Tien is the final member of Team CULT. He is a Shadow-Kind and stands 6'5 and 189 pounds.


Tien has dark, charcoal gray eyes and hair of the same color. he wears a black jacket and grey jeans with simple black military style boots. He wears a pair of gloves that matches the color of his eyes. His skin is tanner than the rest of his team, and his hair is longer, looks like a big mop on the top of his head.


Like the Kind-Type he is suggests, his powers revolve around shadows. He has the ability to "Shadowport" jumping into a shadow and move form shadow to shadow to transport. This transportation is very quick, and can easily move faster than a moving vehicle. While he is Shadowporting, he can only see basic shapes and their shadows, and it can be dangerous and risky to move from shadow to shadow for too long. He can also summon shadows around to to make corporeal shapes. The can turn the shadows into spikes, binding tentacles, battering rams, etc and shoot them towards a target

Like all members of Team CULT, Tien has his own form of telekinesis. His form is very different from the others, however, as he can only move the objects he's controlling in once motion. He can build up pressure in an objects shadow and blast it forward, causing the the object to hurl forward in an incredibly fast rate. He can do this by concentrating on the shadow, or do it instantly bye melding into the object's shadow. 


Tien's weapons are a pair of wire gauntlets called The Tendrils. these cause wires to fire from the gauntlets, and the ends of these wires can grip onto anything, or the wires can wrap themselves around any target. This allows Tien to grab anything, which is mostly used for dragging people into his shadows to incapacitate them. He doesn't fight hand-to-hand with them often though. He can, however, tear chunks of rock or metal of structures and throw them at his enemies, or swing them around to damage his opponent.


Tien is a very reckless fighter, and has been called "The very embodiment of mercilessness itself". he fights without holding back, and aims to kill unless told otherwise. He knows his team is needed, but he views them as expendable. He wants nothing more than to please The Director and becomes his favorite, and is very envious that The Director seems more interested in Cobalt. While he would never admit it, but he does start to care for his team. Cobalt, Lumin, and UV are the only people that have seen his kind and fun side, which is rarely displayed.