Greetings, this is Samjay.  Given the permission by Flora, I created this page as a place for the artist in the fanon to offer their service in art commission. This page is created for the purpose of helping client to choose and compare which artist they wanted to commission with.

If you're an artist and wanted to open commission in this fanon, you can list yourself here. Explain brief explanation about what you can do in art, and place a link to your art commission blog or any medium. But remember, keep your edit to your own contribution unless you gained a permission.

Important! Due to Wikia's policies, please do not include pricing in your commission blogs! However, you can link to where the prices are.


Hello everyone! I'm an artist, and I'm quite proud of my work C:

I do traditional work (plain pencil sketches) but don't have much experience in traditional mediums (ex. paint, pastels, etc.).

I do digital work as well which has become my primary medium for art, primarily for coloring. 

What I can do for you is draw and that's just about all I can do! I can do character references, I can draw weapons, I can scheme up designs, I can do posters, etc. If it involves a human-esque character than it shouldn't be a problem. I draw girls as well as boys (I don't have many examples of guys to showcase however because I haven't drawn many digitally.) My primary style of choice is anime-esque. 


  • You can check my Deviantart gallery to see examples of my work C:
  • You can check this DA journal entry for information regarding commisions.

If you're interested, feel free to message me on DA, or here on the wiki. 

Thank you so much for reading~



Art Commission


Ahoi, What's up guy. This is Samjay. My art probably the shittiest in here. I dunno why. Perhaps I just underestimating myself.

Basically, I'm a multimedia artist. Not only I'm able to draw human and detail. I can combine drawing, animation, audio, and programming into a new kind of art. I can create special effect for game development and art. I have game development experience from junior high school and had quite numbers of animation experiences.  I also have few experience at 3D.

I'm currently aiming to be able to create 3D model of a character as well as a semi-realism painting.

Blog :


Hobbyist artist:

  • simple anime-esp style
  • no mechs
  • nothing too lewd
  • simple animal traits (ears, fangs etc.)
  • pay in IOUs

Blog :

Resplendent Caballer

Is currently having a sale for any RWBY-related commissions!  Accepting point commissions on DeviantART.  You can leave a message on my wall here or note me on dA, as long as you can perform the transaction on dA.

Blog :

Vanity Chaos

Hey I'm Vanity Chaos, you can call me Van. I'm an amateur artist that is all. OvO

Blog :


It's Ender here and I am now doing commissions. I do Digital art for Oc's and stuff. I'm amateur artist but I'm getting better.

For My prices see here:

For My deviantart see here:




Commission Info: Click here


「(°ヘ°) Stilts at your service. I'm a fairly experienced artist and I'm confident in my ability to produce slightly above mediocre artwork. You can expect your request, unless you want something crazy detailed, to be finished fairly quickly (I can get it done by the next day if its simple and I don't have real life in the way)

Visit my DeviantArt to check out my art and send me a note there if your interested:

Kazuya ofRuneMichael0

Hello, I'm Kazuya the younger brother of Rune here on Fanon. I decide to opened up my commissions here since I own the characters of Tristram and Isaac of Team MIST and the characters of Team CTLU in the making. Even though I'm inexperience in drawing better quality, I still be able to draw good traditional sketches.

So far this my Deviantart account, I will charge mostly for line art sketches about $2-$5 for each of them. So feel free to ask me about.


You may know me for my amazing leadership, along with Flora. I've drawn for some serious time in my life, although, I've never done anything with it. It's always just been a hobby. But seeing as though I can at least try it out, it is time to lend my little bit of expertise to you peeps.

Lets turn up the heat!


Hi there everybody :^) You might know me because I'm a reviewer here, but I'm also a Visual Arts student, and therefore I always draw the artwork and designs of my OCs. If you're fond of my art style and would like to commish this poor soul, check this link:

dC's Atelier

UPDATE: Currently I'm offering full body illusts and colored sketches at a lower price! Check our this link:




Commission Info


Um, Hi! I'm sorta an amature artist but I sitll really like to draw. I've been drawing since really little and I love to draw OCs, very much so that those are mainly what I draw. I am not very good at canon characters.

But, anyway, I've started up Commissions and with people recently asking about them, I've decided to finally go on here and link it. So, I'm not really telling you to commission me, as I'm sure the others are better than I am. They have such pretty art, it's just more along the lines on if you want someone to draw.

I'll stop talking now, here's my commission information.

Commission Information


Hello! Practically new to the place. I love drawing new things, well when I have the time.

I think you'll see my prices are unique. There isn't any quite like them. Although I do have a few sizing restrictions, I do the best that I can with the items I have. As for art, I have NO restrictions to what I can draw.

Have a good day!

See and ask for my work

(Usually online on late Wednesdays, Mondays and Fridays; Early Sundays as well [PT])


Please pay my bills

If you want other things, we can also discuss that. Cheers!


Doing emblems (and personal logos) for more: click here.

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