Chapter 1 "Dreams"

I was asleep and i was dreaming of somthing from the past that has haunt me. Somthing about my parents. I was dreaming about being with my parents on a hill full of flowers next to a lake, i was sitting on the hill with my mom while my dad was fishing. My mom then asked me "jhon what do you wanna be when you grow up" she said with a smile. I thinked and told my mom " I want to be a warrior just like dad used to be"  i said with happiness. She also smiled and i felt really happy to be with my parents, but then somthing went wrong. Things starting going dark my parents vanished,demons started chasing me. AHHHH!!!! I woke up scared and panting. My head was hurting bad and it was cold. I looked around i was in a snow forest, The ground was pitch white and the trees had no leaves. I was gussing it was winter. I looked around again and i saw i knife on the ground, i went to go pick it up so i cant defend myself to anything that would attack me. I walked into the forest wondering were i was exacly the forest seemed emptey with no creatures such as birds and other animals. I ended up walking to and edge of a cliff i suddenly calapsed because of all of the walking i did. when i looked right i saw a gravestone and the edge of the cliff the only one on the cliff i walked to it and the grave stone said "Summer Rose, Thus kindly i scatter" i was thinking about what it meant exacly and also wondering what a gravestone would be doing here on an edge of a cliff. I walked away and as i was walking away i saw little leaves of red roses floating through the air. whitch was strange because it was winter and more and likely roses wouldnt grow in the snow

                                                                          Chapter 2 "The girl in red"