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Red eyes were a common trait shared by all Dark Meisters. Myth claims that those born with wine-colored eyes could defy the laws of the world.

"The Dark Meisters were of a superior race. Memetic legacies that expressed abilities, unlike any the world had ever seen, and ever will."-The MB's conscience

Genetic Creation

No one knows exactly how it occured, but at the beggining of mankind's rise to power, a defiencey in DNA caused a new breed of human to be born. Blessed with rose-colored eyes and other amazing abilities, these groups of people banded together to create the race known as Dark Meister. Their sole duty was to watch the world, slowly guiding it towards their own vision of utopia. Of the families that made up the Meister Clan, the Drakus family was most prominent.


A Dark Meister had to constanly feed on the liquids of other beings in order to survive. Having sworn not to harm their human subjects, the Dark Meisters of old would have fed on animals or other beasts. Additionally, Dark Meisters are marked by their glowing, crimson eyes. The Dark Meisters, and even the humans, believed that possessing red eyes was a sign of prophetic proportions.

Persecution and Extinction

The human brothers the Meisters had left behind in their path towards evolution, regarded  their cousins as monsters of the dark. Superstition and fear plagued the lands, and soon outright Meister huntings were enacted. Sworn to only observe the world, the Dark Meisters refused to use their god like powers on their lesser developed kin. As a result, the Dark Meister race has gone extinct, with the exception of one lone survivor.


Vladimir of the Drakus family is the sole survivor of the Dark Meister race. Having decided to lead humanity to his own utopia, Vladimir has since embarked on a journey in order to acheive true immortality and to change the world forever. In that time, he has abandoned the laws of his people, and has openly instegated into the affairs of  humans.

The Story So Far...

All of the Dark Meisters have either been executed or died off. Vladimir's location is currently unknown, although recent reports suggest that he is taking residence in the local forests...

Author's Musings

Just some detail regarding Vladimir's long forgotten race. No, they are NOT vampires. Fairy tale inspiration is Count Dracula.

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