be adjusted for long or short term tracking. (Added 16-9-2015)
  • Dagobert Drephos: Burdens to bear: Dagobert can place up to three Runes that each doubles the weight of the object it is placed on, while also reducing Dagobert's own weight by 25%, the effects stack allowing him to have something weigh 8x as much while weighing only a quarter of his normal weight himself, allowing for very fast movement and very powerful attacks. Can be inverted for halving the weight of the target and increasing his own weight. Cannot place more than one Rune on organic targets Aura affected objects reduce the duration of the Rune(Added 16-9-2015)
  • Starling Leadswell: Can create Sigils that cast a beam of light or radiates in all directions for lesser effect. the light repells anything moving towards it's source and speeds up anything moving away from it. Can also be infused with Dust for more complex effects. (Added 16-9-2015)
  • Valencia Sunneva: Raging of the Light: After absorbing light for up to an hour Valencia can release a brilliant flash of light and her aura starts glowing an almost blinding light for 15 seconds, during which she moves and thinks 6 times faster and gains a boost to her Aura defences and the potency of her Dust creations using her Aura. (added 24-5-16)
  • Marko Pride: Finesse: Complete muscle control. able to amongst other things, move with near perfect silence, know just how much to move to connect a punch or dodge an incomming hit and even to fake death temporarily. the total awareness and control strains the mind and body if overused, also tends to leave Marko painfully aware of the waning health that comes with his age.
  • Lorica Oswald: Soldier's Soul: User envelops object and learns the strenghts and weaknesses of the object and its materials. provides a novice with an understanding of a tool or weapon.



Semblance: Streaming Heart 

(Credits: Semblance was created and thought up by SelenaZephyr and is orginally called Hobgoblin)

Streaming Heart is a Semblance which allows its wielder to have some degree of control over their blood through open wounds and cuts. This blood can be crystallized and utilized for offensive, and even defensive purposes. However, in order to use this Semblance, the wielder must have an open wound from which the blood is provided. Either via self-infliction, or from an enemy’s attack.

The obvious drawbacks to this are quite simply, the wielder is "casting from their health", and repeated uses of this over a short time can cause anemia. The symptoms of which are increased fatigue and light-headedness. Another weakness to this is in order to maintain access to blood, the wound can't be allowed to heal, which means the user needs to turn off their Aura’s natural healing factor to make the most use of it.

The crystals themselves have a select toughness based on content of the blood. Heart’s diet usually consists of high intakes of starchy foods and sweets, giving her a high blood-sugar level. Due to this, the blood crystals are mostly sugar crystals as well as some iron from from the haemoglobin. This however, can change based on her diet. A high sodium diet will produce salt crystals which are around the same strength as sugar crystals and a high cholesterol level will produce a flimsy, jelly like substance.

Asher C. Stahl

Semblance: Burden

Asher’s semblance could be considered the primal definition of Aura. The definition of Aura states that it is the manifestation of one’s soul, it shields ones’ hearts and bears one’s burdens. This Semblance has two effects on Asher.

1.      1.  Asher has a slightly increased healing factor and pain resistance.

This does not mean Asher can endure a ridiculous amount of damage. For example, a cut that would normally take a week to heal may take only six days. Not a very big improvement, but it is still present.

The pain resistance also only applies to constant occurring pain and not instant pain. He will feel the pain of any attack inflicted upon him at full force.

2.       2. He is able to transfer any wound or sickness from the applied subject, onto himself.

This ability allows him to treat anyone’s wounds by simply putting it upon himself. For example, a cut on an ally can be completely taken by him, but it will appear roughly in the same place on Asher’s body. This ability works well with his pain resistance. He occasionally uses this to remove some pain which his sword, Breaker, causes. A whole wound or sickness can be transferred fully despite its lethality, so technically, he could kill himself healing someone else.

This ability also has a useless side effect of temporarily taking a portion of the targets weight and putting it onto Asher, literally burdening him and symbolicly taking the weight of other people's faults from them. The only exception to this is the weight transfer between Heart and Asher as this has become permanent due to the accidental Aura awakening during their first encounter.

Rayne Annarosé

Semblance: Transcendence

Rayne’s Semblance, Transcendence, is a limit break Semblance which provides her with additional improvements to her speed and power. In addition, a smidgen of her Aura constantly and involuntarily transfers itself into her weapons, extending her blade reach in scythe and sword mode and additional blades on her tonfa mode. However, this Semblance can usually only be triggered involuntarily during times of high emotional stress.

It is however, rather dangerous to use as it is highly energy draining and has a chance of killing her if she does not disable it before the time limit of 5 minutes run out.

The ability, once triggered, usually manifests itself as a pair of angel wings constructed with pillars of light energy. These wings have no use but simply signify that Rayne has activated her Semblance. She then has a time limit of 5 minutes before either it kills her or she becomes severely exhausted and falls unconscious.

This is not a Berserk Mode, as she has full control of her actions and quite contrarily, she becomes less reckless.

Tana Bunsen

Semblance: Cauterizing Flame

Cauterizing Flame is a fire based ability that passively assists her during battle should she receive a wound. Being a haemophiliac, her blood cannot clot or coagulate properly and in any normal circumstances, she would bleed out if not treated properly. However, her Semblance passively produces a flame from a wound any time one is inflicted upon her, immediately treating her via cauterizing it.

The flame itself is rather small and cannot light anything on fire unless Tana is in physical contact with the object for person in question. The speed of the cauterization also depends on the severity of the wound, larger wounds would take longer to cauterize that smaller ones but both will create equal amounts of pain.

This Semblance still drains Aura at a steady rate and will kill her by using it all up trying to prevent bleeding. In normal cases if one had to choose between bleeding to death slowly or enduring some pain for short while to save one's life, the former would normally be the better choice.

Son of Phobos

  • Odin Vorona : " Runes of Magic " is a glyph Semblance in which there are 5 different types of glyphs, that get even more different by the use of dust. The five types are:
    • Talons: The runes Eiwaz,Raidho and Hagalaz ; forming the phrase Grow of Strength for Destruction. This Glyph is an attack oriented glyph, in which if used with the dust:
      • Mid-night Blue: Will make a blue fire form, that is bigger then the physical form, of the blade or glove of Odin, which ill burn what ever it touches and will set it aflame, at least most of the time, it stays for about a minute
      • Dark Green: Will make so that Odin´s hits faster and more continually, leaving also a visible yellowy glow on his hands, effects Odin only for 20 seconds top
      • Purple: Every hit will feel incredibly heavier like his fists, or blade, were at an alternate gravity making it ever heavier an making cuts deeper than expected most of the times, but it only goes on for 5 or 7 hits.
      • Grey: This is pretty much a finisher move, for a almost 7 seconds one of the gloves will glow with a white light and the Runes will be all over that hand and blade, for as long as the runes are on his hands the hit will be more them extremely powerfull
    • Wings:
    • Eyes:
    • Beak:
    • Body:

Rangokyu Muramasa

  • Gabriel Lutra's Semblance: "War Paint"- Gabriel grows more powerful when his skin comes into contact with blood. The greater the skin surface area in contact with blood, the stronger and faster he becomes. It does not matter whose blood is used, but the boost is most powerful when the blood type matches Gabriel's own. This Semblance comes with a massive risk: once Gabriel is completely drenched in blood, he will enter a trance-like state, and continue to attack everything in his bath in a berserker frenzy. If even a small amount of blood is wiped off, the trance will end, and his body will immediately start to violently reject the blood on his skin. This causes the blood to bead up and be flung off, and for a period of eight hours, Gabriel will convulse uncontrollably and be unable to use his Semblance.
  • Alethia (Ali) Alexandrite's Semblance: "Clairvoyance"- Ali's eyes turn pure white, and she gains precognitive abilities during a battle. She doesn't actually see into the future, but chains of events become almost perfectly visible to her, so she can sense the most likely outcome of a given action. Hence, her reflexes become godlike, and she can dodge bullets since she knows their trajectory before they are even fired. However, once she deactivates Clairvoyance, she becomes completely blind for up to a minute, since her brain needs to synchronise with her eyes.
  • Bayla Bluebell's Semblance: "Faith"- One of the riskiest semblances to use, Faith allows Bayla to do just about anything she believes to be possible. Punching a hole through a six-foot thick steel wall, landing a jump off of a 200-foot cliff, or swimming in lava all become as simple as walking. However, if her faith in her ability wavers for even an instant, the Semblance deactivates, leaving her completely vulnerable to whatever danger she was facing at the time, i.e., her wrist will break on impact with the door, she will suffer the full impact of the fall, burn up immediately in the lava, etc.
  • Rafael Lobos's Semblance: "Wolfpack"- Rafael whistles, and a pack of ghostly wolves rushes forth to attack the enemy. These wolves can selectively dematerialize and phase through solid objects, so hiding behind a door won't stop them. However, they need to become solid to attack, and they become vulnerable to retaliation when they solidify.


Selira: Selira's semblance allows her to temporarily infuse inanimate objects with a strong magnetic field by aligning their magnetic domains. She can only apply it to objects 20 meters around her, and can only support 2 magnetic fields at a time. For instance, she can apply a magnetic field to a tree branch and one to Erebus, allowing for a quick dodge; she can also repel objects instead of attract, but this drains energy faster. At least 1 of the objects has to be made of metal, or have some type of metal inside it, for it to work. In combat, Selira can use this semblance to dodge, make a temporary shield, and knock back opponents. However, physically strong opponents can break out of (or into) her magnetic fields. She can also disarm and pin people down, but she rarely ever does this when fighting 1 on 1.

Terren Lucem: When Terren activates his semblance, Guardian, a pair of semi-transparent, pale glowing wings unfold from his back. These wings are used to shield Terren and others and to block attacks. Every time the wings take a hit, energy is used up. This lets Terren activate his semblance outside of combat without actually using energy. If Terren is blocking multiple attacks from multiple enemies at once, he can create a "burst" in which anything in contact with his wings gets knocked back with a flash of white light. This drains a considerable amount of his stamina. Although the wings are not completely physical they can still catch air currents, allowing Terren to glide, but not fly. However he descends rather quickly, so Terren uses it as a way to soften his landings instead of a form of transportation.

MintFox19 (wip)

Kage :

  1. Living Shadows (Clones) :

Aero :

  1. Levitation :
  2. Anti-Gravity :
  3. Aerial Blade :

Zinc :

  1. Sharp Eye :

Emeraude :

  1. Razor : transferring a large amount of aura to his tail, it hardens and becomes sharp like his blade, as he spins the tail can slash through objects, opening like a fan can act like a shield to block attacks, but due to all aura is on the tail, which mean the rest of his body is armor less (aura shield), it takes a 1 min time limit and 10sec cool down to regenerate aura to cover his body again. cannot reuse semblance for 5 mins.
  1. Magic Wind :
  2. Wind Blast : focusing all aura into the fan, he can swing out one giant gust of wind thats powerful enough to fling anything out of it path (strong enough to stop a deathstalker and push it back), after the 2nd swing it become weaker, the 5th he will be exhausted, 7th is the limit and will cause him to collapse, every swing needs a 10sec moment to focus and prepare and same time for cool down


Ordan Icine

Drag: This semblance enables the user to increase and decrease the amount of air resistance on a moving object or entity by creating a vacuum of air in front of the target to reduce air resistance or creating vacuums around the area in front of the target to increase air resistance, in order to speed up or slow down the target. Ordan uses this on his weapons, himself, his allies, and his opponents. His area of effect is limited to about 150 feet all around, but if something or someone under the effect of his semblance leaves this area, they will stay effected for a short time.


CAMO VANCE: Semblance of Impact

  • While Camo's accuracy is top-notch, a bow can only produce so much power when shooting an arrow. Although he has not yet discovered it, this ability will allow him to either dull or sharpen the impact of a shot, providing either blunt stopping force or focused penetration power (respectively), making him a more versatile fighter when facing a wider variety of opponents and/or obstacles. (Camo is likely to discover his Semblance between late-first-year and mid-second-year.)

LAN GARFIELD: Semblance of the Steadfast

  • This passive ability gives Lan a boost in strength and defense while immobile, essentially turning him into the epitome of the Meat Shield meme. Since he's not very mobile in the first place, this is highly useful when defending a specific location or providing a diversion, and the reach of his flail compensates slightly for being forced to stand still.


Rena Corvus

  • Rena's semblance can create bluish tinted flames on her fingertips. She can use them to heal herself.
  • Alternative: Rena can create a shadow of herself; Since she wears dark clothing, there is a possibility that people who aren't paying attention will mistake it for Rena. It will take damage for her but will vanish if its heart area is pierced. Using this will give her a headache.

Rima Sheridan

  • Rima can see one to four weak points to attack. The ability lasts only a few seconds.


  • Cliff Magazine : Cliff Semblance is called Zielkinetic.When he will activate it,he will focusing his mind's imaging systems and muscle control to

perfectly in tune with the motor skills center of the brain.He will improving his sensory systems (usually hearing and vision).This ability is very effective in improving the accuracy in shooting and the ability to detect enemy.

  • Moon Carolina : Moon's Semblance is called Deceive Attacks.It's activated when she is

using her axes for short-range fighting. The enemy will see Moon's Axes will grow into more than two, but it was all shadows and not solid. Useful to make enemies panic and become complacent.

Sir Blargman Honkertonk

  • Twitch: Creates a small electric charge with too few volts or amps to do any real damage within 25 metres of the user. Can't be blocked by any means.

Lux Capacitor

Bloody Glamour

The user's nails are imbued with aura, sharpening and gaining special design unique to each type of dust. Slashing the air will cause the dust to create trails that react after a short delay.

Sly Fox

Akiba creates a glyph that summons a fox familiar that has 1-9 tails (based on his current aura upon activation) that Akiba can command. The tail number decreases whenever Akiba's aura goes down, and can be used offensively, like to attack or grab and throw objects, defensively, like shielding Akiba, and to empower his weapon's attacks by wrapping a tail(s) around it.

The familiar is connected to Akiba's consciousness and subconsciousness, enabling it to act even without Akiba's direct orders. The downside to this is that its actions are also affected by his emotions and may act on its own without or even against Akiba's orders if the intensity of the emotion is great enough.

Damage to the familiar is shared to Akiba, and feels pangs of pain at different intensities depending on the damage inflicted on the familiar. If it fails to be unsummoned by Akiba and is destroyed, Akiba loses aura and is hit with a wave of pain that persists for around an hour or more.

  • With Dust

The semblance can be imbued with dust to give it a multitude of effects.

The familiar is enveloped by dust and changes color to the the respective dust that lasts for around 5 minutes. Akiba can also command the familiar to "release" or use up the dust in one or more tails for a special attack or skill, but of course releasing it removes the dust on the tail(s). This can also be applied to empowering Kannagara's attacks by wrapping a dust-powered tail(s) around the weapon.

Full Potential

Her semblance enables her to create a glyph that stores energy, which is generated through work done during the glyph's activation. A glyph will appear behind whatever Summer want's to empower (called a target), whether its her arm, her feet, or her weapon, and will stay behind and follow the target, hovering just a few inches away from it.

Whenever doing work (like moving), a band grows out at one side that grows at a rate of how much work the target is doing until it merges with itself at the other side, creating a ring. She can continue to create more rings as long as the target keeps moving, but each ring needs more work done than the previous ring.

If their is at least one full ring, it can then be release to the target. If the target does an action (if onto a person), or collides onto something (if onto an object), the glyph will add the energy its charged to the action or collision.

However, if the target fails to release the energy within a minute or is immobilized during activation for 3 seconds the charged energy, due to having nowhere to go, will instead explode out in a shockwave, with the shockwave's direction facing towards the target. If the target releases the glyph with an incomplete ring, the energy charged in the incomplete ring will be sent back to the target, but the complete ring(s) will still be released the normal way.

Note: The semblance does NOT protect the target from the effects from doing an action. For example, if she empowers her arm to punch a wall, the bones in her arms may break due to the collision between it and the wall.

Instantaneous movement

The ability to focus all of one's strength into a part of a body like your arms and feet, then releasing all of that pent up energy in one quick burst. Basic use of this is to seemingly teleport short distances but in reality the user dashed so quickly that a person's mind couldn't register it. It can also empower attacks giving them devastating, and sometimes lethal, power.

The user still sees everything in real-time (unless the user is in the effects of adrenaline, or is really focused). When using the ability for movement like suggested earlier, the user has to calculate how much power he needs in order to get to his destination, not only that but the he has to stop. Also, the user is still effected by the laws of motion, but with a more advance sense of it. When used in fighting the ability will make for powerful strikes, but too much speed will cause muscle tearing, and hitting too hard on an object or a person can cause fracturing.

Checkpoint Teleport

Checkpoint is a teleportation ability which its user can teleport from point A to point B by the use of an item or checkpoint to teleport. User can teleport to a maximun of 50 meters away and can teleport repeatedly within a 0.50 second interval between teleports. To create a checkpoint, Nagi has to directly touch an object. He uses this in conjuction with his weapon to quickly move around the battlefield with little effort.

  1. He can only teleport to an item when he has touched that item and it has to be inanimate. If he touches a living being (like an animal or a human), nothing will happen.
  2. If, however, he has already created a checkpoint, anyone directly touching him when teleporting will be teleport with him. It must be a direct touch though, an if a that living being is only touching his armor, or his clothes, or his weapon, it will have no effect.
  3. He also has to see and know the object he is teleporting to. If not he will teleport to the last checkpoint he touched.

Dragon's Rage

Sahar's semblance. Sahar gains more strength for any damage he sustains. When reaching a certain point, his body will then be engulfed in flames which he can control. He also gains increased physical performance that is 1.5 times the damage he sustains. The side-effect is that the more damage he gets, the more furious he becomes. The good quirk of this is that he doesn't feel pain but on the other hand, he will go into a state of blind rage which lasts depending on the damage he gains.

Roaring Soul

Gives her the ability to create large shockwaves using her voice through shouting. The strength of her roars are determined by her aura, how much air she's inhaled beforehand, and the force and volume of the roar. The shockwave's range is around 50 to 100 feet and can shatter windows and damage or destroy objects with a power akin to that of a category 2 to 4 hurricane. She can roar in a cone in front of her for maximum range or around her in a circle to take out anyone within close proximity.

The shockwaves can also be mixed in with dust, which have a unique effect on her roars. For instance, Fire dust causes her roar to be more akin to a dragon breathing fire due to the shockwave and the air around it being engulfed in flames, or how Ice dust causes the shockwave to freeze the air around it and even causes crystals to form on the ground.

This, however, takes a lot of air out of her, leaving her lungs empty and desperate for air. This also tires her out easily due to it needing aura as well as her breathe.

Song of Power

The semblance that creates spells via songs. She can make spells or activate dust using her voice, and depending on her lyrics they can do a multitude of effects. Depending on her spell a glyph may appear that, if dust is used, shares the color of the dust she's using or is activated and depending on what she's singing its location may differ. For example, if the spell is directional the glyph will appear facing towards the area she wishes to affect.  


[Affinity-Type Semblance]

Spriggan is, basically, the manipulation of wind. Anastesia can call upon and manipulate the movement of wind. The main use of the semblance for her is by enveloping herself in wind, making her hover and giving her amazing speed and movement. She can use it offensively like blasting away opponents, creating blades of invisible pressurized wind, and many other things.

Burning Mass:

This unique semblance gives the user the ability to control the consumption or "burning" of fats, cholesterol, sugars, and other energy giving substances within the body. The semblance also gives the ability controlling the fat and/or muscle mass withing the body. When "burning", the body's excretory system goes into overdrive, which will result to, but not limited to, great amounts of sweating, steam coming from the body, and a quickly filled bladder.

The user can harness great amounts of strength for a long duration consistently and with the ability to move muscle mass around different parts of the body the user can effectively harden his muscles that can provide protection against cutting, bashing, and even bullets.

The most fatal flaw of this ability is energy, which the human body gains by the intake of food. The user will also feel hungry always and never have a satisfied feeling in the belly (Not unless he does absolutely nothing afterwards).


Leng Yu:

Snapfreeze: Yu's semblance allows them to freeze water or water-based liquids in a short proximity, msot effective when in physical contact. With this, Yu can do such things as walk on water with icy, shoe-shaped platforms that form under their feet, or freeze appendages of opponents for a short time. the ice will still be affected by the ambient temperature, so when Yu is not adding to it, the ice will melt. The general range of non-contact use is only a few inches from Yu's body- at most the ice could reach a foot away, but it is much slower than the quick snap-freeze of the short-range. Despite the low range, Yu has a fairly high level of endurance, and does not tire easily from standing on a pool of water with the ability, for example.


  • Elise Mindre : "Tempest"  - After activating Anura & Castani's 2nd form, the ringblade, Elise moves into a pirouette with the ring around her waist and begins spinning. After a few seconds, her semblance kicks in, allowing her to create a small-scale cyclone with her in the eye of the storm. Depending on the amount of energy she's willing to use will determine the size and suction of the cyclone, though the larger/faster the more energy it uses. At it's greatest the cyclone can reach about forty-five feet in all directions, sucking them into the vortex where they will ultimately meet the blade. After making connection with the ring, the interceptor will then be shot out of the cyclone at high speeds - hopefully with quite the cut. Should the cyclone spin fast enough, however, she can bring them back in for another clash with the ring. She'll always be nauseous after using her semblance due to the spinning it requires.
  • Amphitrite Pickerel: "Undertaker" - Amphitrite slams her weapon into the ground, creating a fissure. She has the ability to judge the distance and depth of the fissure to her liking. At it's smallest, the crack can reach about 7 feet in front of her and 1.5 feet deep. In order to close the fissure, she can hit the same spot that she used to open the ground in the first place, but this maneuver expends twice the energy that it took to make it in the first place.


Team TEAL's semblances:

Teal Rivers : Grand Phantasm

Grand phantasm is an active semblance that can be used both defensively and offensively. Teal calls on a massive shadow that stand in front of her and those near her she perceives as allies, in a range of about 2.5 meters. Any incoming attack will be stopped by the shadow, which will absorb the energy and use it for a melee range counter. Matter does not stop from existing, logically, but is ensnared temporarly into the Phantasm, to fall to the ground when it fades. While rather powerful, this semblance has the disadvantage of being really costful in terms of raw energy : after maintaibing it for about 10s, the user feels like she ran half a mile.1 minute, and she ran the marathon. Keeping it longer causes highs risk of falling inconscious.

Emerald Voldersson : Meta-enhancer

This ability allows its user to accelerate his target's metabolism. it can be used to tend for a wound for example, or more nefariously to help an infection or a poison spread. Conversely, Emerald can also SLOW a metabolism, slowing its reflexes or even putting in a state of stasis, which can be used for example to stop someone from bleeding to death until help comes forth. Its cost is relatively low, but it requires physical contact to work.

Aurum Virens : Deep perception

This semblance allows its user to temporarly get her physical senses highened.A lot.An ordinary human's eyesight can go almost go toe to toe with the eyes of the eagle, for example, but the four other senses are affected simulateneously. It is possible to ameliorate only one mean of perception, but it requires a great amount of concentration. As such, if used in a zone particularly satured with one kind of sensation ( many loud sounds, strong smells, messy visual motives...) it can cause pain and panic attacks due to the sheer amount of informations.

Liberty Johnes : Energy wave

Energy wave does quite exactly what its name suggest : it allows to create a small wave of energy that can be thrown and acts like a low weight, high speed projectile with rather good penetration. It has a range that can go up to 30 meters but becomes quite unaccurate. Liberty can influence the wave's trajectory to a certain point. It requires focus, but he knows his ability quite well and is used to it. He can also modify the properties of the projectile, and use some dust to give to some elemental properties.

Malek Kriya

  • Eagle Umbra: Eagle's semblance is "Blink"-In general terms, it is based of speed and is very similar to that of Blake's, but instead of leaving a clone, Eagle can move at speeds, causing him to fade completely from vision or sight, that allows him to move several distances in the blink of an eye, and is exceptionally useful when in hand to hand combat, or when using his katanas. Such semblance allows Eagle to appear in front of his enemies instantly, or behind them for a surprise attack, even if they have seen him. Also, if Eagle uses his blades while activating his semblance, his attacks are immensely sharp and can cut through almost anything, where in one occasion he shredded a large machine operated by the White Fang to shreds, causing it to subsequently exploding, and compltely ravished a small pack of Beowolves, all except for their armored head.
  • Shade Luz: Shade's semblance is "Flame's Will", in which allows her to cast fire in any form, and can use it to destroy almost any object, granting her the ability to heat up certain objects at will. Shade can use such fire with her body to evade atacks and even teleport. This in turn gives her moderate control over the fire element.
  • Diamond Tenebra: Diamond's semblance is "Shadow's Element". This form of semblance is extraordinary rare, and is often considered to be that of a demon's. This semblance's ability allows Diamond to completely conceal herself in any given environment, be it day or night. Although similar to Eagle's where he disappears from sight with his speed, Diamond can merge her figure with an object's appearance, making her seem almost invisible, but the element is eventually at it's full potential when used in a darkened setting.
  • John Mikaelson: While John's semblance may not have a descriptive name, it is clearly visible as he is seen as the main force of the group in terms of strength, although Eagle rivals him in said field. John's semblance in general terms is strength, which exceeds higher than a human, allowing him to throw heavier objects with ease, and pick up fully grown adults and send them flying with moderate blows.


  • Dalton Torus: Dalton's semblance is "Resemblance". This semblance is very rare to have and always the user to copy other peoples semblances. The user cant just copy by seeing the semblance being used, they must have to touch the person in anyway. By touching the person the user is allowed to copy the semblance within the other person and then has a copy of it with them forever. The user can only use one semblance at a time.
  • Hayden Grayson: Hayden's semblance is called "Berserk". This semblance is used more as a last resort type of use. The semblance allows the user to go into a form where they don't take damage from anything and enter an uncontrollable rage that also doubles.
  • Rena Wolfen: Rena's semblance is "Desemblance". This is another rare semblance, while allows the user to sort of turn off other peoples semblances for a short period of time. The user must touch the person to turn off there semblance.
  • Matthew Oran: Matthew's semblance is called "Pulse Emitter" that allows him to turn off enemy technology for a short amount of time, and possibly make the enemies weapons to glitch.


  • Malva Mnemonic: Malva's semblance is called 'Forget Me Yes' and enables her to release a gas in the air that can blind her enemies. She can also coat her arrows with the liquid form of the chemical and shoot it her opponents.
  • Ember Blaze: Ember's semblance is called 'Fire Flight' and lets her create two dark red glyphs at a time. She can then thrust her long whip into one and it will come out of the other, making it a kind of teleportation device.
  • Talcum Shennong: Talcum's semblance is called 'Medic Scanner' and allows him to 'scan' his friends or enemies in battle to see their injuries, health, current energy level, etc. This lets him know who to attack and which teammates to help the most.
  • Ryland Clockwork: Ryland's semblance is called 'Rate Ratifier' and allows him to speed up his weapons while in mid-air. He can then shoot them at his enemies with immense speed and power, but it can drain his energy quite a bit while doing so.
  • Javor Wilhelm: Javor's semblance is called 'Nature's Calling' and allows him to summon thorns/roots out of the ground. He does this by pounding his dust-infused gloves into the earth.
  • Neel Nyx: Neel's semblance is called 'Sound Abyss' and allows him to absorb sound waves when he walks or shoots his sniper rifle. This semblance lets him become very silent, and enable him to be undetected when it comes down to the ears.
  • Xiu-Mei Song: Xiu-Mei's semblance is called 'Xiu-Ray Vision' and lets her create outlines of people/Grimm. She uses this power to see her enemies when firing with her parasol, and this serves as a x-ray sort of semblance.


  • The Scharfsinnhardt family has their own unique Semblance called Mind Carve in which is where the Engelnacht's "game" is inspired and named after. It forces the user's five senses (see, hear, smell, taste, feel) not to filter what they perceive and simply "memorize everything in detail and then recall them. The process is very strenuous for the brain that the user will be helpless in a certain period from overdriving his/her brain. The information "carved" into the brain cannot be recalled by normal means because the brain normally takes in information that it filtered or understood. The Semblance is needed in order to recall the "carved" information and the user will take his/her time in understanding it. The process is also tiresome but not as exhausting as memorizing.
  • Mona BluthardtPlasma StormIt is in a form of silver-colored sphere as big as a soccer ball with hundreds of thin lasers of the same color that can reach a maximum length of 50 meters (100 meters in diameter). All made out of plasma.

    The lasers are numerous and move in random rotation, making them unpredictable and very hard to dodge. These things can melt and cut through thick metal walls and living things that does not have Aura they come across. The shorter the radius, the stronger the cutting and melting power.

However, this power cannot be used in conventional combat. The size of scale damage can be controlled but after the power is unleashed, it will simply destroy everything in its path which could also kill the caster. For as long as the caster is at least +20 meters away from the intended scale of destruction with a clear and stable sight of the are, it can be used (e.g. if Mona choses 35-meter radius scale of destruction then she should be 55 meters away). In this case, the caster is dependent on sniper rifle's scope or anything that could magnify the sight to the target for the sake of better accuracy. It also takes thirty seconds to be unleashed regardless of the scale of attack. And lastly, it can only be used three consecutive times when the caster's Aura is 100% regardless of how strong or large the attack is.

  • Casper BluthardtDark Touchan ability in which any blood from living things crystallizes on his touch. After crystallizing blood, he could create a full body armor for himself, a platform, and a maximum number of three and maximum length of eight-meter tentacles around him for defending and attacking. He could also crystallize his enemies' blood inside their body only if there is an open wound and his blood (crystallized or not) entered it.
  • Aricia Bluthardt - Thunder's Wrathshe forms electric sharp blades or spikes in any part of her body by emitting purple electricity from it. The maximum number of blades/spikes that she can produce is twenty; the fewer she produces, the larger the blades and spikes can get. The maximum length is six meters long.

She uses her Semblance on her hands and feet for maximum damage, and back for defense. Her Semblance's nature makes her invulnerable to electricity in lower voltages but she cannot withstand lightning from weather and very high voltages.

  • Cyzarine Bluthardt - she inherited the Mind Carve of the Scharfsinnhardt family.
  • Basilia BluthardtShadow's Spectrea non-fighting power that gives Basilia an ability to control any shadow present within 7-meter radius and extend the shadows from its origin up to 7 meters with a time limit of 2 minutes. The manipulated shadow relies on Basilia's feelings, thoughts, and silhouette of things she imagine. It is harmless in general but knowing her specialization in interrogation, mental torture is a boost for her for as long as the enemies have a weak heart against scary things. The side effect of her Semblance is that her sclerae turns black and her pupils becomes white.
  • Brunhilde EngelnachtNexus Reconan audio-visual sensory power that allows Brunhilde to gather intelligence, to observe surroundings, and to trail people by creating and controlling 4 black or white owls. It is possible for her create 10 of them but a human brain is not built to do many things at once. Instead, it is only capable of switching attention from one task to another. Regarding Brunhilde's mental capacity, she can only handle four owls while not moving around much.

She can control them up to 150 meters from her position in 3 minutes maximum. The lesser the distance traveled by or number of created owls, the time limit increases by ten seconds. Cooldown time is 2 minutes if Brunhilde reached her limit.

  • Maur KriegerDark Rimea power to encase his own body in thick ice as an armor and his weapon for additional damage. He can encase anything he touches. The limitation of his power is first, he can only encase within a width of 5-meter radius so if he were to encase an airship he wouldn't be able to encase 1/4 of its part. Second, the strength of the ice depends on his allocation of his Aura to his Semblance. Finally, he can only encase things, not creating copy of things out of his ice.

The side effect of his Semblance is his ice's color turns black.

  • Raizel Heidrich - Aerial Bombshe can form spheres of swirling compressed air and make them explode on her will. She also uses this to double her jump. If she got distracted on her concentration, she might end up harming herself if the spheres are near her. Maximum spheres that she can create is 7 and is limited on being formed within 3 meter radius. The lesser she makes, the bigger her spheres can get.


Feldgrew Paris - Heightened Agility: Quite simply, Feldgrew has the trait of incredible agility, which is what allows him to be quick, and make his attacks flow. His agility is honed, allowing him to deflect small arms fire with his daggers, and combat several targets with a single river of attacks. He is also able to do parkour quite effectively, being able to run up walls (that are less than 10 feet in height), amd jump over obstacles with quick, decisive jumps. This semblance also helps with his wielding of his dual daggers.

Okrae Ronox - "Zellbrigen": Okrae has the Semblance of concentrating most of her aura into one, single move, combining strength with speed. Named Zellbrigen by Okrae, after a term in a book she read, it can only be used on one person, and it takes immense amounts of concentration. Teamwork is essential when Okrae uses her semblance, as she is left vulnerable if the enemy is close enough, and after she is left barely able to fight, exhausted. The attack itself, however, is useful during one on one engagements, and is quite devastating, even to a Deathstalker.


  • Ade Ijakumo - Tripmine, allows Ade to creates up to four glyph that immobilize an opponent for up to five seconds. He can only be applied  these glyph to anything with a relatively flat surface such as the ground, walls, and boxes.Often uses it as prelude to a fight and get some quick damage off. Also as an escape tactic for when he losing a fight. He is also fond of combining Dust such as ice or fire with the glyph. The main draw back of his semblance is that he can only create four at a time and they only last five seconds before disappearing.
  • Beige Fae -  Ward , Beiage is able to create a protective glyph that is 20 ft in diameter and can take great deal of kinetic damage. Beige can divide this glyph into four small glyphs but each take less damage than it bigger counterpart. Beige has to remain stationary when using her semblance and can use it for one minute before needing to rest.
  • Rain Rook - Potency, Rain to create a single glyph that boost her melee attacks for a short period of time. She can not boost the attacks of others. She often uses this as a prelude before starting a fight to get some damage dealt early and when losing fight to turn the table. She can only use it for a maximum of two time before it starts to become taxing.
  • Noire Blaidd - Wolf's Cry,  Noire able to “throw” his voice within a 10 or 15 feet direction, confusing any opponents and cause them to search for it origins. He can only use this without being seen or detected and must be within hearing range for it to work. Ironically, if he over uses his semblance, he will be unable to speak for a short time.


  • Darian Nightshade: Disappearing Act- Disappearing Act allows Darian to perform an nearly-instantaneous dash up to 10 meters away. The dash is so fast that Darian can scale vertical surfaces without trouble and he can use the dash up to five times in rapid succession before having to stop briefly to regain his energy. However, the Disappearing Act is not without its draw backs. Each dash requires Darian to plant his footing, leaving him vulnerable for a second in between the dashes. The Disappearing Act also leaves a trail of Darian's black aura behind him, allowing a keen enemy to follow which direction he went. A side effect of using the Disappearing Act is that Darian's eyes begin to glow, often leaving a pair of eyes floating in the air after his first dash.
  • Alice Jager: Passive Sight- Passive Sight and enhances the natural abilities of Alice's aura to sense when someone else is around her and amplifies it a hundred fold. Using Passive Sight Alice can sense where people and grim are around her in all directions within 50 meters. She can also focus the power in a single direction to sense where people are within 200 meters. Alice can use the omnidirectional form of Passive Sight at will with minimal effect on herself, but can only use the focused form of her semblance for 10 seconds because of the migraine it causes.


  • Urie IV (Ullie atm): Camouleon - An ability to camouflage, or in other words, to blend in. For example, blending in on walls and trees. In great speed, she can camouflage even though she's moving as if she is invisible. She can only camouflage in maximum of 40 seconds. She can also make others 'Camouflage' with her by holding their hand or what not. She can't camouflage things. Overusing this semblance can give her fatigue and it takes a few hours to use it again.


All semblances concepts belonging to me can be found on their respective characters' pages in Argence.


  • Raion Tensai's semblance is Analytic Eyes, a scanning type of semblance. Under it's usage, his eyes turn golden colored. The semblance allows him to scan, providing very useful to him. It lets him see enemy weak points mainly, and increases his evasion.  Other than in battle, it lets him see stuff such as traps, hidden passages, etc. Though the semblance has a limit. It can't scan large distances, and is limited to a short distance. Attacks can be too fast for it to see as well, though this is rare.


Team BURL (Beryl)

  • Sandi Beryl: His Semblance is called Soldier's Arms. It allows him to place runes on the places he touches. A pillar is summoned the moment his touch is gone, the length/height depending on how long he left pressure on the rune, while the material is dependent on what it's summoned from, or the Dust fused with the rune. When the runes are under a foot apart, the pillars will merge together, forming a wall. Sandi can also use them to attack, as the pillars come out pretty fast. The pillars disappear when he wants them to, but keeping them up takes concentration and Aura. The maximum amount of time Sandi has managed to keep one up is about 30 minutes, though it's really when he makes a wall that it becomes very taxing - his Aura wouldn't last past 10 minutes. It also takes Aura to summon the runes in the first place, the amount depending on how long he left pressure on it.
  • Uranus Bailey: Sensor is his Semblance. It allows him to sense his surroundings. It's very useful for making maps, and knowing what his surroundings are like in places filled with fog or mist. And when combined with his maps and Rava's photographic memory and Semblance, it serves to navigate the team to locations they've never been. The Semblance also helps him with his calculations in battle.
  • Rava Fiarie: TBA.
  • Zircona Lee: TBA.

Team EMIR (Ember)

  • Ember Maerts: Ember's Semblance is named Fire Wheel. This allows her to spin at increased speeds, kicking up a cloud of dust. Right before she uses it, she becomes covered in her orange Aura. This is used to blind enemies, though it also blinds Ember and her allies. Which is where Hot Secrets comes in.
  • Metagh Olina: Argentum Rhythmus is Metagh's Semblance. (TBA)
  • Islingr Fiarie: Islingr's Semblance is Illumination, which allows her to create spheres of light in her palms, and can sling them at enemies if need be. The bigger they are, the more energy they take. The same goes for recharging - the bigger the ball was and the more time it was left up, the longer it takes for her to recharge. As she has a high amount of control over it, she is able to keep a huge one ('bout the size of a regular-sized hairbrush in diameter) going for a third of a day. A tiny one ('bout the size of her fingertip) is assumed to able to be kept going for more than a day, as it's limit isn't known. She often uses this during battle, slinging balls of light at enemies to blind and distract them while taking cover behind her shield.
  • Ravelyn Rouge: Her Semblance is called Lights Out. It gives her the ability to disable electric networks by sending an electric pulse into the power supply. The larger the amount of power needed to keep the network up, the more of her Aura is used up. In other words, it'd be impossible for her to make a city-wide blackout - even just one of Beacon Academy's systems would make her nauseous. It can also only be effectively used in front of a power supply. Anywhere else, and the pulse will only disable the nearest objects that use electricity, not the network.

Team HTHR (Heather)

  • Hvita Fiarie: Her Semblance, Winter Calling, allows her to lower the temperature anywhere within a 100 ft radius of her, the area itself having a maximum radius of 10 ft. Both of these increase as she practices and her control over it grows. How much the temperature is lowered depends on what she wants, though it does have a limit of 30 degrees. This means it has a more everyday use - cooling oneself.
  • Travan Aline: Marked Resistance is his Semblance. To use it, he has to touch the target. Doing this leaves a circular mark on the target, making them resistant to physical attacks. It can also be modified with Dust, the mark's color and what the target is resistant to changing depending on the Dust used (i.e. Blue Dust = mark is blue and target is resistant to Water attacks, Red Dust = mark is red and target is resistant to Fire attacks, etc). The marks fade either after a certain amount of time (usually two hours) or while they're doing their job - making the person resistant to attacks.
  • Hebline Sifa: Her Semblance is Flexibility, meaning that Hebline is able to easily bend her body in positions that would take years of practice for others. Being a full-fledged Huntress, Hebline has a very high degree of control over this, able to keep it going for at least 30 minutes, though she was visibly tired afterwards.
  • Rowan Fiarie: His Semblance is named Titanium Protector. This Semblance allows him to put up a shield made out of metal to either protect himself or one of his allies, with the use of a rune. He is also able to put up multiple shields using multiple runes, and bigger ones using bigger runes. The total amount of shields he can make is 10, regardless of size. This, however, uses up a lot of energy. And unlike actual shields, these can't be moved, nor can they be placed offset or behind a person's position, meaning you'd have to step outside of the shield's protection to attack. But despite this, he can put one up in front of a charging enemy. The shields themselves have very high durability, only breaking if they take too many hits or are hit by something like gunfire from Coco's gun.

Team NTHK (Nighthawk)

  • Nile Alcor:
  • Tsubaki Silvius: Emotional Power is the name of her Semblance. It allows her to channel her emotions into her blows, adding power to them. It works by channeling the emotion through her Aura, extending the Aura to Diamond Crescent along with the added emotion. Emotional Power also works when Tsubaki's simply using her hands and feet. For example, Aura would focus on the leg/foot if kicking, the hand if punching, etc. The Aura in these places would also glow, meaning it can be seen around the nodachi, leg/foot, hand, etc, depending on what she's striking with. This Semblance is one Tsubaki can activate at will. However, in the rare case that she has an overwhelming emotion, like extreme rage, Emotional Power is automatically activated. Though, this state is also short, due to the fact that the severity of the emotion directly correlates with the amount of Aura used to channel it. Tsubaki has to pace herself, otherwise she could quickly run out of Aura.
  • Hirsch Levin:
  • Kaili Hart: Kaili discovered her Semblance, Shadow's Shroud, during the BoB. It's been described as shadow travel, though really it's more a form of teleportation. Kaili is able to disappear into a shadow, then reappear in one that was within her sight. However, she can only do this if both shadows are her size or larger. And again, the shadow she reappears in must be within her sight. She's not able to just spam her teleportation, either - a few seconds between one jump and the next is necessary. In terms of Aura, it doesn't seem to use up that much. Isolde observed the pirate using it 10 times during a battle, and still having about half her Aura left after it was all over.

Team HCMB (Honeycomb)

  • Hari Adva: His Semblance is named Inner Workings. With it, Hari can sense the inner workings of any machine, the mechanisms that make the machine run. The larger the area he uses it on, or the more mechanisms inside the object, the more energy it takes up. For example, if he tried to sense all the individual mechanisms inside a truck or car, he'd probably pass out or almost pass out.
  • Asura Bailey:

Team FAHC (Falcon)

Team SLTE (Slate)

Team SGRA (Sangria)

Team MRCY (Mercury)

Team ELCY (Electricity)

Team BSTR (Bistre)

Team ---- (Unnamed)

Team SKPN (Scorpion)


Alex Wingace

  • Snowfall: (Not Accepted as of yet) A Semblance that allows Serena Ciano to summon a blizzard in a 15 meter radius around her for up to one minute, allowing her to cover a retreat, deter would-be attackers, or just to beat the heat. No matter how much she may move, she will remain at the centerpoint of the Blizzard. Windspeeds can reach up to 45 MPH and temperatures can drop to -20 Degrees Celsius in ideal conditions. (Created with the help of Jade and Side)
  • Audiomancy: A Semblance that allows Vespertilia Lavande to manipulate the flow and intensity of sound. This means that she can suppress a sound to something under a whisper or as loud as a gunshot as well as being able to redirect a sound so that it either doesn't reach a certain place or so that it will be heard as having come from a different direction altogether. This semblance has an effective range of approximately 75 meters, where she has the most control of the sounds. Past this set point, the quality of her control degrades until about 110 meters, where it reaches its limit.
  • Conductive Travel: This ability allows Neibi Rai to travel near instantaneously through conductive materials, such as metals and, to a much lesser extent, water. This Semblance is effective through up to 15 meters of something, like copper wiring or metal plating. In water, however, it is very unpredictable and unreliable, only being able to transport through it using her Semblance around 3-7 meters.


  • Aurum Segen - Golden Eyes. Upon activation, the user's irises turn bright gold. The semblance allows the user to clearly see the Aura's of others, allowing him to judge their strength, and even distinguish their semblance when he has time to focus. Further experience will allow him to judge the target's mood as well. It cannot be used to see targets through solid objects, and steadily drains a small amount of Aura while active.
  • Celeste Burne - Soul Mender. This semblance allows the user to channel what looks and feels like water into the injuries of others to vastly accelerate healing speed. The ability is not self-targetable, and drains Aura based on the severity of the wound being healed. Overuse leads to unconsciousness.
  • Cerise Sangestre - Bard's Soul. Sometimes passively causes musical notes to appear when the user plays music or sings, and causes a music note glyph to appear under the user when she focuses on her semblance. Also allows the use to affect listeners by the same methods, "buffing" allies or "debuffing" enemies. The more powerful the effect applied, the more the user is limited in her actions while maintaining the song. Consistent use over an extended time can severely drain the user's Aura and potentially cause damage to vocal cords. The semblance is limited by hearing range (the quieter it is, the less it will effect the listener) and is restricted to two effects at a time.
  • Ash Westwind - Windburst. Upon activation, a swirling silver glyph appears on a flat surface. That glyph generates a powerful single-direction burst of wind strong enough to launch a grown man up to four stories high (or quite a few feet sideways). The outward rush of air often causes a vortex effect at the base of the Glyph. The effect may be able to be increased with more training. Aura drain is proportionate to the force applied. Can be used to lesser effect for lower cost. Must be placed on a flat surface. Glyph varies in size. Dust application drastically changes the effect.
  • Mauve Brennie - Indomitable. Causes a honeycombed “shield” of the user’s Aura color to appear in the focused direction. Makes the user harder to stagger. When focused, vastly increases physical resistance to stagger/stun effects and to damage from one side of the user’s body – that is, front, back, or sides – at a time. Steadily drains Aura when focused; also severely limits movement while active.
  • Argo Cident - Rush. Grants a powerful surge to physical and mental ability, functioning like a boosted rush of adrenaline, allowing for faster and stronger movements and greater focus for the duration. The rush lasts for as long as the user keeps it active, draining Aura at a steadily increasing rate. Due to its increasing Aura drain, the semblance cannot be upheld for extended times, and is best used in short bursts. A proportionate amount of time must be taken between uses, or the cost will continue to increase. Extensive use can cause severe muscle fatigue, strain, or tearing, as well as heavy mental fatigue. A pale grey smoke cloud surrounds the user on activation.
  • Kaltis Wahrsucher - Wahre Seher, or True Seer. When active, the semblance allows Kaltis to tell if someone is lying or not. The user's eyes appear to shine more than normal, almost as though they are glowing (but not quite). It is not immediately noticeable. Long-term use causes what looks like sparks of Aura to fly across the surface of his eyes. Only works if activated before/while someone is speaking. Cannot be used retroactively. Does work on recordings, but only if there is video (not on voice alone). Works best (most quickly and most accurately) with eye-contact. Fairly low Aura drain. Not entirely fool-proof, as someone who has trained for years to get around such things will be able to fool him if they can avoid longer periods of eye contact.
  • Camellia Thorne - Pending.

Verity Evermore

  • Takara Australis: (TBA - character not accepted yet)
  • Sekhmet Red: Sekhmet's Semblance is Sunstorm. She can illuminate things like sand or loose dirt (or anything similar to it), making it glow as bright as she desires. Then, with a wave of her arm, she can make a sandstorm out of her glowing objects. It is mainly used as a tactic for escaping, as the sandstorm can blind her enemies. A major flaw is that it also blinds her allies, as well as Sekhmet herself, meaning that anyone fighting alongside her has to clear the area. Another major flaw is that there has to be a lot of sand, loose dirt, etc. in order for her to use it. It is completely useless if she is fighting in a city with paved roads. The sizes of her storms vary, but normally can go up to fifteen feet around her. The length can get bigger if she practices more, something which she has done a lot of to get it up to its current length.
  • Jinn Asimi: (TBA - character still has to be accepted)
  • Xanthe Radiance: (TBA - character not accepted yet)


Team AERS :

  • Exsanguis : Amsel can inert dust for a short time when he touches it or within a radius around him. The more and the far the dust is, the less the inactivation last long : a few minutes for a handful od dust, but less than a second in a 10 meter radius. With the touch ranged version, he can also choose a color spectrum that will not be inerted. It allos him to brew and raffinate dust by his own with the bare minimum equipment, or to momentarily reduce his opponent power output in fights, especially against mages.
  • Inner Algebra : Through her semblance, Ember can induce illusionnaries shapes, objects and environnements around her that only her can usually see. However she can share her visions with somebody by touching him/her but the contact must be maintained for the vision to last. She can display informations on surfaces, manipulate them and creates even complicated 3D shapes like plants, animals and landscapes given than they are familiar enough for her to imagine them without difficulty. She is used to it and therefore process it partly instinctively. It can trick herself when she is not in good mood as she loose some control on it. It is helpful in trajectory prediction, mental calculation and in daily life, like augmented reality glasses or lenses could help.
  • Memento momentum : Ross' semblance allows him to "save" a copy of his linear momentum and to "load" it later, giving him very quickly the speed and direction of his "saved" mouvement. He can memorise up to four momentum like this and after being used, a save is deleted so he must save another one. When he loads a memorized momentum, a blurry and ghostly image of himself carries on his previous movement for a short time before fading away. He also minds to not creates a too high acceleration change when he load a momentum or he is not immue to blackouts. It allows him to occasionally offset his bulky and slow physic abilities with cunning speed.
  • Spin flip : Sinople's semblance allows her to control the rotation of thinks she holds or of her own body. The cheapest modifications are trajectories changes. Accelerations or decelerations are expansive and are generaly compensated with an exact opposite effect, few seconds later. She can also lock rotational component to control her blade movement but also to hinder her opponent's strikes. When she uses her semblance, a gimbal-like glyph apperars, displaying markers that encode her current mouvement but also changes she makes. however, brightness and size of the glyph scale with the weight of changes done : with small and well planed modifications, the glyph is generaly small and translucent enough to stay nearly invisible.



When activated, Silvio's semblace can react violently on contact with incoming attacks, creating an explosive discharge to redirect the blow. While the semblance's default discharge is proportional to the force of the incoming blow, he can increase it himself, though repeatedly using the semblance is physically taxing for him and can leave Silvio exhausted after too many detonations. Heavy attacks may be redirected away, however, the resulting explosion can stagger Silvio, due to the explosive recoil.
This can also be used as an improvised method of enhancing Silvio's own unarmed attacks, but is usually reserved solely for defence. The ability cannot differentiate between friend and foe so Silvio must regulate it himself, consciously activating it when needed.


Dafoe Jordans: Shadowstride, can make a portal out of shadows, provided he can see entrance and exit, can bring multiple people, but requires absolute concentration, leaves him vulnerable if not protected

Ericka Lupus:(Unknown, but believed to be her increased ferocity under moonlight)

Nicrom Zenith: Sand Pillar, increases or decreases his body's density, meaning opponents can punch through him, or hit a brick wall, but can prevent his mobility.

Takahashi Matsumudo: Fastball, absorbs energy from hits to increase speed of attacks, can be transferred to teammates.

Chloe Rulean: Dusty Ashes, limited influence of dust. Roughly 20 yard distance

Yalanda Marathine: Lunar Flare, bright flash of silver moonlight, can affect allies and will affect Ericka's ferocity if viewed.

Alyssum Marathine: Filtration, intangibility.

Aaron Mortal: A-Mortality, temporary invulnerability, but leaves him drained physically afterwards.

Mimic:Guising, Semi-permanent full body and voice disguise.

Leonard Reinhold: Logistics, increases already high cognitive ability and assessive powers, does not include unseen variables.

Davina Munroe: Bulletime, slows down time.

Mikael Aster: Darklight, absorbs light energy to increase attack power.

Nina Malign: Tunneler, travelling undergound.

Derrick Eisregen: Snowman, lowers temperature around him.

Spectra Wisp: Phasics, allows his ranged and Dust attacks to bypass Aura.



Brauss Rouge: Harmony: Brauss is able to match his opponents' fighting styles to a basic degree.

Lavan Rouge: Unity: Lava can transmit his strength and Aura onto others, however this does drain him of his own Aura and he only does this as a last effort.

Zaffre Sirena: Sonic Scream: Zaffre can let loose a piercing shriek to either disorientate or blow back her opponents.

Fenra Eminence: Wolf Pack: Fenra is able to create a pack of wolf-like projections.


Aqua Marin: Water Mimicry: Aqua is able to transform part or all of her body into water or a semi-liquid substance. However, she can't do this too much as it drains her Aura.

Qi Chang: Fire Breath: Qi can loose a stream of fire from her mouth.

Umeko Usagi: Geokinesis: Umeko can control the earth around her.

Aurora Verde: Wind Daggers: Aurora can loose blades of wind at her enemies.


Scarlet Rose: Teleportation: Scarlet can transport herself to another location. When she uses her Semblance, she appears to burst into rose petals.

Kaltt Vasilias: Runes: Kaltt is able to generate Runes due to the tattoos on her body for various purposes.

Lavender Wukong: Doppelganger: Lavender uses a Semblance similar to her mother and father in that she is able to create three to four perfect clones of herself.

Taiyo Xiao Long: Berserker: Taiyo is able to go into a state of pure rage where her physical abilities such as speed, strength and endurance are increased tenfold. However, she has yet to truly control her Semblance one hundred percent.

Amilanthior Blackthorn

Amilanthior Nightshade: Mute Sphere: Amilanthior is able to create a large bubble that distorts all sound in the inside from the outside.


Hitori Kazami: Makihige: Hitori can create a spike-summoning Glyph. He is able to create five at a time, while being able to control how big they are.

Iris Phlox: Overcharge: Iris gains the ability to absorb electricity and transfer it to any machine around her.

Corvus Dorifutā: Umbra: Corvus can turn invisible and create 'shadow' clones to distract his enemies.

Crimson Beast

Amet Revfold

Akasma Spia 'Dull Fang'.  When he activates it, his damage goes down by half for an increase in speed. 

Amet Revfold: Heightened bodily reflexes.  This allows him to get is body and limbs out of the way faster, as well as improve his sensory inputs.  Because of this, Amet can use pinpoint precision in his strikes, counter and dodge faster, as well as have a quicker reaction time.

Aurus Hintray: Heightened stamina.  This means he doesn't exhaust at times others would, allowing him to run farther distances and last longer in battle.

Drait: Lightning control.  When Drait activates his semblance, his hair spikes straight upwards, electricity arcing through.  His veins become very prominent, and a damaging electrical charge emits from his body.  Drait can send an electrical charge through his sword, creating lightning slashes from the weapon.  He can also send a shock through whomever he contacts, but one hand must be firmly contacted in order to do this.

Garnet Izeria 'Deadeye'.  In essence, with each shot from her weapon, her accuracy becomes increased. Combined with her weapon, it makes for a devestating combination. Even though her accuracy might cap at around 90%, she still has to take into account environmental effects - such as height, wind, and landscape.

Iona Angelo: Stacked speed.  What is meant by this is Iona, when she strikes a target, can build speed with each hit, thusforth stacking the speed of each strike.  She must, however, directly strike for this semblance to take effect.

Tahu Volkano: Channelled speed.  With this Semblance, he can channel speed into his weapons, allowing them to vibrate and swing about at a fast pace.  With enough effort, he can channel it to his legs or other limbs and move them at incerdible speed, sometimes leaving a trail of particles behind him.


Talis Ebonmere: "Electromagnetic Impulse:

His body constantly generates electricity, which is stored in his body. Electricity within a dozen feet will arc towards him like a lightning rod. His semblance also makes him immune to electric damage, and able to take whatever electricity is used against him and store it for his own purposes.

Activation: Quadruples the stored power of a battery/batteries touching Talis's body. Created power lasts for a half an hour before dissipating, leaving Talis with the same amount of power as he started with, if he hasn't used his extra power up before that time limit is reached. Disables his electric generation for an equal amount of time. Active effect cannot be used while there is no passive regeneration. Best used while batteries are full or near full. Talis can control his electricity, but only to keep it from shocking others touching him or within an electric circuit. 

Enyasi Gorestin: Unforgiving rage: Her eyes turn blood red and the veins on her temples pulse. A crimson aura surrounds her and her strength and speed increases slightly. This has the side effect of making her enraged. The power lasts until she calms down, or for a half an hour, after which she faints. While this effect is active, Enyasi can simply ignore most hits against her aura, shrugging off blows that would knock her hundreds of feet into the air…at least until her aura runs out. During the effects of her Semblance, she is completely uncontrollable, unable or unwilling to listen to anyone or anything. She will attack anything that moves.  

Heicui Jadian: Solar Wrath: A portion of all light (Solar) energy within 15 feet of him is stored within his body. Heicui can unleash his stored light from any part of his body. Heicui can only store so much energy, Hecui can only effect areas he can see or touch.Using wind dust, Heicui can increase his speed, but only for a limited time. Using fire dust, Heicui creates an aura of fire around him or a stronger one around his weapons. He can also attach fire to his light attacks. Earth: Using earth dust, Heicui creates a barrier between himself and the enemy, that when broken lets out a barrage of light towards the direction it was broken from.

Cappollo Helios: Volume Burst:

Cappollo cannot be deafened, at least not by noise. Her aura is not effected by sounds. Cappollo can unleash stored sound at any point within sight. She can control how much, what kind of sounds and where it stops. This sound is capable of knocking people back or disorienting them. Cappollo's Semblance can be effected by using various kinds of dust to augment the attack. Using dust this way is relatively dust heavy, but cheaper than some techniques.

Fire: Adds a burst of flame at the point she designates. The flame spreads out with the sound, but at a slightly reduced speed. Water: adds a wave of water to the attack, with a heavy undertow. Can be used to trip or slow enemies Earth: adds a mild earthshake to the effect, just around the area where the semblance was used. Wind: augments the sound, making it much more draining on a person's aura.Ice: halves the radius, but freezes the ground and anyone's feet to it.

The active effect of this semblance can't be targeted in an area that the user can't see. She can't control the direction of the sound, only the radius, where it starts from and how loud it is. Can only store a certain amount of sound at a time, can only unleash a certain amount of sound at a time.

Theluji Skadith: Blizzard's Beast: Upon activation, Snow pours out of Theluji's body, covering the area with a thick coating. This costs aura, especially if she uses it to its' fullest. It has five stages, one through five. One through two barely cost any aura, but put out enough whirling winds to keep foes' visibility down. Typically, she'll use stage four or five to bring up a thick coating on the ground, then keep the blizzard blinding, but not too much so. Usually a stage 2 will do for most fights, especially indoors. Theluji can control this snow with hand motions, directing it at a single target or spreading it out for more effect. The colder it is in a given area, the stronger Theluji gets. This is to a maximum of five times her normal strength at -40 degrees, which is already prodigious.

Even though Theluji has an incredible reserve of Aura, her semblance can go through it pretty fast, especially in stage 5.If she isn't burning through her aura, using a stage 1 or 2 blizzard, she can take a long time to build up to her maximum strength. She tends to fare better indoors than outdoors, owing to the fact that there's less air to chill.

Keros Actinium: Unstoppable Force: To activate it, he simply charges at an enemy and focuses. For the duration of that charge, to a maximum of ten seconds, he is surrounded by a metallic colored aura, and he hits as if he's five times the weight he is. Extended use of this semblance makes it weaker, and drains his aura more with usage.

Effect: Weight multiplier on impact. It takes forty seconds to charge, and if he uses it again within that time, instead of five times it does four times, and drains some of his aura.

Jester Mad

Berde Bazahka - Derange

A Semblance that imbues Berde in a burst of green electricity that amplifies his strength (lifting, striking power, destructive potential) and speed (reaction, attack, and movement). Depending on how long he's in the state, his amplified strength and speed multiply. This comes at the cost of his Aura protecting less damage.

Nadeshiko Yamato - Life-Giver

Transforms any small non-human/animal/Faunus/Grimm object into bugs, or snakes. The more creatures out there, the weaker each creature becomes. Animals can be modified or enhanced with Dust.

Gram Balmung - Zerker

Gram must "grind" his weapon with his teeth to activate the Semblance. There are two states, and an option.

Zerker Absorb puts him in a state that requires him to hit his opponent. The more hits and damages he lands, the stronger his Zerker Enhance becomes. His weapon is in a fiery red Aura.

Zerker Enhance enhances his strength and speed based on the hits and damage he dealt while in Zerker Absorb. His weapon is imbued in a black and red flame-like aura, while his eyes shine red. The stronger his Enhance state is, the darker his sclerae become. An extremely powered up state has his face covered in a black fire with eerie glowing eyes shining red.

Zerker Blast is an option that allows him to gather his pent up energy from Enhance into one powerful strike.

Akamizu Shibai - Flow

Akamizu can "cancel" out of her attacks, allowing her to quickly follow up with another attack without repositioning herself into a standby pose, or cancel her whiffs. She can chain her attacks quite quickly and freely. When she cancels an attack, an afterimage of herself in red water is left behind. This is purely cosmetic and has no elemental properties.


Xenon uses a Semblance called “Transcend & Surpass”. With this ability he charges power overtime until acquiring a full charge which increases his agility and strength by one hundred seventy percent. Xenon charges faster when doing it manually by being in a neutral or idle position. This by itself he can acquire a full charge in about twelve seconds starting from zero charge. He can also gain charge from the amount of damage he receives or deals. Then an intense bright blue aura appears around Xenon signifying the full charge. With all that power gained he can then release it into any single move drastically changing the properties of it. This is called "Transcended" or "Transcending" which makes the move much faster and stronger than before which can be absolutely devastating if used correctly, also making it more effective and reliable. After this Xenon will then lose the aura along with the agility and strength doing this leaving him with zero charge allowing for another round of charging power.



Riken Ishida - Iron Fur - Can instantaneously grow and harden his fur and/or hair to be as hard as iron, reinforcing himself and softening blows against him, however restricting movement on the battle field so he tends to deactivate it after it's served its use.

Sayomi Yamauchi - Super Grip - Causes any part of her body to be able to "stick" to any surface.

Zanshin Azami - Grimm Touch - Lets her keep the remains of Grimm from disappearing as long as she touches them, allowing her to make more grimm bone weapons, hang their heads on her walls, and sometimes study them.

Muramasa Nova - Kanji Symbols - Can write kanji symbols in the air and allow them to sort of dissolve into him, powering him up for 30 seconds depending on which symbol he used: Speed(速, 10 Strokes), Strength(力, 2 Strokes), Durability(䏰, 14 Strokes), Balance(差, 10 Strokes), Agility(敏, 10 Strokes), Accuracy(詳, 13 Strokes)



Bele Ovid - Carrion Gust - He can create strong 'gusts' of spectral, aura-construct crows that push an opponent back with force. These crows are not sentient nor are they alive, think of them like a beam Ruby's roses except much more dense. These gusts are mainly used for a knock-back attack but can also be used for a myriad of other tricks; such as increasing his own speed, slowing him down, taking hits from projectiles, acting as a day time flare, slowing down enemies, speeding up allies or filling his opponents field of vision. As they are Aura constructs they do take aura to create, for every 2 dozen crows he will lose 1% of his Aura(keep in mind that it takes hundreds per gust to be remotely effective in combat). After going for 3 dozen meters (around 108 feet give or take) they dissipate into the air.


  • Cordama Verviel - Pigmentation - His semblance allows his aura to adapt itself to color stimuli, this allows his aura to copy the color in order to provide Cordama with camoflauge. With his aura becoming pigmented, his white hair becomes shaded by the color that has the majority on his aura. Cordama mainly uses his semblance for sneak attacks or escape tactics. As he is able to take in the colours, he is able to manipulate where the colors go so that they are able to give a more natural look. He is able to take colours and mix them to create sub-variants of the colours to allow greater finesse control in the camoflauge.
  • Arakuen SunoMiotsu Hienta - Suno's semblance allows him to have control over mist, allowing him to summon mist from the humidity or water in the air. This allows Suno or his teammates to hide in the mist and to engage in surprise tactics. When he needs to, he is able disperse the mist when it is not needed. One downside is that the amount/density of mist is dependant on the humidity or the amount of water in the air. His semblance is most effective when nearby bodies of water, providing a higher humidity than areas without bodies of water. The longest amount of time he can hold the mist in an area is five minutes. The larger area covered, the higher the aura drain.
  • Shikuna Arakuen - Kaiten-Ryoku - Shikuna's semblance allows her to have control over RPM through circular runes. The larger radius and heavier mass, the change in RPM caused by Kaiten is slower. While having a smaller radius and lighter mass, the change in RPM is faster. She is able to control the direction of the spin, from either clockwise or counter-clockwise. She is able to create up to five standby runes at a time; as they are inactive, they take a miniscule amount to maintain. When active, they rotate in the direction she desires. Each standby rune that she places lasts for three minutes but she can release them whenever she wants. She can freely dictate the size of the rune, but the larger size of the rune, the more energy it takes to maintain it. Another downside is that when changing the RPM of an object, the difference from the initial RPM to the desired RPM costs her energy and focus as well. The larger the difference, the more resources she has to pool towards it. When the desired RPM is attained, she is able to maintain it with less focus but the energy drain is still there.


Auriel PerlucidaKinesthesis: This creates two small kinetic anomalies, generating the 'push-and-pull' force needed to launch arrows or catapult rocks. Since she had this ability, she purposely made her bow without a string and instead uses this skill to launch her arrows. When creating these anomalies, there is a visual effect as well that turns white and fades whenever the object in question is launched. Usually there is one stationary anomaly while the other one moves, the potential energy building between the two and accelerating them towards each other.

Chrysos Aggelos:Sigil: Like the rest of his siblings and all the relatives on his mother's side, Chrys' semblance creates Sigils that can play with light, but that is where the similarities end. Chrys' Sigils use Dust to also create weather, atmospheric, or elemental augmentation, even though for a short time. It also enables him to stack effects together, such as creating a Fire Tornado.

  • Red: This Sigil gives him control over fire and heat, much like his brother, where he can launch fireballs or create waves of fire. He can also turn it into a mine when cast onto a large area of ground, detonating it at the opportune moment to strike(rather, creating a large explosion of fire).
  • Yellow: This Sigil hovers over the area that is being affected, and causes a thunderstorm effect, lightning crashing down wherever the Sigil covers.
  • Green: This Sigil creates windstorms and tornadoes, as well as assisting him with flight. This Sigil also hovers above the area and casts down tornadoes, but when cast on the ground, a strong wind current creates an updraft that lifts anything on it. This specific Sigil can be used in tandem with others to create different elemental effects to the tornadoes.
  • Light Blue: Like the rest of his siblings, he developed the ability to make constructs. Ice is how his constructs form; but he learned everything about it from watching his sister.
    • Just like his sister, he can't build transforming objects, things that he hasn't seen in person with his own eyes, alter proportions, or build objects he cannot wield. But, he can build the individual forms of said transforming objects and use them accordingly. This means that he can only duplicate melee-based weapons, as he cannot duplicate the inner workings of a gun with his constructs.
    • He can also only build one construct at a time or they will become significantly weaker and prone to shattering. This is not a drawback of him overusing his semblance or running out of aura/Dust, it is simply an effect that comes with every construct he makes.
  • White: This White Sigil functions like a trampoline or some kind of 'Boost' in a racing game. When used, it propels him in the direction he's facing. He can also cast this Sigil on the ground and use it to launch his opponents in the air.

Kaia Radieux Reload: Kaia is able to absorb Dust into a matrix and convert it into a form of usable energy, which then manifests in the form of large, glowing 'orbs'. These orbs function like grenades and are originally what compelled her to make her gun, functioning as ammo for the large weapon, but she can also control their direction or when they detonate if she manifests them independent of the gun itself. She can further augment this semblance by loading Dust directly into her gun where a normal magazine would load and making the rounds that way.

  • Red: A true 'explosion' instead of only a concussive combustion
  • Blue: Ice forms at the site of combustion
  • Yellow: Electrocution to whatever is within the combustion's range
  • White: Standard (Concussive combustion)

Kotori Hime Comet: Using all of the different kinds of Dust in her swords, she can create anywhere from five to 15 tangible, spectral stars; the more she makes, the smaller they get(The stars do have a fixed size and she cannot choose whether she can make fifteen 'bigger' stars or five 'small' stars). Then shoot them towards her enemy, causing disorientation and aura damage. Every time she makes the stars, they only last for three minutes without hitting something. They also have a five minute cool-down time in between her generating them. While this stage takes place, there is a turquoise glow around her body from her aura. The different kinds of Dust can also produce many different elemental effects corresponding to her color, and look like a rainbow around her body.

  • Red: Causes fire to erupt from around the place where it hits.
  • Yellow: Causes lightning to erupt and shock the place where it hits.
  • Green: Causes torrents of wind to explode wherever it hits and push the target
  • Light blue: Causes ice to erupt where it hits
  • White: Standard, also function like platforms she can stand on that last for around 3 minutes
    • She can control this further, spinning the star under her and turning it into kind of a boost/trampoline

Kotori Iro Arc En Ciel: Creates various rings whose color depends on the Dust that he's currently using and radiates them out from his body to hit his enemies. Usually he can only do one at a time and has to wait for around ten minutes because generating the rings takes up a lot of his energy and his aura. Also, the ring can be easily dodged if one jumps over it or ducks. He can further augment this by sending it out as a shockwave after slashing with Rimutsu.

Takanashi Kiro Gravitas: Kii has the unique ability to seemingly manipulate gravity. She can create small circular markers and place them on the ground, and depending on what kind of Dust she's using, can produce a variety of different effects. Each time her marker count goes up by a factor of three, her aura depletion doubles. The recharge time goes up by one minute every time she casts markers by factors of five. She typically experiences a migraine, fatigue, hunger, and thirst after over-exerting herself to maximum output, which is around 30 markers without waiting for a recharge. These affects appear to be slight at first, but only grow as she gets closer to 30 markers.

  • Yellow: Default usage on herself functions like a trampoline, boosting the user up into the air. These can also be scattered around the battlefield like trip-mines, the people who step in them being flung into the air haphazardly.
  • Light Blue: Functions as a kind of 'glue', as to where whatever is on top of it is stuck to that area, and they can move, but it won't be very easy to jump. This effect can also be used to scale walls by creating multiple instances of the marker.

Tebukuro Lorica Requip: Using the Dust she typically uses for her weapon constructs, Lori can construct a physical kind of 'armor' covering her back, chest, shoulders, and elbows, the generation of one full set of armor taking up two revolver chambers in one of her gauntlets. It can only be used on herself, and lasts for a limited amount of time depending on how much it's being hit, the default duration of her armor being around 10 minutes. For heavy damage, such as blunt weapons like hammers and flails, this cuts the life of the armor down by one minute. For lighter damage, as in swords, bullets, and any other object that is a stabbing/projectile weapon, this can cut the life of her armor down by a few seconds up to a whole minute. Each different type of Dust gives her 'armor' a different resistance to different elemental attacks.

  • Red: Fire resistance
  • Yellow: Lightning resistance
  • Green: Wind resistance
  • Light Blue: Ice resistance
  • Blue: Water resistance
  • Purple: Rock resistance

Xingchen Jiang Arcana: Drawing from the various Dust types embedded in her weapons, Xing can summon a circular matrix and change the elemental properties of her melee attacks. If she holds these effects for more than 10 minutes, she can become prone to fainting and experiences large amounts of fatigue.

  • Red: Gives the affected Fire powers, letting each hit be accompanied by a streak of flame.
  • Yellow: Gives the affected Lightning powers, letting each hit be accompanied by lightning bolts
  • Green: Gives the affected Wind powers, letting each hit be accompanied by torrents of air.
  • Light Blue: Gives the affected Ice powers, letting each hit be accompanied by an 'ice blossom' from where it lands


7 July 2016

Semblance: Tidal Crash

Aera manipulates the water in the her belt (She can use water from other sources but the water in her belt is easier for her as she has infused it with her Aura) to form a wave of sorts which is as big as a medium dog which can launch her a maximum of 25m. Aera can also warp the water to any shape which helps to protect her from devastating attacks. She can infuse the water with dust to give different results most of which cause damage to the attacker of said water such as with the fire dust the water becomes so scalding that it gives minor to severe burns depending on how long the opponent is in contact with the water, and ice dust gives frostbite. However this control will give Aera headaches and be exhausted after continuous use.

26 August 2016

Semblance: Stampede 

Brina solidifies the air she is standing on as she is running and then turns it back into gas which expels energy pushing her increasing her speed, the rapid solidification and sublimation of the air is said to sound like 20 rhinos charging all at once. the highest that Nala can currently run is 500 km/h, she has only done this in The Battle of Beacon to save her teammates. any higher she injures her body as the large G forces will have an extreme effect on her. she can maintain the solid air for 2 minutes which increases the energy released when sublimated, this however puts more strain on her as it requires her concentration to keep the air solid. 

4 September 2016

Semblance: Twitch 

Iola generates a protective electrical field by causing static electricity to gather in her hands through friction. The field is 5 metres long and 2.5 metres wide. the field is created by the electricity travelling through the spaces between the air molecules. anyone outside the field cannot enter the field but they can dissipate the field by shooting it which would disrupt the travel of the electricity otherwise it will naturally dissipate after 2 minutes. repeated use with exhaust Iola and burn her hands. 



Xantho Ricionzo: "Peacemaker"

Xantho's Semblance is known as "Peacemaker", which allows him to paralyze his opponents with electrical palms, whereas the energy is from his Aura. Seeing that he mostly uses his hands defensively, he uses this to his advantage. When executing a thrust, his palms glow yellow, regardless if covered by anything like gloves or dirt. The average power of the paralysis is between 5% and 10% in which the stun lasts around 3 to 5 seconds, and the power is converted from his Aura. After Peacemaker successfully hits, his silver watches on both wrists will show a countdown of 10 seconds, showing cool-down, because his arms would need to restore the average Aura to the arms since they are quite vulnerable. In a way, this also prevents the Semblance to be repeatedly used unfairly.

However, the Semblance comes with a drawback: Continuous use of Peacemaker causes his arms to stiffen until he can no longer move them for an estimated amount of time. Moreover, Xantho cannot use this to absorb electricity as negative charges tend to repel, causing him to bounce back. If Xantho were to use Peacemaker on electric-specialized opponents (i.e. Nora Valkyrie when charged up), he will he repulsed.

Nadéa Clara: "Gentle Shout"

Nadéa possesses the Semblance called “Gentle Shout”, which allows her to emit a hyper voice that ranges from singing to shouting. Excessive use would lose her voice, preventing her from using her Semblance.

Mavin Emmerich: "Glass Walls"

Adding to his already impressive punching skills is his Semblance, “Glass Walls”, which allows Mavin to create glassy shields by “wiping” the air with his palms. Depending on their angling, the shields can bounce anything back, including deflecting physical hits and blasted projectiles. Moreover, Mavin can use this repeatedly and can be applied on solid surfaces, as if it were lotion.

However, Glass Walls is not permanent, as the shields can only last for 2.5 seconds and shatter upon making hazardous contact with the hit/projectile. Mavin must wipe a lot if he wants to continuously block effectively, but he can never keep up against streams of bullets, blindingly fast kicks and punches, and energy beams. Moreover, Mavin cannot use Glass Walls while his Sapphire Tamaraw is in Bravery Mode.

Just like Xantho, Mavin also has dual watches on his wrists, both glowing aquamarine with the numbers 3, which shows as "charges". Once he uses his Semblance from using one of his arms, they subtract by 1. When both watches turn to 0, it will take 3 minutes again for Mavin to use that arm again. If Mavin were to attempt "disobeying" his limit, it will only stiffen his arms to the point he cannot he use them to fight at all.



  • Ape Peela: Ape's semblance is "Hive Five", which allows him to control near insects if they are not angry with him, The more insects he controls, the more aura consumption, He can also Control Insect and arachnid-based grimms, like the Biva Grimms, but at the cost of a LOT more of aura consuption. While controlling an insect, he feels like he is the insect, so he can watch and feel what the insect feels, like Zack Saturady from the secret Saturdays does with the cryptids. His semblance does not work with insect faunus, however, he has some certain, let's call it, "Charisma" over them, pretty useful with negociations (Note that this only Works with insect faunus, like Tyrian)
  • Zeismo Azer: Zeismo's semblance is "Fire in the Hole!", essentially it just increases speed, attack and defense for a short time when it enters in contact with fire, the more fire, the more stats.
  • Teal Bat: Teal's semblance is one that i like to call "Batmobile", it allow her to move much faster, like Ruby's semblance, the only difference is that Teal can also Split herself to pass through smaller spaces and Fly While in the "Batmobile state" at the cost of less control and More aura consumption.
  • Quail: His semblance is "emotional increaser", like ren's, but the opposite, it increases the target's emotion, each emotion with an increase and a decrease in stats: Happy is faster, but less defence and attack, Angry is mor attack, but less speed and defence, sad is more defence, less attack and speed, and so on.


  • Diamond Crystal: He can increase the physical defence of the target, that's why it's semblance is named "Harder Diamond"
  • Dollar Bill: It can attract non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, calcium, gold, silver and uranium (Yes, uranium is a metal), but no Iron or steel, so I call it "Anti Polarity".



  • Caden Chrom: Caden's Semblance is Dynamo. The Semblance allows him to control energy in all forms, like kinetic energy or heat. He can throw this energy around into blasts and walls, with the Aura cost depending on how much energy is being controlled. He can also form constructs with the energy, but it drains him extremely quickly. He cannot control minuscule amounts of energy, like electrical signals in nerves, and too much energy overloads him, causing a hit to his Aura.
  • Reneé Chartreuse: Reneé's Semblance is Jetstream. The Semblance allows her to make glyphs in the air that produces powerful winds. The glyphs come in two varieties; a bright green one the shoots wind forward and a dark green one that pulls things in. The Semblance can be augmented with Dust. It's limited by the size of the glyph and the strength of the wind.
  • Michael Carmine: Michael's Semblance is Nuri. The Semblance allows him to create and manipulate fire. The Semblance is limited by how much fire is being controlled, and if/how much fire is being created. The Semblance seems to work better in warm climates and worse in the cold.
  • Arin Midnight: Arin's Semblance is Cascata. The Semblance allows her to control masses of water through hand and body movements. It also allows her to turn water to ice, however it is extremely taxing. The control itself depends on how much water is being controlled. Commonly, she controls around 2 liters, something she can control for hours.


  • Jet Reach: Groundshaker: Jake can instantly create and apply kenetic force to his body, instantly propelling himself several meters in any direction of his choosing at high speeds; including up and down. However, the Semblence is directly tied to his Aura level, and at lower levels his speed and distance decrease dramatically.
  • Amet Serpentyne: Shadowlurker: Amet produces black energy tendrils from within his body that he can manipulate through hand gestures to take the form of a giant snake or enemies he has defeated. However, this causes physical strain on his body (though minimal) and requires deep concentration. If Amet is interrupted or too physically injured, he will not be able to concentrate long enough to manifest his cretions for long or at all.
  • Saf Hex: Crystalize: Saf can cover his skin in a durable crystal armor that signifigantly increases his defense and attack power, but gets weaker the longer it is active until the point where it is as brittle as glass.
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