Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster
— Friedrich Nietzsche


Name: Aria Altin Jager
Aria Turnaround

Aria Jager *Turnaround* (Credit goes to Flora)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Birthplace: near Vale

Nickname(s): Mistress of Death, Ari

Title: Lady Aria Jager

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 130 lbs

Character Theme: (Steel and Light from Halo Legends Soundtrack)
Steel And Light Halo Legends OST
Entrance Theme: (Blizzard by Two Steps From Hell)
Skyworld Two Steps From Hell Blizzard
Battle Theme: (The Pantheon from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Soundtrack)'
Assassin 39 s Creed Brotherhood Soundtrack 08 The


Aria doesn't consider herself a really attractive girl, but sometimes gets a few stares, despite that opinion of hers

Jager Family Crest

that she tends to keep. With long, sandy blonde hair that goes down to her waist, keeping it in a ponytail when she is a little more active. Her clothes hide a bit of her fair skin, but her hair is long enough that it covers the scar that goes over her left eye, stemming from an event in her childhood. And her clothing doesn't do much to hide her lean and somewhat muscular figure. It also speaks of her upper class origins as well. 

Matching her eyes, she often wears an ultra short sleeved light blue top, with the shoulders being hidden by a pair of tan shoulder plates, with a matching colored wrist guard around her right wrist. The cloth flowing from the plates is horizon blue in color, flowing down past her sleeves and covering her arms all the way down to her elbows. Its a bit of a flourish, to be sure, but it sometimes proves useful when in combat. Both those cover a dress that only seems to accentuate her lithe and muscular figure. It's a white sleeveless dress, the hem ending near the middle of her thighs. It is held in place by a brown leather belt, with a red line going around the hem of the dress.  

On her legs, and covering most of her lean and muscular legs, a pair of navy blue socks. These extend to a little below the hem of her dress, but don't really restrict her movement. And to finish off her ensemble, she wears a pair of custom fitted light blue boots, going up to a little above her ankles. She buckles them up with a series of blue buckles, again the fitting helping to free up her movement in combat....and look a bit stylish as well.  


Aria's personality is one that can initially be described as...determined and reserved. With the way she was not only raised, but also trained, she constantly feels this constant need to live up to the expectations of father's high standards. And with that way she was raised, she tends to be a bit reserved in public, feeling too shy to others. However, she has tried to be a bit social recently, with very little success, with her shyness tending to get in the way. 

With that, she is found finding things to keep herself busy during her free time. More often than not, she can be found either training, or she can be found reading a book in either a library, or her room. And with the training, comes the fact that she is not afraid to fight back when the situation comes down to it. 

So, when it comes to a fight...she's very dependable to help her teammates out in a pinch. 


Her weapons reflect her desire to maintain stealth. As part of her job, she maintains these weapons to make sure they work every time she uses them. She has been trained to use this arsenal since the age of 12. However limited her arsenal may be, she knows how to utilize that arsenal to its full potential:

  • Divine Judgement: A Compact Variable Rifle Sword/ Ax (CVRS/A) that she made while at Sanctum, and keeps in a light blue sheath on the back of her belt. The rifle (carbine) variation's range is diminished by its size. The sword variation has tremendous cutting power, but it's blade is well balanced. The ax variation has a heavy blade, but is good for short hard strikes, and can cut trough wood as well as flesh and bone. And, if she wants to, she can combine it with her sword Lumiere to create a sword-staff, or split it and dual wield the blades.  
  • Lumiere: A flyssa sword-- with a 32 inch long blade--she keeps on her back in a sheath whenever she is not using it, but does indeed use it when she wants to use it in either a dual blade style or single blade fighting style. Also combines with her short sword.  

Over time, and with a bit of training, she managed to develop a semblance that suits her needs and her role on the battlefield. Called "Valiant Shield", it's simple in how it works. As she takes hits, the damage that she takes will go down at an incremental level. However, it doesn't make her invincible, only stopping at 80% reduction of damage to her. So...she can't take too many hits without getting hurt. And with her Aura in use, it glows a brilliant sky blue in coloring.

Battle Style

The way Aria will fight often has a similar starting pattern to it. To start it off, she will often engage opponents with the carbine configuration of Divine Intervention, hoping to take out or pin down any opponents that lie within her sights. But, more often than not, it only serves as a distraction tool, an opponent often getting inside its range. And when that happens, she often resorts to fighting with either one of her blades, or even both of them. This hybrid style of sword fighting, which utilizes the style that she was trained with, along with her own style she came up with at Signal academy, gives her a multitude of options when using her blades in a fight.  

And, with her sword fighting, she often will utilize her semblance. If she does miss any blocks, it helps to mitigate the damage dealt to her as a fight goes on. But it doesn't make her invincible, which is why Aria tries to make sure that she finishes the fight as quickly as possible, to make sure the overall damage dealt to her is kept to a minimum. And, to keep her from becoming exhausted during the fight.  

If she needs to, she'll go after her opponents with the ax configuration of her primary weapon, her style one of calculated aggression.Aria charges in, using the handle much like a blade to block strikes from opponents. The use of the ax head is pretty self-explanatory, used to try and hack apart Grimm and human alike. And, as is sometimes the case, it does work when it needs to work. And if it comes down to using her fists...she is hardly afraid of using them if need be.  


Aria's life, apart from being born to the upper class, was one of relative normalcy. Growing up, her days were filled not only with education, but also the training that she got in how to behave as a lady in society. But when she got older, etiquette wasn't the only thing that she was being trained for. At the age of eight, she started to learn sword-fighting under the uncompromising watch of her father. And as she turned twelve, she was all to happy to go to Signal. However, her father's shadow still loomed large over her.  

While at Signal, the pressure put on her father to excel hovered over her, making her nearly push her body to its limits, leaving both her body and her mind exhausted. But despite that, Aria did well in her classes, which managed to keep her father placated. However, her injury during a failed attempt on her life a year before her graduation only made the pressure put on her by her father that much more intense. And on the year of her graduation, she continued to feel the mounting pressure on her as she got ready to go to Beacon.  

Now that Aria is at Beacon, she hopes to try and edge from out of the shadow cast over her by her father. That, and try and forge her own destiny, and not the one that was all but given to her at birth.  

Author's Notes

  • Character's last name Jager is the Dutch word for hunter
  • Middle name comes from the Turkish word for golden, Altın
  • Some concepts and ideas are credited to Hope16 and Chaos379
  • Names of the blade that she uses is French for 'light'
  • Character will be used in the Fanon Wiki, RP, and Fan Fiction.
Aria Jager's Stats :

Primary Role Soldier
Secondary Role Support
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo