Fan Fiction:
Author Flora Snowflakes (Thanhnufia)
Genre Romance
Official Characters Weiss
Fan-made Characters Garnet (Male version of Ruby)

Description: I will be your eyes, if you show me the road to your heart.. Garnet arrived only to find White was heavily injured, one eye was bleeding and she can’t see with the other..


“White!” He shouted.

There was no response.

“White!” He shouted louder, punching on the heavy gate.

Yet, still no response.

For a second, Garnet thought the scream he felt earlier was just his mind playing with him, but the unease feeling still cling onto him, telling him otherwise. Ruby wasn’t here to back him up, and Weiss - god know where he was right now.

He could break the window to get in, but those enchanted armors protecting the castle might get in his way. But he couldn’t stand here and do nothing either, if White is indeed in danger..

The scent of fresh blood filled his nose, unpleasant but bearable to him. ‘It came from the garden!’ Garnet thought and gripped tightly onto Crescent Rose, readied for any unwanted battle. The teenage boy moved with caution to the source of the scent, only to find…


Surrounded by a pack of Beowolves, with no weapon in hand, White was trying to defending herself with only her magic, against at least a dozen of those nasty creatures. One of her arms hang limply by her side with a big gasping wound across her shoulder, blood dripped down and stained the dress she was wearing. Her left eye squeezed shut, and from the look of it, one of those wolves had clawed her across the eye.

“Very mature of you, ganging up on my friend like that!” From across the garden, Garnet shouted to get their attention as he pointed the blade of his scythe at them, “Why don’t you take on somebody your own size ?”

With one eye covered in blood and the other one was blinded, White couldn’t tell what was going on. She heard the sound of gunshots, wolves growling and even footsteps, ‘Someone’s here.. But who ?’ She couldn’t tell. Her vision was getting blurrier and blurrier and White was at the point of passing out from blood loss, until she heard a voice.


Everything was one shade of black when White woke up. No light, no colors, no nothing. She wasn’t in that snow-covered garden anymore, instead she could felt the soft surface of the mattress and the blanket around her. The wound on her sound is less painful than it was, and now that the scent of blood is gone, she could enjoy this moment alone..

“Hey White, you’re up already ?!” The door was pushed open and Garnet poked his head in, grinned from ear to ear, “Good, I’m getting worried if you won’t wake up soon”

“G-Garnet ? W-what are you doing it here ?” Putting the pieces together, White felt her face heated up when she realized the person who rescued her was the one she least expected. Instinct kicked in, White grabbed the blanket and pulled it up to her neck, unsure of what to do now that she couldn’t see.

“I was really worried!” Garnet exclaimed loudly, obviously didn’t pay attention of what White just did as he sat down next to her on the bed, “You were out cold for almost a week already!”

“I did..?” Turning her head to where she thought Garnet was, White trailed off. The boy’s smiled turned into a frown when he saw his friend lowered her head and stared at her hand - or so he thought. A moment of silent passed before he patted on her back, grinning again.

“I know something that will cheer you up!” Without waiting for her response, Garnet picked her up in his arms - she was surprisingly light to him, and ran straight to the empty room he saw downstairs. The castle where White lives is huge, and to avoid getting lost, he has brought White back into the first fully function room he could found - which was on the second floor. After that, Garnet stayed in an empty one floor below, with nothing but an old couch and ragged blanket he found. But it really didn’t matter, as long as White is happy.

Gently put her back down on her feet, the boy smiled and took a step away from her, “I bet ya can’t catch me!”

“Garnet, that’s very mature of you..” White couldn’t help but giggled when she blindly made her way toward him, listened carefully to his voice to guess where he was. ‘This isn’t too bad..’ She though to herself, having went through a similar training to this.

Garnet laughed when she missed him again, slowly back away when she turned to his direction, didn’t notice the couch behind him. Both of them ended up falling onto the, giggling and laughing as the boy pulled White into an embrace to cushion the fall. Brushing a few stray of loose hair off her face, he smiled looking up to her. Her face was so close to his, and her lips were slightly opened, pale yet full of life at the same time. He only have to lean his head up to..

“Ahem..” Sharply turned his head to the source of the noise, Garnet saw Weiss standing by the door, arms crossed in front of his chest and tapped his foot lightly on the floor. Gulped, the boy got up from his lying position, still had his hands on White’s side.

“Garnet, is everything alright..?”

“Y-yeah..” He mumbled, avoided the glances Weiss sent to him, “I’ll take you back to your room..”

Slide underneath the comfortable cover, White couldn’t help but smile to herself as she went back to sleep, didn’t notice the sound of metal clashing against each other outside the bedroom when she wrapped her arms around the body pillow, enjoying the warmth lingered coming from him…

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