Everyone seems to be running from some kind of trouble. Me...I fly straight to it.
— Ariana Iolar

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Name: Ariana Iolar

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: I'm a mutt (Half Human, Half Demon), Deal with it 

My inspiration (Not actual character)

Birthplace: I'll never tell

Title(s): The Lady of Shadow

Nickname(s): Ari (Anything else...and I'll hurt you)

Occupation: Mercinary, Bounty Hunter

Job Types: Merc work, Bounty Hunting

Height: 5' 10" (Don't you freakin dare call me short!)

Weight: 160 lbs (I'm Not Fat...and don't you dare say otherwise)

Character Theme: (I Stand Alone from Call of Duty MW3 OST)
04 I Stand Alone MW3 soundtrack
Entrance Theme: (Main Theme from 'For a Few Dollars More')
For A Few Dollars More Theme Ennio Morricone
Battle Theme: (Fire Nation by Two Steps From Hell)
Two Steps from Hell Fire Nation


I'm not exactly the flirty type when it comes to looks. Alas, my blue eyes and long auburn hair--held in a ponytail (If you hate it, sue me)--draw some stares. I wear a pair of custom combat boots for mobility (Don't ask why) a mid-length white skirt --held up by a red belt (no staring, you damn pervs), a red undershirt, and a custom made white leather jacket, and a pair of custom made leather gloves round out the ensemble. 

I also have a decent amount weaponry on me. I have a couple of custom pistols in a pair of black holsters. On my wrists, I have my pair of trusty grey shotgun gauntlets, 'Aquila' and 'Vultur' (Don't ask why I named them that). In a large pouch near my right holster, I have my tools of the trade: Smoke bombs, Frag Grenades, a Choke chain, and Sonic Disruptors. In a sheath on my left arm, I carry a medium sized combat knife, with a black handle, if things get desperate. On the back of my belt, I carry my ammunition for my shotgun gauntlets (These things go through ammo like its going out of style). That, and I carry a little grey hilted short sword with me-- 'Sova' (Again...don't f***ing ask where I got the name)-- in a black sheath on my back. And in a special holster on my leg, I carry a grey handled --black head-- combat axe, perfectly balanced for throwing. 


I'm not the type that would be typical in the bounty hunting business. I'm talkative, loud, flirty and scrappy. Yeah, it's not exactly a good combination; but hey, I'm not exactly dumb ya'know? I'm actually quite intelligent, but some people would rather have what's under my skirt than what service I can provide as a mercinary. I can't take that lying down; so, naturally, I get into a fight most everywhere I go. 

But sometimes, I just like to start a fight just for the hell of it. It just gives me a rush to pound some bastard's face in (Yeah...better hope it's not you). Otherwise, I can be quite charming and flirty if you catch me in a good mood. And I'm often in a good mood. 


My weapons reflect how I fight, and I like to get up close and personal, bashing them with my fists until their ground meat (Which sounds yummy, now that I mention it...). But anywho, I'll show you my tools of the trade:

  • Twin Pistols: These pistols ain't just your ordinary pistols, because I custom made these bad boys to put out a tremendous amount firepower. That, and my demonic side allows me to make my trigger pulls lightning quick. 
  • Aquila and Vultur: My two main weapons. Similar in funtion and design Yang's Ember Celica (That b*** has NOTHING on me...NOTHING!), helps me with some of my moves, and does PLENTY of damage. And I do mean that. Also, I can use them one at a time or in tandem (Which is much more efficent, in my opinion).
  • Sova: My trusty little short sword that can help me before things get desperate. It's got no supernatural qualites whatsoever (I'm not a magician, just a bounty hunter. Sue me.). 
  • Combat Knife: I only use this bad boy in desperate situations. And that tends to happen...a lot. But I'm good with it and that's all that really matters to me. 
  • Combat Axe: Now this is a weapon that nobody else I've seen carry. The nice thing about it is that it's custom built for throwing. Solid and heavy, this weapon--I dubbed it the 'Wing Clipper' (For obvious reasons, duh)--is one that I like because I can use it close in if I want to. 

Battle Style

I'm all about going close in and coming in swinging. I use my gauntlets to enhance my punches and kicks, making an enemy's eyes water (That, or killing the poor sod). I only use my pistols if I trully want to make my entrances theatrical, and I only do that when the opponent needs to know who they're messing with. And like I said earlier, I only use my knife when I get desperate. That, and my short sword helps me out before I resort to using my knife. 

My half demonic blood also gives me a certain advantage in a fight, when I unload with my special technique I like to call 'Eagle Strike'. My eyes turn blood red and wings sprout from my back as I gain altitude with my gauntlets active, and then I close up my wings and drop like a meteor, the power from my demonic side allowing me to hit the ground with a tremendous amount of force, scattering any opponents like roaches. A wreathe of black flames comes up with the strike, not burning me, which always sends a message: Don't. Mess. With. Me. Of course, my eyes turn red when I'm in the rush of battle, anyways. 


I can't really recall much, except that my childhood was far from normal. I was raised by my human mother and my (and I still think this) somewhat crazy demon father. Well, he wasn't crazy, but he sure felt like it to me. They raised me for awhile, keeping my mixed blood a secret until I turned ten. Yeah, talk about a shock on your tenth birthday to learn that you're a half-breed freak. At least, that was what I thought at the time. I still kinda think that now. 

For the next eight years, I learned how to harness and control the power of my demon half. By age fourteen, I had learned how to fly with nearly the same ease as my father; of course, my powers were limited because I wasn't a full fledged demon. By the time I left the house, I was in full control of my powers and willingly went into the bounty hunting business. And I don't have any regrets yet, not by a long shot.  

Author's Notes

  • Character's last name Iolar is the Gaelic word for eagle.
  • Gauntlet names Aquila and Vultur are the Spanish and Romanian for hawk and eagle respectively.
  • Short sword name Sova is the Czech word for owl.
  • I modeled her scrappy nature from a favorite cartoon character of mine , Scrappy Doo (deal with it, haters) ; he was short but never backed down from a chance to fight :P 
  • The other parts were sprung from the depths of my own imagination (again, deal with it).
  • I tend to think of this character as a very toned down version of Marvel's Deadpool (Don't ask why, I just think he's the best comparison >.>) .